Long-term benefits of dental implants in Harley Street

There are many reasons people lose their teeth over time. Whether the result of poor dental health, an accident or injury, gum disease or simply wear and tear, tooth loss is a problem with considerable consequences. Gaps in your smile are not only aesthetically displeasing, but can also create problems with your biting, chewing and your speech. Treating tooth loss is, therefore, important to protect your oral health and improve your quality of life.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic in Harley Street, dental implants are our treatment of choice against tooth loss. This is because, unlike conventional bridges and dentures, dental implants replace missing teeth permanently and fully restore oral health and ability. Teeth replaced with dental implants look, feel and function just like your natural teeth.

Dental Implants in Harley StreetDental implants: what are they all about?

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically inserted into the jawbone where teeth are missing. These metal anchors act as tooth root substitutes and have the ability to bond with the jawbone, creating a sturdy foundation for replacement teeth such as crowns, bridges and dentures. After the healing period has passed, small posts that protrude through the gums are attached to the dental implants. These help connect the replacement teeth on the dental implants and provide a level of stability unmatched by traditional dentures and bridges.

Dental implants in Harley Street can fix many problems related to tooth loss. Whether reconstructing one tooth or several, dental implants can help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Single dental implants are ideal for one or two missing teeth, whereas multiple teeth can also be restored with as few as four dental implants with All-On-4 technology. Your dentist will suggest the appropriate treatment based on your individual needs.

Do dental implants need special care?

Once the implants are in place, they will serve you well for many years, provided you brush and floss them regularly and keep your mouth healthy. Decay cannot develop on dental implants, however, they are prone to gum disease. For this reason, it is also essential to visit your dentist in Harley Street for regular dental check-ups and cleanings.

Make yourself comfortable

There’s nothing more comforting than being welcomed into a nice, familiar place with a warm cup of tea and being told to ‘sit down, make yourself at home’ on the cosy sofa. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we welcome all of our patients in just that same way. We make sure we dismiss the stereotype of the dentist as a cold, fear-ridden chamber, where loud drills can be heard from the waiting room.

It simply isn’t true at our friendly clinic. Our dentists are here to reassure you. If you’re looking for a dental clinic in W1 that provides both essential and advanced care, then you’ve come to the right place. Whatever treatment you may require, our services range from general treatments and preventative dentistry to cosmetic dentistry and specialist treatments like teeth straightening, children’s dentistry, and wisdom tooth removal.

Dental Clinic in W1From the minor to the major

At our dental clinic in W1, we deal with all the common problems that many people face with their teeth. This includes dental issues such as tooth decay, broken or loose teeth, exposed nerves and abscesses, or bleeding and painful gums. We try to offer you as many options possible, in order for you to choose the treatment that best suits you.

In terms of specialist dentistry, we have a team of specialist professionals who are happy to address and treat more complex dental issues. For instance, oral surgery for the removal of painful wisdom teeth. You will receive local anaesthetic to numb the pain and if you are feeling particularly anxious, sedation is also available.

If you’re looking to improve your smile, then we also provide cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening treatments and smile makeovers. With teeth that you can confidently show off, you’ll soon find yourself smiling more often, with the boost in self-esteem that comes with it.

Something to smile about

After any treatment, the main aim is to keep you healthy and ensure you’re still smiling with confidence. We take pride in delivering great customer care at our dental clinic in W1. Thanks to our wonderful patients, it’s easily done!

Quality services that you can trust

Choosing the right dentist is an important decision because your teeth are key to your wellbeing and to how you look. We all know that ensuring that you have strong teeth and healthy gums is crucial, but also how you feel when you look in the mirror can make or break your day. Good dental health is vital for a smile to be proud of and the ability to live life to the full. Damaged, crooked or missing teeth can detract from your looks as well as making everyday activities difficult. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, an established dentist in Harley Street, London, we offer general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Dentist in Harley StreetWhy choose us as your Harley Street dentist?

We know that you want to look your best and that you deserve care that meets your needs. We aim to make any treatments as painless as possible and provide comprehensive aftercare so that you get the support you require. A treatment co-ordinator will ensure that you are fully informed throughout and have a point of contact for any questions you might have. You might associate seeing your Harley Street dentist with services such as regular check-ups, fillings and replacing lost teeth. Did you know that we can also give advice on diet, alcohol consumption and smoking, all of which can affect the health of your mouth?

