I am looking to improve my smile, can you help?

Yes! This is why we are here at Harley Street Dental Clinic, to help you improve your smile. There should be no excuse for anyone not to have the smile they dream of, especially living or working near Harley Street. Dentists tend to be avoided by some people who perhaps have an association that such a visit equals pain. We can assure you that we offer a range of treatments, all with our highly qualified team and with the option of sedation. So do not let fearbe the reason that would stop you.

improve-smileWhy should I choose you?

We here at Harley Street Dental Clinic, believe in providing a top-quality service for you while you are here. Not only do we want to please you, we want to exceed any expectations that you might have. It is due to our exceptional attitude that we get the feedback from our patients who have visited us in Harley Street. Dentist, Dr Stanley Kay, is just one of our many experienced professionals here to help you. We offer a great many solutions, by having such a range of staff, so please know you are welcome to come visit anytime to discuss how we can be of assistance to you. Dentists in Harley Street are convenient, for those of you here on business in residence. We welcome both! If you are here on business for a short amount of time, do not let that inhibit you, there is still a chance we can help.

I want to improve the colour of my teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is something that we do at Harley Street Dental Centre. We firstly book you in for a consultation to explain our options for teeth-whitening. You can choose to receive your treatment while sitting in the comfort of the chair, in which case our dentist will place a protective shield in your mouth, then fill it with a special bleach for teeth. After an hour your treatment will be finished and you can walk away with your brighter smile. The second option is buying a kit from us, which you can use at home. An extra option of a combination of both is also available, from your dentist in Harley Street.