Combination treatments from a cosmetic dentist: ways to boost a smile

Have you considered seeing a cosmetic dentist, but put it off because you don’t know what treatments are required to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted? Harley Street Dental Clinic’s cosmetic team comprises a unique collection of highly-skilled dental professionals who are here to help you whatever treatment is required. We welcome new patients for a no-obligation cosmetic dentistry consultation, whether you require procedures large or small, and even if you have no idea what treatment will be best for you.

cosmetic dentistryWhen you come into our Harley Street clinic for a consultation, you will meet a highly experienced cosmetic dentist, who will examine your teeth and gums, and will also take such considerations as facial structure, hair colour, and personal smile goals into account before running through all the appropriate treatments from our extensive cosmetic dentistal treatment menu. They will also be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

While some patients require just one treatment to achieve their dream smile, others benefit from combining two or more treatment options. Whatever you decide, your cosmetic dentist will ensure you are happy and understand exactly what is involved in any treatment before drawing up a detailed treatment plan, which will include estimated timescales and costs, and the order in which procedures will be undertaken.

Of course, every patient’s requirements will be as individual as they are. However, some of the popular treatment options available from your Harley Street cosmetic dentist include:

Discreet orthodontics

Using either tooth-coloured or lingual braces, or clear aligners, our orthodontists can improve the alignment of your teeth.

Teeth whitening

Teeth are easily stained. Teeth whitening is a safe, fast and reliable way to remove common stains.

Cosmetic dentures

Dentures don’t have to be unwieldy and obviously false. Our specialist prosthodontist can create beautiful, realistic restorations to help you smile again.

How your dentist can replace missing teeth: the options

Your dentist has several options available to replace your missing teeth. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we have a unique collection of dental specialists, who have helped scores of patients to restore both their smile and the functionality of their jaw, using treatments including dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants.

missing teethThe best treatment option for you will depend on your circumstances, your clinical need, and your personal preferences. If you have lost one or more of your natural teeth, you should come in for a consultation at our Harley Street practice. Your dentist will carefully examine you and will listen to your concerns, wants and needs, before recommending the best tooth replacement options.

Why you should replace missing teeth

A dentist will always recommend replacing missing teeth. As well as the obvious concern about the aesthetic appearance of your smile, missing teeth can also cause health problems. Remaining teeth have a tendency to move into any gaps, becoming crooked and thus harder to clean in the process, which increases your chances of tooth decay, gum disease and ultimately further tooth loss.

Depending on how many teeth are missing, you may find your ability to eat a healthy and balanced diet affected, and can also experience problems with speech. At our Harley Street clinic we see patients who have lost teeth for all manner of reasons, from gum disease and tooth decay to accident and injury.

The expert team at our Harley Street clinic can help whatever has caused you to lose a tooth or teeth – so please do book an appointment with us to find out what your options are, and what treatment entails.

Among the tooth replacement options available from Harley Street Dental Clinic are:

Dental Bridges

To replace one or a few adjacent teeth, secured to surrounding teeth or dental implants.


Made from a variety of materials, traditional or supported by dental implants.

Dental Implants

Artificial tooth roots that support crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Why a cosmetic dentist may recommend veneers

A cosmetic dentist enjoys nothing more than seeing a happy patient who has achieved the smile of their dreams. At Harley Street Dental Clinic our team believes that everybody deserves a beautiful smile to be proud of. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing a patient who was once embarrassed to smile or laugh in public now beaming because they want to show off their new smile.

cosmetic dentistWe invite anyone who is unhappy with their smile to come into our Harley Street practice for a no-obligation consultation with a cosmetic dentist. Your dentist will carefully examine your teeth, gums, and surrounding structures, and will listen to what you want to achieve. They will then run through all the available treatments to help you get that dream smile.

