Strong and good-looking new teeth

Contemporary dental implants in Harley Street will give you back the dental function you’ve been missing if you’ve experienced tooth loss. Whether you want to replace a single tooth or a whole set, implant dentistry at Harley Street Dental Clinic will bring health benefits beyond those that removable dentures can provide.

Structural improvements

Dental Implants in Harley StreetThe integrated and personalised construction of your Harley Street dental implants will give you a variety of important oral health improvements:

  • Implants prevent the jawbone from becoming weak, reducing the risk of damage or injury and maintaining the natural firmness of your facial structure;
  • They reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay by filling in the gaps in your teeth, leaving less space in which food debris can build up;
  • They are easy to clean with your toothbrush, just the same as your natural teeth;
  • The pronunciation of certain words and phrases can be easier with dental implants than it would be with removable dentures.

Personalised procedure

In the relaxed surroundings of our converted Georgian town house in Harley Street, dental implants are a procedure that requires several stages. The first is a detailed discussion about your oral health and an examination of your teeth. Modern imaging equipment will help us to make a precise treatment plan. Then comes the implant procedure itself, during which small titanium posts are placed into your jawbone, into specially made channels that act as artificial sockets. After a short period of healing, you will return to the practice to have replacement teeth securely fixed to the posts.

Renewed strength

As you eat and talk, tiny vibrations occur in the mouth. The metal posts of the implants transmit these vibrations to the jawbone, stimulating it to maintain its natural density. As well as providing a strong base for your teeth, which allows you to bite and chew with renewed confidence, this integrated arrangement prevents the face from developing that sunken look that can characterise the long-term wearer of removable dentures. This is caused by the jawbone resorbing, which happens when there are no tooth roots to stimulate cell renewal. In this way, your facial appearance is maintained, while your dental hygiene and enjoyment are enhanced.

Realignment by stealth

We offer a modern way to straighten your teeth at our practice in Harley Street. Clear braces, moulded from transparent plastic, are more comfortable and less visible than the wire-and-bracket braces that traditionally spring to mind when people imagine braces. Their low visibility and precisely customised features give you the opportunity to improve your dental health and appearance without attracting undue attention.

An adaptable and efficient solution

Braces are often associated with adolescence. But more and more professional adults are undergoing this treatment, because opting for clear braces in Harley Street means you can straighten your teeth without worrying about how you’ll look at important business meetings or summer barbecues. And as well as being kinder to your appearance, these braces can often get the job done in less time than the old method would have taken.

Clear Braces in Harley StreetA gradual journey

Once you’ve had a conversation with our friendly team and decided these braces are the right thing for your oral health, your dentist will take detailed images of your teeth and create a precise treatment plan. A set of clear plastic aligners will be moulded, with the aid of a computer, out of transparent plastic material. You’ll wear each one of these aligners for around two weeks, before moving on to the next one.

The aligners can be removed when you brush your teeth, and when you eat. Because each of them is a slightly different shape, your teeth will be guided into healthier positions over the course of the treatment. Depending on your needs, this can take 6-18 months, or perhaps longer.

Far-reaching benefits

Once your Harley Street clear braces come off, you might need to wear a retainer at night, to ensure the teeth settle in to their new positions. Then you can enjoy your better-looking smile, as well as the lasting health benefits it brings. Your newly-aligned bite will function more efficiently because the teeth all point in the right direction, putting less strain on your jaw. And it’ll be easier to maintain good oral hygiene, because there’ll be fewer awkward areas in your mouth that are tricky to clean.

Quality care for your teeth

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we offer our patients a comfortable experience of modern oral healthcare. When you arrive at our practice after seeking a dentist in Harley Street, you’ll find a tasteful and quiet waiting area in a converted Georgian townhouse. Equipped with a television and a separate room for prayer or quiet contemplation, this waiting area encapsulates our belief that patient care should be relaxing, modern, and personalised.

Our highly trained staff will get to know your dental needs and how you feel about dentistry in general, so that they can match you with the most suitable dentist in our experienced team.

Dentist in Harley StreetA tactful and efficient Harley Street dentist

We listen closely to our patients so that we can provide the most appropriate methods of care that will benefit their oral health. By monitoring your oral condition during routine check-ups, we can detect the early signs of tooth decay or gum disease that might be too tricky for you to see at home.