Fear of the dentist

When you visit us as your dentist in Harley Street, you will understand why we are proud of our respectful, caring and informative approach. We know that some people have had bad experiences with dentists in the past so we have made considerable investments in making the process as comfortable as possible. We offer entertainment and distraction techniques such as audio books, music or films, encourage breaks when you want them and make sure that you are comfortable with the procedure before we start. Very anxious patients can choose to have sedation if required so there is no reason that you cannot access the care that you need.

Join the hundreds of people who trust us as their Harley Street dentist.

Straighten your teeth with discreet orthodontics in Harley Street

In recent years, orthodontics have been gaining popularity among adults who wish to straighten their teeth and improve their bite. However, many adults are unwilling to endure the aesthetic effects of metal brackets and wires for several months or years. Luckily, modern dentistry is rapidly developing and you can now straighten your teeth with discreet orthodontic treatments without worrying about your smile.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we appreciate that some patients are self-conscious about their appearance. For this reason, we offer discreet orthodontic treatments such as lingual braces and Invisalign. This way you can straighten your teeth without anybody knowing that you are undergoing treatment. Our orthodontist in Harley Street will examine your teeth thoroughly and help you decide which treatment is better for you.

Orthodontics in Harley StreetLingual braces

Lingual braces are fixed braces made of nickel-titanium that work just like regular braces, with the exception that they are placed behind the teeth, allowing you to smile confidently both during and after treatment. Lingual brackets are customised to fit each one of your individual teeth and respond to your unique orthodontic situation. Because they are specially designed for each patient, they are very comfortable. Lingual braces put pressure on the teeth just like regular braces to help them move into their right position over a specific period of time – usually the same time needed for regular metal braces. They are ideal for children, teenagers or adults with moderate or complex orthodontic problems. Your orthodontist in Harley Street can help you decide whether this is the right treatment for you.


Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic treatment designed primarily for moderate alignment and bite problems. Invisalign consists of a series of transparent, custom-made, removable, plastic aligners, which gradually move your teeth into their right position over a specific period of time.

Your orthodontist in Harley Street will provide you with a series of aligners and you will have to wear each for at least two weeks before moving to the next one in the series. Invisalign aligners are easy to handle, do not require frequent adjustments and can be removed for eating and tooth cleaning.

To learn more about our discreet orthodontic treatments in Harley Street, please contact us today.

Achieve a smile makeover by visiting a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street

Contrary to common belief, cosmetic dentistry is not as painful or expensive as you may imagine, thanks to today’s innovative and versatile cosmetic dentistry treatments. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the appearance of the teeth and gums, however, it may also include some curative or restorative treatments for good oral function.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic in Harley Street, a cosmetic dentist will examine your teeth thoroughly and create a highly customised smile makeover that may include one or several cosmetic treatments, such as porcelain veneers and teeth whitening. With innovative new techniques and virtually painless treatments, a smile makeover is now readily achievable for almost any patient who is unhappy with the appearance of their smile or teeth.

Cosmetic Dentist in Harley StreetTeeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular and inexpensive treatment that can help you brighten your teeth by several shades. Teeth are commonly stained by foods, drinks, smoking and medications. Yellow and discoloured teeth are also the result of genetics and old age. In order to restore the white colour of your teeth we use two teeth whitening procedures – power whitening and home whitening.

The first method is ideal for patients who wish to have teeth whitened at the dental chair in less than an hour. The treatment employs a customised bleaching gel that is activated with the aid of light. After one hour, you can expect your teeth to look several shades lighter. Home whitening, on the other hand, employs a set of custom-made bleaching trays that you have to wear overnight for a period of two weeks. Results are normally seen after the two weeks have passed. Both treatments are safe and effective.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your teeth, because they can fix more than one problems at once. Porcelain veneers are made of thin shells of porcelain, custom-made for your teeth and bonded to the front of each tooth by our cosmetic dentist in Harley Street. Veneers can provide an aesthetic solution to many problems, including crooked, chipped, cracked, gapped and stained teeth.

Contact us

To learn more about cosmetic dentistry in Harley Street and treatments available at our practice, contact us today.