One of the most frequently requested treatments from a cosmetic dentist is veneers. It’s not difficult to see why; they are a fast and effective way to enjoy a smile makeover. Where celebrities lead the general population usually follows, and more and more people are opting for dental veneers because as well as producing beautiful, lasting results, the treatment time is also considerably shorter than for many other cosmetic dental procedures, often requiring just a couple of visits to our Harley Street clinic.

Veneers can be made from porcelain, ceramic, or composite bonding (white filling) material. They are micro-thin shells bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth. Veneers can rectify a number of dental problems including permanent staining, chips, cracks, gaps, and misalignments. Whichever material you opt for, your cosmetic dentist will closely match the colour of your veneers to the natural shade of your teeth.

The high-quality veneers created at Harley Street Dental Clinic are not a short-term fix. With proper care they should last you for many years – typically at least a decade.

Why regular dentist and hygienist visits are so important

How often should you visit the dentist? The simple answer is “as frequently as your clinician advises”. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we know that many patients have busy and hectic lifestyles, which is why we offer extended opening, including Saturday and evening appointments, enabling you to get the treatment you need without time constraints being an issue.

dental hygiene servicesWe also offer full dental hygiene services from our experienced hygienists – who play a vital role in keeping your mouth healthy.

Standard advice is to visit both the dentist and hygienist every six months for a general dental check-up and professional tooth-cleaning. However, every patient’s needs are different, so the number of times you need to attend will depend on your circumstances. Your dentist will advise you how often you should have a check-up, and you should always follow this advice.

It’s all too easy to think that, if you have been given a clean bill of health by your dentist, you don’t need to visit so often. At Harley Street Dental Clinic our entire team is passionate about preventative dentistry – doing everything we can, together with you, to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy and more invasive treatments are not required. Routine dental and hygiene appointments are vital to maintaining good dental health.

When you come to our Harley Street clinic for a check-up, this will be carried out by a qualified and experienced dentist, who will look out for the early signs of problems such as gum disease or tooth decay. Often they will spot early warning signs even before you’ve noticed a problem yourself, meaning that it can be treated swiftly and effectively.

Your hygienist also plays a vital role in both preventing and spotting the early signs of decay and disease, and can furnish you with appropriate home-care advice to treat and/or manage conditions.

Fast ways a cosmetic dentist can boost your smile

A smile makeover is one of the most popular treatments requested from a cosmetic dentist at Harley Street Dental Clinic. Whether you have a particular cosmetic dental treatment in mind, or just know that you want to improve the way your smile looks, by coming in for a smile makeover consultation, your dentist can discuss all the best treatment options to help you reach the smile of your dreams.

How smile makeovers work

cosmetic-dentistryThe cosmetic dentistry treatment menu available at Harley Street Dental Clinic is extensive and includes treatments large and small. Some patients will require just one treatment, whilst others will benefit from combining two or more options from our treatment list.

If you are interested in a smile makeover, you will see a cosmetic dentist who will carefully examine your existing smile and surrounding structures, as well as listening to what exactly you would like to change. They will then use the latest dental technology to enable you to see the results of any recommended treatments before you start – enabling you to make a fully-informed choice about treatment options.

At your initial assessment in our Harley Street practice, your cosmetic dentist will take into consideration such factors as hair colour, facial structure and features, to ensure that all treatments recommended produce results that are as natural-looking as they are beautiful.

Your dentist will discuss all relevant treatment options in-depth, and with the help of photographs, scans, and impressions taken as necessary, they will use 3D computer software to create a realistic idea of what results will look like from various treatment options.

Only when you have agreed on the best course of treatment will your cosmetic dentist finalise your treatment plan. This will include details of projected timescales and costs, and how any combinations of treatments will work.

When your dentist prescribes oral surgery – what to expect

There are many more conservative treatments than surgery available to your dentist, and in many cases an operation will be the last option. However, oral surgery is sometimes necessary and can significantly improve your health and wellbeing. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we benefit from the skills and experience of maxillofacial surgeons Mr Paul Norris, Mr Nasser A Nasser, Ms Helen Witheroe, Mr Stephen Dover and Mr Peter Hardee, who can help patients with a range of conditions affecting not just the mouth, but also the jaw, face, and neck.

