A dentist can permanently restore your smile with dental implants: here’s how it works

If you lose a tooth, you should visit a dentist quick-smart. Harley Street Dental Clinic offers a number of ways to replace missing teeth, but the best option more often than not is to use dental implants, which provide a highly realistic action and appearance, and a long-term solution to tooth loss.

Dental implants differ from traditional bridgework and dentures because they replace the root portions of lost teeth. In fact, it is best to consider them as bionic tooth roots, which your dentist places directly in your jaw during minor oral surgery. This can be carried out under local anaesthetic or conscious sedation at our Harley Street practice.

dental-implants-harley-streetOne enormous benefit of dental implants is that they actively promote the health of your jaw bone. The jaw bone will start to resorb (shrink) when several or all of the natural tooth roots are missing, which not only makes traditional dentures loose and future placement of dental implants more difficult (although by no means impossible), but also changes the structure of your whole face.

Harley Street Dental Clinic has a highly-experienced implant team comprising Mr Stephen Dover, Dr Pedja Pavlovic and Dr Charlotte Stilwell. They are all fellows of the International Team of Implantology, and have extensive experience in implant treatments, enabling them to treat complex cases where bone loss has already begun.

Even if your own dentist has turned you away for implant treatment because of low bone density, the team at Harley Street Dental Clinic can often help. An additional procedure – a bone graft in the lower jaw or a sinus lift in the upper jaw – may just be required first, to rebuild your jaw bone to adequate levels to support dental implants.

If fear of the dentist has been a contributory factor in your tooth loss, we can place dental implants under conscious sedation, which means you will be awake thus able to cooperate with your dentist, but very relaxed and peaceful, free from pain, and largely unaware of treatment.

Your dentist can combine dental implants with either a bridge, dentures, or a single crown.