With our range of cosmetic dentistry options we can improve the look of your teeth, which can have a positive effect on how you feel about your overall appearance. You might have teeth that look crooked, or that stick out more than you’d like. Contemporary teeth straightening appliances can correct these problems with efficiency and subtlety. Or your teeth might be chipped from injury or decay, in which case a set of veneers will both tidy up your smile and protect the surface of the teeth from further erosion.

We relate to each of our patients as individual people, with differing needs and preferences, and all of our treatments are delivered with your long-term oral health in mind.

Dental care made affordable

We know that sometimes people imagine they won’t be able to afford the cost of the dental improvements a Harley Street dentist will provide. That’s why we offer monthly payment plans. We believe that vital treatments should be accessible and that you shouldn’t have to endure unnecessary financial hardship while you save up a lump sum. By spreading the financial impact, we make your treatment more affordable, whether its cosmetic, preventative, or a bit of both.

Orthodontics: another very long word

Dentistry, like medicine, is full of very long words for simple things that come from the Latin, or the Greek, and sometimes both at once, which annoys ancient language purists no end. Dentists use these very long words because they can be understood by every dentist around the world, whereas translations from one everyday language to another can often cause confusion.

Take orthodontics for example. This wonderfully long and important word refers to the branch of dentistry that is concerned with making sure that your teeth fit together correctly. It covers not only your teeth, but your jaws, because if your jaws don’t line up, your teeth aren’t going to either. Teeth straightening doesn’t quite say enough of what we do, although it is mostly what we do, so that’s why we use orthodontics.

Orthodontics in Harley StreetWhat does an orthodontist do?

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we have several dentists who, after getting their degrees in dentistry, have gone on to get post-graduate training in orthodontics. These people really know their stuff about straightening teeth and jaws. What they do to your teeth will change your mouth for life, if you are disciplined and wear your retainer, otherwise your teeth will drift back to how they were.

Orthodontists have to be able to look at your teeth and understand how they got like that and how to put them right. With young children, they have to be able to look at teeth that have not even come through yet and know how they are going to erupt and how to encourage them to grow straight. They have to understand about how jaws grow so that if your child’s teeth aren’t meeting, they can realign their jaws while the face is still growing.

Along with all that biology, your orthodontist also has to have a good understanding of mechanics so that they know how to put your teeth right – how tight to make the wires and what angle to fix the brackets to your teeth to pull them where they need to go.

Teeth and jaw straightening is a skill requiring knowledge and experience, and a very long word to describe it.

How your dentist in W1 can help you with teeth grinding

Here at Harley Street Dental Clinic in W1, London, we understand that there a lot of dental issues you would rather avoid, if possible. This is why we provide preventative dentistry services for those in and around W1. In short, regularly visiting your dentist in W1 could save you money, stress, and time in the long-run.

Many of the problems we face with our teeth can be prevented by taking good care of our teeth, but in some cases, we may not be in control of damage that happens to our teeth. Things like accidents cannot be helped but other issues such as teeth grinding are in our control.

Dentist in W1Help for teeth grinding

If you grind your teeth in your sleep, you may think that there is nothing you can do about it, but here at your dentist in W1, we can help you with many jaw problems. Teeth grinding or bruxism can occur for many reasons, from sleep disorders to our bites not meeting correctly in the middle. If we grind our teeth in the night we can wake up with aching jaws, headaches, and sometimes earaches.

One solution for bruxism is the use of a mouth guard that fits over your teeth, stopping your teeth from grinding together and getting damaged. If your headaches and jaw aches are more serious and you are need of pain relief, there is a device called Cerezen that effectively treats jaw-related pain.

Cerezen uses the latest 3D printing technology to manufacture inserts that sit in your ear canal and effectively encourage the jaw to revert to a relaxed position, combating teeth grinding.

The dangers of ignoring teeth grinding

Grinding your teeth is not just a problem because it causes pain and discomfort. Chronic teeth grinding can lead to serious damage to your teeth. Fracturing, loosening or even loss of teeth is not unheard of. These events may lead to further, often expensive, teeth repairs or replacement.

For help with teeth grinding and to have any questions answered, visit your dentist in W1. There is no reason why you should have to put up with teeth grinding when there is help available.