Why do I need oral surgery?

dentistWe see patients at our Harley Street clinic who require oral surgery for a number of reasons. This includes the placement of dental implants, treatment of TMD/TMJ problems, some orthodontic conditions, and facial bone fractures. The most common oral surgical procedure, however, remains the extraction of wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the final “adult” teeth to develop, often not appearing until you are 17 years old or older. Whilst many people’s wisdom teeth cause no issues, they are prone to becoming impacted or not fully erupting. This makes them difficult to clean, meaning there’s an increased chance of plaque building up, increasing the chances of tooth decay and gum disease. Painful cysts sometimes form because these teeth develop internally, damaging the jaw bone and/or surrounding teeth.

We benefit from full surgical and recovery facilities at our Harley Street clinic, so if your dentist says you need oral surgery, you can rest assured you will be in safe, expert hands in comfortable surroundings.

Your dentist may treat you under local anaesthetic, depending on your needs and the condition being treated, or may use sedation.

Always follow your dentist’s post-operative instructions, which may include a liquid diet and moderate use of over-the-counter painkillers, to ensure a speedy recovery.

How a cosmetic dentist will treat a gummy smile, and other gum problems

A “gummy” smile is a common problem reported to cosmetic dentists. Some patients also come to our Harley Street clinic complaining that their teeth are too short. In most cases their teeth are in fact standard length, but are covered by excess gum tissue. Our skilled team of dental specialists have helped many patients to improve their confidence in their smile by removing excess gum tissue to eliminate gummy smiles for good.

What is a gum lift?

cosmetic-dentistryEvery year many patients at our Harley Street clinic undergo a treatment known as a gum lift – also sometimes referred to as gum reshaping – to get rid of excess gum tissue and expose more of their teeth, to help create a more even appearance to the gum line. This boosts both the aesthetic appearance of the smile and the patient’s self-confidence.

How treatment works

When you come into our Harley Street dental clinic for a consultation with a cosmetic dentist, they will examine you and will explain the various treatment options available to improve the appearance of a gummy smile.

In many cases it is possible for your cosmetic dentist to remove excess gum tissue painlessly with a laser. As well as being painless, a major advantage of laser gum treatment is that you will be able to see the results straight away.

For cases where more extensive treatment is required, you may need dental surgery to remove excess gum tissue or bone. We have a skilled team of maxillofacial surgeons here at our Harley Street clinic, meaning that all your treatment can be carried out here in the comfort of our modern dental practice.

There is very little down time after a gum lift. You may experience some swelling or redness post procedure, for which we will prescribe anaesthesia. Your cosmetic dentist will discuss the down time associated with surgery at your initial consultation.

Ask your dentist about dental implants

Dental implants are the only permanent way your dentist can replace missing teeth. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we benefit from the skills and expertise of some of the UK’s leading implantologists, who can restore your smile with dental implants whether you have lost one, some, or even all of your natural teeth.

How dental implants work

dental implantsA dental implant is a small screw, made from titanium and placed directly in your jaw bone by your dentist in a small surgical procedure, which is carried out here at our Harley Street dental clinic. The implant serves as an artificial tooth root, on to which new teeth – be they crowns, bridges, or dentures – can then be securely attached. Dental implants integrate with your jaw bone and provide a stable base for your new teeth – just like natural tooth roots.

Depending on your clinical need and the number of teeth that need replacing, it is often possible for one dental implant to support several new teeth. Your dentist will carefully plan your implant placement prior to surgery, ensuring that your implants are placed in exactly the right location and at exactly the right angle to support your teeth and withstand the forces generated by biting and chewing. Many patients at our Harley Street clinic who require all the teeth in one jaw replacing are pleasantly surprised to discover that just four precisely-placed implants can support a full arch of new teeth.

