Crooked teeth? No problem!

Do you have crooked or gappy teeth that you’re sick of seeing every day when you look in the mirror, causing you to feel self-conscious about your smile? Have you thought about having braces? No,I’m not talking about the metal ‘train track’ braces, I’m talking about Invisalign, clear, barely noticeable braces! Say goodbye to wonky teeth, and say hello to a fantastic straight smile in just a few months time thanks to Invisalign clear braces. The Invisalign braces are a set of removable, clear aligners that you wear in your mouth, they are changed regularly, to enable them to comfortably adjust your teeth in to a better, more aesthetically pleasing position. The braces are clear, and extremely discreet, so it’s unlikely that anyone will notice that you’re wearing them. This allows you to smile even during your treatment, without having to suffer any embarrassment. Another great thing about Invisalign, is that they’re removable; this means that they can be taken out when eating and drinking, so food won’t get stuck between the brace and your teeth, and they can also be removed when brushing your teeth, which makes it a doddle to maintain proper oral hygiene.

orthodontics-in-harley-streetGet straight teeth with an Orthodontist in Harley street

Orthodontists in Harley Street Dental Clinic deal with straightening out teeth and improving your smile. They design and fit a new Invisalign brace every few two weeks- this regular change is part of the treatment, and ensures the teeth will be straightened in the most efficient, and the fastest way possible. Harley Street Orthodontists say that Invisalign are a quick effective way to get straight teeth, and the treatment only takes just 12 to 18 months on average before it’s complete, and you can show off your perfect new smile with confidence. Gone are the days when uncomfortable, fixed metal braces were the only way to correct crooked teeth. Invisalign is the perfect option for adults wanting Hollywood teeth, without the Hollywood price tag! To discuss how Invisalign clear braces could help you to correct your problem teeth, contact Harley Street Dental Clinic to make an appointment. It’s never too late for straight teeth.