Beautiful, natural smiles: the next step in cosmetic dentistry

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we believe that cosmetic dentistry is about creating a mouth and smile that look like they have always been your own.

We have all seen those celebrities, and non-celebrities, who have had such extreme cosmetic dentistry that there is no way they could have been born with those ultra-white, ulta-even teeth they are flashing.

cosmetic-dentistryThe cosmetic dentists in Harley Street understand that many people have spent years feeling ashamed of, and even hiding, their smiles because their teeth are either missing, discoloured, crowded or crooked. At our dental clinic, we believe people should not have to feel bad about their less than perfect teeth. We also believe that too-perfect teeth can be just as unnatural and potentially embarrassing.

That is why the dental clinic has assembled a crack team of cosmetic dentists to help you achieve the perfect balance of harmony and naturalness when you flash your new, improved smile.

The Harley Street cosmetic dentists use various treatments and services to help you achieve your perfect smile. These range from:

  • Teeth whitening – often the easiest option for a quick upgrade
  • White fillings – so you no longer have to flash a mouth of amalgam when you smile
  • Porcelain veneers – the dental equivalent of false nails, only extremely durable
  • Cosmetic dentures
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Gum lifts – a simple procedure
  • Dental implants – replacing lost tooth roots
  • Full-mouth rehabilitations
  • Smile makeovers – two or more cosmetic dental treatments.

What’s more the Harley Street cosmetic dentist can make a mock-up of your smile, so that you can see what you will look like once your treatment is completed.

Our team of Harley Street cosmetic dentists include: Dr Stanley Kay, Dr Mary Shendouda, Dr Charlotte Stillwell, Dr Jean C Violides, Dr Abel Moreira and Dr Bob McLelland. You can find out more about each of them by visiting our Meet The Dentists page.

You can book a free consultation with us at the dental clinic by calling 020 7486 1059, or emailing us on

Or if you prefer, you can send us a picture of your smile by using our Smile Simulator, and the dental clinic will send you back an image of what your teeth could look like after a smile makeover.