Preventative dental care for children in Harley Street

Preventative dental care is really important for the overall oral and physical health of your child. Much like adults, children’s teeth can be affected by decay or gum disease, leading to a multitude of problems. This is why preventative care is so important for your child, and their developing teeth.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we believe that prevention is better than cure and we urge our patients to bring their children into the practice for dental check-ups regularly. Even if children have access to good dental care, some areas in the mouth are impossible to reach. For this reason, we provide helpful paediatric dentistry treatments such as fluoride applications and dental sealants to keep cavities at bay.

Childrens Dentistry in Harley StreetFluoride applications

Fluoride is a mineral that works in a number of ways to prevent tooth decay. As long as small quantities of fluoride are present in the mouth and on the surface of the teeth, tooth decay can be prevented. Fluoride applications are recommended for children whose teeth are prone to cavities and tooth decay.

An experienced dentist will paint small amounts of fluoride on their teeth, in order to prevent the formation of cavities. In some cases, treatment with fluoride can also prevent existing tooth decay from getting worse and reverse it. Treatment with fluoride should always be administered by a well-trained dentist, since excess fluoride use is not beneficial and can cause dental problems.

Our dentists will also provide information about fluoride and proper oral hygiene including discussing the use of fluoridated water and brushing with proper toothpaste.

Dental sealants

Just like fluoride applications, dental sealants can prevent cavities from forming on the surface of your children’s teeth. Dental sealants are thin plastic shells that are applied to the grooves on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (mostly the molars) to protect them from tooth decay and cavities.

It has been shown, that most tooth decay in children and teens occurs on these surfaces. This is because these teeth are hard to reach and brush properly. Sealants protect the chewing surfaces from forming cavities by keeping bacteria and food particles out of these furrows.

Come on in

Welcome to Harley Street Dental Clinic, where great smiles happen. As a proud provider of modern and effective dental care, we also take pride in creating a family of satisfied patients. If you are considering a dentist in W1, it’s certainly worth thinking about becoming a part of our dental clinic, where you will be warmly welcomed from the very beginning.

What can we do for you?

Dentist in W1Our experienced and passionate dentists provide a range of services from all aspects of dentistry, offering solutions to common dental problems like tooth decay, broken or loose teeth, and gum disease. While providing the most essential preventative dentistry and general treatments, we also offer specialist services like cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, teeth straightening treatments, children’s dentistry, and even maxillofacial surgery, which concerns the treatment of conditions affecting the mouth, jaw, face and neck.

Give us a grin

If you’re less than satisfied with your smile, then there’s almost certainly something we can do to help. Whether providing dental care for children or adults, we understand that each individual patient is different. Despite this, the end goal is the same: to equip every patient with a confident smile to last a lifetime.

Whatever the treatment you require, our philosophy is to provide personalised, quality dental care. By welcoming you into a stress-free environment, the idea is that you feel comfortable when visiting our dentist in W1. We see the relationships between our patients and dentists as partnerships, where you are listened to and where your worries and concerns are understood by your dentist.

With the up-to-date equipment, materials and techniques, our team bring to you reliable and efficient dental care. While you are in our care, we will show to you how important maintaining oral health is in relation to general health. So all in all, we are diligent in both our dental methods and care towards you.

Keep up the great smile!

First and foremost, our dentist in W1 encourages you to maintain healthy teeth at home, supporting you through the years with regular dental check-ups and treatment where needed. As long as you’re healthy and smiling, we’re happy and we will work to keep it that way!

Have no fear, invisible braces are here

For some, particularly adults in the professional world, traditional metal braces seem like an uncomfortable path to go down in order to get to a confident smile. It is not unusual to worry at the thought of wearing unsightly metal braces, as some may feel that they could cause discomfort or interrupt their daily routine during treatment.

Despite these apprehensions, it is extremely important that misaligned teeth and jaws are treated before further complications arise. It might be that you already experience difficulty in chewing food due to a misaligned jaw or struggle with plaque build-up as a result of gappy or crooked teeth, which can lead to tooth decay.

Invisible Braces in Harley StreetIgnoring these issues with your teeth shouldn’t be an option. Instead, Harley Street Dental Clinic would like to recommend that you consider invisible braces in Harley Street.

What choices do I have?

