Beautiful, natural smiles: the next step in cosmetic dentistry

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we believe that cosmetic dentistry is about creating a mouth and smile that look like they have always been your own.

We have all seen those celebrities, and non-celebrities, who have had such extreme cosmetic dentistry that there is no way they could have been born with those ultra-white, ulta-even teeth they are flashing.

cosmetic-dentistryThe cosmetic dentists in Harley Street understand that many people have spent years feeling ashamed of, and even hiding, their smiles because their teeth are either missing, discoloured, crowded or crooked. At our dental clinic, we believe people should not have to feel bad about their less than perfect teeth. We also believe that too-perfect teeth can be just as unnatural and potentially embarrassing.

That is why the dental clinic has assembled a crack team of cosmetic dentists to help you achieve the perfect balance of harmony and naturalness when you flash your new, improved smile.

The Harley Street cosmetic dentists use various treatments and services to help you achieve your perfect smile. These range from:

  • Teeth whitening – often the easiest option for a quick upgrade
  • White fillings – so you no longer have to flash a mouth of amalgam when you smile
  • Porcelain veneers – the dental equivalent of false nails, only extremely durable
  • Cosmetic dentures
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Gum lifts – a simple procedure
  • Dental implants – replacing lost tooth roots
  • Full-mouth rehabilitations
  • Smile makeovers – two or more cosmetic dental treatments.

What’s more the Harley Street cosmetic dentist can make a mock-up of your smile, so that you can see what you will look like once your treatment is completed.

Our team of Harley Street cosmetic dentists include: Dr Stanley Kay, Dr Mary Shendouda, Dr Charlotte Stillwell, Dr Jean C Violides, Dr Abel Moreira and Dr Bob McLelland. You can find out more about each of them by visiting our Meet The Dentists page.

You can book a free consultation with us at the dental clinic by calling 020 7486 1059, or emailing us on

Or if you prefer, you can send us a picture of your smile by using our Smile Simulator, and the dental clinic will send you back an image of what your teeth could look like after a smile makeover.

How can I look after my teeth?

At Harley Street Dental Clinic in London, dental hygiene is something we view as a high priority and are here to give our patients advice on keeping their pearly teeth as healthy as possible. What is dental hygiene? I hear you ask! Well, looking after the area of your mouth and teeth is what we consider to be dental hygiene. There are various ways that you can ensure your oral health is on top form, especially with all the delicious and naughty things there are to eat in London. Dental hygiene can be improved by ensuring you brush your teeth twice a day at least, especially after a high-sugar meal. Did you know that fizzy drinks contain a high level of refined sugar? If you take your oral hygiene seriously, start to read the nutritional information onprocessed food and drinks, so you know how much sugar your teeth are in contact with. Brushing for at least three minutes, reaching all the teeth front and back, is recommended.

dental-hygiene-LondonDo you go to the dentist for regular check-ups? Well you should if you want to keep your mouth in healthy order. It is always better to have a plan for prevention rather than paying the big bucks to cure the resulting problems. A check-up will allow our dentist to observe the health of your teeth, as well as look for gum disease or cavities. If this is found, we will give you the option of how to rectify this as quick as possible. Another way to improve your dental hygiene in London, is to visit an oral hygienist, so they can give you a polish and have you flashing your shining teeth again. This is a service that we also offer at our clinic, just book at the reception desk or over the phone.

How often should I visit a dentist?

In order to keep your teeth healthy, a visit to a Harley Street dentist is recommendedat least every 12 months. If we locate any problems, then we will book you in for more regular appointments until the problem is solved.

Beautiful smiles with orthodontics in Harley Street

A beautiful smile can make all the difference when you need to enhance a first impression or lasting memory. In Harley Street, orthodontics can help you make the most of your smile. Maybe you have the kind of job that deals with the public, such as the media, modelling and the law. Maybe you want to brush up your smile for an important occasion, such as your wedding photographs.

orthodontics-in-harley-streetIn Harley Street, orthodontics polishes up the smile by focussing on the

development, prevention, and correction of irregularities of the teeth, bite and jaw.