Are implants right for everyone?

More people than ever before are having both their smile and the functionality of a full set of teeth restored by dental implants. Even if your own dentist has told you that you are unsuitable for implants because of bone loss (perhaps you have been wearing traditional dentures for some years) the implant surgeons at our Harley Street clinic may be able to help, by carrying out an additional procedure to rebuild your bone.

Facial Aesthetics at HSDC Dentistry and Cosmetology Made in Italy

We would like to introduce our newest team member at the Harley Street Dental Clinic…

Dr. Elisa Facco

Harley Street Dental Clinic

139 Harley Street, London W1G 6BG

Land Line: 020 7486 1059 |  Mail :



Dr Elisa Facco has excelled in the field of cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and facial aesthetics.

Read Dr Facco’s full bio here.

Here are some of the treatments which will available to our patients:

  • Skin Peels
  • Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX)
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF)
  • and more…

Hear what other patients say about Dr Facco

Sarah J.P.

“Absolutely fantastic experience! I had a great dentist back in USA my entire life so was a little bit anxious when i moved to London to try a new one. A piece of composite felt off my tooth so it was a bit of an emergency. They were able to schedule me in immediately for the next morning even as a new patient! Everyone was super professional, efficient and so sweet am actually looking forward to going back to finish my treatment. Beautiful studio and music are so soothing :)”

John L.

“Dr. Elisa is the best dentist I have ever had. Her dedication to her patients is above and beyond and she is truly an artist of dentistry!”

Mary P.

“I highly recommend Dr. Elisa, My initial appointment was a consultation. She was very knowledgeable about the non-invasive cosmetic surgery options available and was very patient with all my questions.”

Karen P.

“My experience at The Harley Street Dental Clinic with Dr Facco has been very good, the doctor and the assistant have been very patient, kind and professional with me. They always try to find a deal with my necessity about the appointments, also the treatment in the studio is very peaceful and they made me feel very relaxed ( I didn’t feel any kind of pain ). I want to bring also my little sister to see the Dr Facco.”


“I am very well pleased of the service I experienced in the HSDC by Dr. Elisa Facco and her assistant Giulia Campagnolo. They are both professional and master the art of putting at ease their clients. Also the reception/welcome staff proved to be professional and helpful.”

If you are interested in having facial aesthetic treatment with us at Harley Street Dental Clinic, please make an appointment.

Quick ways a cosmetic dentist can restore your smile

A cosmetic dentist can offer a range of fast-acting treatments to restore your smile. While at Harley Street Dental Clinic we don’t believe there is any such thing as a “quick fix” solution to dental problems – for we believe that treatments should be durable as well as aesthetically and functionally pleasing – we do offer a number of effective and long-lasting cosmetic treatments for patients who want to boost their smile quickly.

Smile makeovers

hsdc-cosmetic-dentist-newIf you are interested in boosting the appearance of your smile with minimal fuss and time constraints, we invite you to join us at our Harley Street clinic for a smile makeover consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist.

Every patient’s needs and requirements will be as individual as they are, so when you come to see a cosmetic dentist for a smile makeover, they will take the time to listen to your wants and needs from treatment as well as carefully examining your teeth, gums and surrounding structures.

At your initial smile makeover consultation, your cosmetic dentist will us 3D computer-aided smile design, combined with photographs, impressions and x-rays as required, to recommend the best course of treatment to meet your needs, and to show you what to expect from treatment before it begins.

Quick smile boosters

Some of the fastest smile-boosting options at our Harley Street dental clinic include:

Teeth whitening

Using special dental bleaching gel to remove everyday stains from your teeth, this treatment can be carried out here in our Harley Street clinic or at home. Treatment from a cosmetic dentist here in the practice typically takes an hour, while home treatment usually lasts about two weeks.


Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or composite material (white filling material) your cosmetic dentist can use to improve the appearance of your smile. They are placed over the front surfaces of the teeth to disguise a number of minor aesthetic issues.