Discreet and effective braces

Many people are put off from getting braces because they don’t want to wear an appliance that is embarrassingly visible when they open their mouths. But for patients at our practice in Harley Street, invisible braces are an option that can move the teeth into healthier positions while remaining much less eye-catching than traditional metal appliances.

A customised solution

Invisible Braces in Harley StreetYour treatment at Harley Street Dental Clinic will begin with a detailed consultation using modern dental imaging techniques. This information is used to custom-mould a series of clear plastic aligners that are precisely shaped to achieve the improvements you need. You will place a pair of these aligners over your teeth and wear them for around 2 weeks, before moving on to the next pair. Wearing these invisible braces in Harley Street, your teeth will be gently pressured to move into better positions over the course of your treatment. What’s more, the aligners can be removed when you eat or brush your teeth.

Long-term advantages

We use invisible braces to treat a range of conditions, from protruding front teeth to crowding. Many of our patients are professional adults and their Harley Street invisible braces have kept social embarrassment to a minimum because of the material’s transparency. After the treatment, their smiles look smarter and they enjoy a long-term reduction in the risk of oral health problems.

Braces improve health

With straighter teeth, there are fewer awkward spaces in the mouth that can be difficult to clean, so the risk of gum disease and tooth decay is lessened. A properly-aligned bite, with all the teeth pointing in the right direction, also means the jaw functions more efficiently, which reduces the risk of injury or strain.

A period of change for long-lasting results

Once you have finished your course of treatment with invisible braces, Harley Street dental professionals will give you a retainer to wear at night to get the teeth secured in their new positions. Treatment times can vary, typically between 6 to 18 months, depending on your situation. But once it’s over, the benefits will last for many years to come.

Long-term benefit with dental implants

Patients choosing to have dental implants in Harley Street often want a tooth replacement procedure that feels more natural and boosts oral health more than traditional removable dentures. Implant dentistry can give people more confidence in biting and chewing their favourite foods, as well as looking more natural and being easier to clean.

As dental implant treatment at Harley Street Dental Clinic leaves no gaps in the mouth, there are fewer places for harmful bacteria and food debris to hide in. Also, the remaining teeth either side of the missing ones will not have a chance to tilt into the space, which means the risk of misalignment is greatly reduced.

Dental Implants in Harley StreetFeels good, looks smart

While they help with dental cleanliness and overall oral health in Harley Street, dental implants can also reduce the chances of jawbone deterioration and help to maintain the firmness of the face’s underlying structure. The ‘sunken’ look that can often develop in the faces of long-term denture-wearers is avoided because the implants develop a strong and secure connection with the jawbone.

Gradual steps to lifetime improvement

The first stage in treatment is a detailed consultation with one of our experienced dentists. Once a detailed treatment plan is produced, the dentist will insert short titanium posts, similar to small screws, into the gaps in your gums where the missing teeth used to be. After a short period of healing, you will return to the dentist to have the replacement teeth securely attached to the tips of these posts.

As you eat or speak, tiny vibrations occur inside the mouth. The small titanium posts transmit these vibrations directly into the jawbone, stimulating it to maintain its density. The replacement teeth can then rely on a stable structure.

Varied applications

There are many kinds of tooth loss that can benefit from dental implants. In Harley Street, tooth decay can happen gradually over the years, leading to the loss or removal of several teeth. Or you may have lost one of your front teeth suddenly by accident. Whatever the reason, implant dentistry will enhance your dental health while making eating more enjoyable.

Don´t let a gummy smile affect your self-confidence

There are many reasons why you may not be entirely happy with your smile. Crooked, stained or chipped teeth to just name a few. Here at Harley Street Dental Clinic, we have the skills and know-how to help fix your dental imperfections so you can smile with confidence. This doesn’t just mean tackling issues with your teeth but also with your gums.

Sometimes gum tissue can cover up too much of the teeth. One possible reason for this is the way your teeth erupted through the gums when they first grew. The end result: a gummy smile that affects your self-confidence. At our dental clinic in W1, we believe that everyone shoudl enjoy a confident smile. We offer a treatment that could help improve your gummy smile, giving you back the confidence you should have when smiling.