What this means is that if you have crooked, misaligned or crowded teeth, orthodontics in Harley Street Dental Clinic can help you get your teeth back in order. Harley Street orthodontics can also help your children prevent their teeth from becoming misaligned in the first place.

Orthodontics also deals with more serious problems with the face and jaw that can lead to what we call malocclusion, which is abnormal alignment of the teeth and the way the upper and lower teeth fit together.

In Harley Street, orthodontics has a range of treatments to help correct misalignment and malocclusion.

Our various braces and aligners gently reposition the teeth. Our lingual braces are the same as traditional bracket and wire braces, except that they fit inside, or behind the teeth, rather than on the front, so that they are not at all obvious. We also fit braces that have tooth-coloured brackets and wires, so that they blend in with the mouth. Thirdly, we also offer a kind of braces that are not braces but clear plastic trays called aligners. These come in a series of slightly different trays that, one by one over a period of a few months, fit over the teeth to gently guide them into a new position.

Harley Street orthodontics works on the principle that the earlier a problem is detected, the sooner it can be put right. For this reason, we recommend that children should have an initial orthodontic assessment between the ages of seven and nine. However, it is never too late for orthodontics in Harley Street, and many adults come to us for corrective treatments and procedures.

The ‘dontics’ of dentistry in Harley Street

Finding the right dentist in Harley Street is important. It’s as important as choosing the right car or buying the right home. A dentist can be with you for many years, perhaps for the rest of your life, and it is not uncommon for dental practices to treat generations of the same family.

cosmetic-dentistry-in-harley-streetIf you are looking for a dentist in Harley Street to treat a particular problem, it is important to understand what the various areas of dentistry are. Dentists can be general dentists. They can also have an interest in a particular area of dentistry. They can also be recognised by the General Dental Council (GDC) as a specialist in a particular area of dentistry; in which case they will have a GDC number after their name. You can use this number to look them up on the GDC website at

First of all, it is vital to learn about the qualifications, and the length and range of experience that dentists in a practice have. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we have a large practice. Between them, our 20 dentists in Harley Street cover almost every area of dentistry, from maxillofacial surgery, to prosthodontics and orthodontics, to endodontics, periodontics, paediatric dentistry, and cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

That’s a lot of ‘dontics’! What do they all mean? Let’s go through and take a look at what our dentists in Harley Street are focussing on.

Prosthodontics is an area of dentistry concerned with replacing missing teeth and the associated soft and hard tissues by crowns, bridges, and dentures (prostheses). Prostheses can be fixed removable or fixed.

Orthodontic dentists focus on developing, preventing and correcting mis-shapes, damage and misalignments in the teeth, bite and jaw.

Our paediatric dentists in Harley Street are concerned with the overall oral health of children, from the time they are born until they are going through adolescence.

Endontics is an area of interest concerning disease and injuries of the tooth root, dental pulp, and surrounding tissue: from diagnosis, to cause, to prevention and treatment.

Our periodontic dentists in Harley Street focus on diagnosing, treating and preventing infectious and inflammatory diseases and disorders of the gums and other structures around the teeth.

Do you have stained teeth?

If so, you’re not alone says Colgate Oral Care Center; we all know that red wine and black coffee stain teeth, but there are a few other food you may be surprised to hear also make that list: pasta sauce, curry, balsamic vinegar, and berries are also culprits that are determined to discolour our pearly whites. Most people are regular consumers of at least one of the above foods and drinks, so it stands to reason that a high percentage of people will have stained teeth. In addition, people who smoke are known to have teeth stains, due to the tar and nicotine that’s found in tobacco. antibiotics and other medicines can also cause discolouration in the teeth.

stained-teethReclaim that killer smile with a dentist in Harley Street

London dentist Harley Street Dental Clinic can help you get a dazzling smile with their teeth whitening options. The clinic has a number of teeth whitening treatments that patients can choose from, they include treatments that can be undertaken at the location of the Harley Street dentist clinic, and a whitening option that patients can administer themselves at home. Power Teeth Whitening is a procedure carried out from the dental chair at the clinic, it involves the use of a lamp to kick start the whitening process, and your teeth will appear whiter is just one hour. The dentist at Harley Street also offers a Home Whitening kit that includes whitening gel and a mouth guard, the gel is put into the mouth guard and the guard is placed into the mouth for a few hours on an evening, usually over a two week period. The colour and condition of your teeth to begin with will determined the results of both whitening treatments.