The most popular among adults are our porcelain braces. These are similar to traditional braces, only the tooth-coloured brackets are designed to go unnoticed by others. At times, you might even find yourself forgetting that you have them on.

As another cosmetic alternative, we recommend our Incognito lingual braces as a viable option. These are also similar to standard braces, but they are placed on the backs of your teeth instead. They also work using metal wires and brackets, applying continuous pressure to your teeth in order to shift them into their correct positions.

At our dental clinic in Harley Street, invisible braces don’t stop there. Our friendly dentists are also highly trained in providing Invisalign treatments. As you may have guessed, Invisalign is yet another clear alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign treatment involves a series of clear, removable aligners, which you have replaced every few weeks. It works by shifting your teeth over time with gentle pressure from each aligner. The removable aspect is ideal for those who need to fit treatment around hectic lifestyles and would rather not have to avoid certain foods for fear of getting it stuck in their braces.

If you’re searching for invisible braces in Harley Street, call us today and book an appointment with one of our dentists. We can’t wait to see you smile!

Are missing teeth getting you down?

People lose their teeth for all sorts of reasons including injury, illness and ageing. Having missing teeth can knock your confidence and make everyday activities such as eating and speaking difficult. They can also destabilise other teeth as they can drift into the gaps. If you are tired of worrying about how you look and having to think about what food you can eat, then you may like to consider dental implants. Harley Street is home to the Harley Street Dental Clinic, where we provide a range of options from single tooth to full mouth restorations. Our established team has fitted hundreds of dental implants in Harley Street and we can help, even in complex cases.

Dental Implants in Harley StreetWhat are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots in the form of small metal screws, which are placed into the jaw during a minor operation. As the blood vessels and tissues in your jaw mesh around them, they become stable and provide a secure base for replacement teeth, bridges or dentures. When we fit dental implants in Harley Street, we use a local anaesthetic, so the process is comfortable. We pride ourselves on supporting nervous patients and can offer sedation if required.

Have you been refused treatment elsewhere?

You may have been told that your existing bone is not deep or strong enough to support the implants, but we are experienced in fitting dental implants in Harley Street and can offer techniques such as bone grafts and sinus lifts. These increase the strength and volume of bone in your jaw to enable the dental implants to be fitted securely. If you think you may need these procedures, we can discuss it with you during your consultation. It is also necessary to have healthy gums to ensure that there is no risk of infection or gum disease. We can offer treatment from a hygienist to clear up existing problems before you have your implants.

We want dental implants to be available to everyone, even if you have had difficult experiences with dentists before or have been told that you cannot have treatment. Contact us and find out how having dental implants in Harley Street could give you a new start.

Committed to your teeth

If you’re looking for a dentist in W1 that provides reliable dental care and a friendly service, then look no further. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, our team of highly qualified dental professionals deliver services from general and preventative treatments to cosmetic and specialist dentistry, including dental implants.

For the all these treatments, we want our patients to feel comfortable when they come and visit us at Harley Street Dental Clinic. If you’re considering a dentist in W1, but feel that a visit to the dentist is daunting, we want to put you at ease. We are praised by our patients for our care and consideration when it comes to you and we want you to feel relaxed, not intimidated.

Dentist in W1Addressing the issues

Whatever your dental issue may be, we feel it is most essential to come and visit your dentist in W1, particularly if you are experiencing discomfort. Whether you’re struggling with broken or decayed teeth, exposed nerves and abscesses, or you require teeth straightening treatment for crooked teeth, our friendly and experienced dentists will address it and treat it, making sure you are always in the loop. Also, we always make sure that you can move on feeling happy, healthy and smiley!

Truth be told

When it comes to discussing treatment with patients, we are open about our recommendations and the options we think would most suit you and your specific needs. Our dentists are open about what treatments involve, making sure that you’re aware of any discomfort you could experience, but also offering pain relief if needed. Our dentists are honest about treatment timelines, ensuring that you understand how quick or gradual certain methods will be.

Caring for all

Located in central London, we cater for every individual and their specific dental needs. As a multicultural practice, we understand the faiths and cultures of each and every one of our patients. We also provide fluent in-house translation services for our Japanese, French, Arabic, French, and Italian patients. That way, we are able to properly explain treatments to our patients, ensuring that the process is understood in detail.

So why not join our welcoming dentist in W1? Let’s all smile together!