Dental Clinic in W1Effective treatment for gummy smiles

Here at our W1 dental clinic, we offer a treatment commonly known as a ‘gum lift’. This treatment can reshape your gums into a more desirable form, uncovering more of your teeth. It can completely change the appearance of your smile, bringing better proportions to your mouth.

Your gums are raised and shaped to fit your teeth better. This is usually achieved with the use of a laser that can painlessly reshape the gum line. For more severe cases, the effect can be achieved through the removal of bone and gum tissue using dental surgery.

Most of the time you won´t need to take any time off work after this type of treatment, so there will hardly be any downtime, if any. Some swelling and redness may be present after the treatment for which we can prescribe medication. You will notice the positive difference immediately.

Benefits of a better proportioned smile

Having a better proportioned smile can change the appearance of your whole face, bringing more balance to your smile. This can have a huge impact on your self-confidence.

The same goes for many of the cosmetic dental treatments we have to offer, which combined with our preventative and restorative dental care at our W1 dental clinic, will ensure you enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles.

A comfortable experience

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we aim to put our patients at ease by providing a high standard of personalised dental care in relaxed, professional surroundings. Going to the dentist in Harley Street ought to be a reassuring experience and from the comfortable furnishings in our waiting area to the contemporary techniques and modern equipment used by our team of friendly dental professionals, we do everything we can to provide convenience while we improve your oral health.

What we can do for you

Dentist in Harley StreetTo make sure you end up with the most suitable dentist, Harley Street dental professionals will talk to you in depth about your dental history and hopes for the future.

With regular check-ups at our dental clinic, we will be able to spot the signs of tooth decay that are too subtle for you to discover at home. We know that preventative dentistry reduces the chances of painful and costly problems that can develop when early warning signs go undetected. We can closely monitor the condition of your gums, tongue, and cheeks for changes on the surface that could indicate health risks.


As well as preventative dentistry that provides protection, we offer solutions to existing problems such as tooth decay, or teeth that have been damaged or lost. Correcting such problems as these can bring lasting health benefits, both by reducing the opportunities for further damage to occur and by the increase to self-confidence that can come with teeth that look and function as they naturally should.

Looking brighter

Your Harley Street dentist can also offer an up-to-date range of cosmetic dentistry techniques. Teeth whitening procedures can be carried out either in our London dental clinic or at home, with simple equipment that brings a long-lasting brightness to your smile. Alternatively a set of veneers can tidy up the roughness of your teeth, closing any gaps and covering up the bits that may have been chipped away over the years.

Accessibility and inclusivity

To make our treatments accessible, we offer a range of monthly payment plans. You needn’t delay the start of vital treatment while you save up a lump sum. Contact us today for a chat about how we can help you.

Orderly smiles

There is a way to achieve better looking, healthier teeth discreetly and relatively quickly. Available at our practice in Harley Street, Invisalign uses transparent plastic appliances to gently move your teeth into positions that look better in photos and are kinder to your oral health. Our experienced team at Harley Street Dental Clinic have seen this treatment become popular over the years for professional adults, as it improves their dental situation without the social embarrassment that traditional, eye-catching braces can often bring.

Invisalign in Harley StreetEfficiency and neatness with Invisalign in Harley Street

Once you and your dentist have decided that Invisalign is right for you, the dentist will produce a detailed image of your teeth. A computer will then be used to produce a series of aligners, moulded precisely to meet your requirements. You will wear each one of these aligners for around 2 weeks, before you move onto the next one. Over time, your teeth are guided into better positions due to the slightly different contouring of each aligner.

These subtle and lightweight appliances can be taken out at mealtimes and when you brush your teeth. As they are transparent, they’re much less likely to attract attention from people, for example at social events or business meetings.

Gradual steps to transformation

The overall time of your Harley Street Invisalign treatment will vary depending on the condition of your teeth. A short course may involve as few as a dozen aligners for you to wear. A long course could use as many as 48. The accuracy of computerised planning means that the overall treatment time is still quicker than it might have been using traditional wire and bracket appliances.

Afterwards, you will probably need to wear a retainer while you sleep to ensure that the teeth take a firm liking to their new arrangement.

Benefits for the future

For patients who’ve completed this treatment at our practice in Harley Street, Invisalign has lowered the risk of gum disease and tooth decay, as well as having provided a better looking smile. The investment of time and patience pays off with a broad range of lasting benefits.