So there you have it; you may have stained teeth that no longer sparkle, however the Harley Street dentist has a solution with their teeth whitening treatments. For more information on teeth whitening at Harley Street Dental Clinic, please contact the practice, or send them a picture of your teeth by using their Smile Simulator contact form.You can have that perfect smile again!

Are you afraid of visiting the dentist?

Do you worry about going to your dentist? does it make you mildly anxious, or does it play on your mind for weeks on end before you build up the courage to make an appointment? Studies show that 75% of us have at least a little concern about visiting their dentist. However there are extreme cases;some people are so afraid to visit the dentist they only ever eat soft food so they don’t damage any teeth on anything that’s hard, and other people will suffer for years with toothache or poor oral health, which in turn may negatively affect their appearance.

dental-nervous-patientsOvercome your fears with a Harley Street dentist

Harley Street Dental Clinic believe that everyone should receive proper oral health care without their fears getting in the way, that’s why the Harley Street dentist offers patients a number of solutions to help them overcome their fears. The dentists are more than happy to discuss each treatment in depth with the patient, to help ease their anxieties. They will also arrange a signal for the patient, so that they can flag up if they ever need a break during any procedure. In addition, patients are more than happy to listen to music, audio books, or to watch a film during treatment to help them relax. If none of the methods listed previously are appealing to the patient, the Harley Street dentist offers two different types of sedation: Relative analgesia (RA) sedation involves using gas and air to aid relaxation, the patient will still be conscious, but will be comfortable and unaware of the treatment. Intravenous sedation is also available with a consultant anaesthetist for patients who require this option, however they will need someone to take them home after the treatment and look after them until the next morning.

If you are afraid of visiting the dentist, please contact the Harley Street dentist to discuss your worries and concerns. Don’t continue to suffer or allow the fear to negatively affect your life any longer, as the clinic is more than likely to have a solution to enable you to receive the treatment and care that you need.

What does an orthodontist do?

An orthodontist, specialises in treating and improving the appearance of a patients’ teeth. Our surgery offers orthodontic treatments if you are needing to achieve a better smile. Most often we will use a devise, such as braces, in order to do this. If you have been searching for an orthodontist, in Harley Street, then we are very happy that you found us. All of us at Harley Street Dental Clinic, welcome you to our surgery; our staff at the front desk will gladly book you in for your first appointment. If you are not sure which orthodontic work you need doing, then relax and be assured that we will take care of it all. We are trained to help you. All you need to do is share any previous medical history with us, and allow us to take a look at your teeth so we can assess you for what work needs doing. We will consult you on everything that we find, to make sure that you feel involved at every step of the way.

orthodontics-in-harley-streetThere are always options when it comes to dentistry. Is it a perfect smile you are after? Or straighter teeth? Or a better bite? We are here to help you at our clinic in Harley Street; orthodontists and dentists are available to assist you improve your smile.

Do you treat children as well?

Yes! We are open to children and adults, of any age, in our London-based clinic. You will find us specifically in Harley Street; orthodontics is part of what we can offer for you and your children. We also specifically deal with nervous patients. Did you know that as many as one in six adults suffer from a genuine fear of going to the dentist? This is so common it actually has its own specific name- dental phobia. We are very experienced in dealing with patients who, have the misfortune of suffering with dental phobia. Be assured, if this is you or anyone you know, then we can offer a safe helping hand. Whether you know exactly what treatment you are after, or just the desired result, then we can help. Drop by Harley Street Dental Clinic or give us a call today.

Do you have a gummy smile?

When you smile, do you feel like a lot of your upper teeth are covered by your gums? or does it look as though your top teeth are shorter than your bottom ones? If so, you may have what is known as a “gummy smile”. If you’re not bothered by your gummy smile then that’s great! there are numerous celebrities who wear their gummy smile with pride, such as: Jennifer garner, Nicole Kidman and Gwen Stefani. However if you are one of those people that thinks a gummy smile negatively affects the way you look and your confidence when you smile, then there are treatments available to help.

gummy-smileCorrect that gummy smile with a Harley Street dentist

London dentist, Harley Street Dental Clinic know that many people don’t like their smile due to their gums appearing too large, or their top teeth appearing too small. They know that it can lower the self-esteem of many people and have a treatment that may help. Our Harley Street dentist offers a gum Lift treatment to its patients who have a gum line that’s either too low or too high. The Harley Street dentist usually reshapes the gum line using a pain free laser, this either reduces or increases the length of the gums giving a more natural aesthetically pleasing smile. in some cases, surgery may be required to remove some gum tissue and bone in order to achieve that perfect smile. The Harley Street dentist says there is usually a little bit of swelling after treatment but in most cases the results are immediate and you won’t even have to take the day off work! Amazing! Some more extensive treatments may require a different method of gum lift, if this is the case the dentist will discuss the recovery time with you.

If your confidence is affected by your smile, don’t suffer any longer. Speak to the Harley Street dentist about your options for a gum lift, it’s possible that you could get the smile you’ve always wanted with a relatively simple procedure. Contact The Harley Street Dental Clinic – One of the UK’s leading dental clinics, to find out more.

Small changes can make a huge difference to your smile

Many people think that treatment with a Harley Street cosmetic dentist is going to involve a major mouth overhaul, requiring many hours in the dentist’s chair and many pounds out of the bank account.

harley-street-cosmetic-dentistBut here at Harley Street Dental Clinic, we believe that such a treatment with the cosmetic dentist does not have to be a huge endeavour. Even just a very small change can make a huge difference to the impact of your smile, and that can have wonderful knock-on effects for your self-esteem and even your health.

Procedures available from our cosmetic dentists, which do not have to cost the earth, can be as simple as teeth whitening procedures. As we grow older, our teeth can become stained and discoloured by tea, coffee, smoking, certain foods and even some medications.

At Harley Street, cosmetic dentists offer two kinds of teeth whitening. Firstly, we offer what we call Power Whitening. This is a way of whitening teeth that takes only an hour or so. The process takes place at the dentist’s clinic rather than at home. White you relax in the dentist’s chair, our Harley Street cosmetic dentist places a barrier of your gum and lips to protect them. The dentist then covers your teeth with a special gel. The whitening process is activated when the Harley Street cosmetic dentist switches on a special lamp. The whitening process takes about one hour to lighten your teeth by a few shades.

If you prefer, we can also assist you in whitening your teeth at home. Firstly, we take impressions of your upper and lower jaws so that we can make special trays tailored to your own, unique mouth. Then, for the next two weeks or so, you wear the tray for a few hours, once you have filled it with whitening gel.

Some people use a combination of both options, and the cosmetic dentist in Harley Street can help guide to the right option for you when you come in for a consultation. Seeing the Harley Street cosmetic dentist will help you understand what kind of results you can expect, based on the nature of the staining on your teeth, and your initial natural tooth colour.

Create that perfect first impression with a dazzling smile from a Harley Street dentist

They say that people make their minds up about you within the first ten seconds of meeting you, which is why having a beautiful smile is so important in today’s busy world.

Here at Harley Street Dental Clinic in London, we work to the very highest standards of customer care. We believe that people work best in collaboration, and that is why we work with you and listen to your needs when you come to our dental clinic for general and cosmetic dentistry.

dazzling-smileWhatever your needs are, our dental clinic is sure to find the dentist for you. We have a team of 16 Harley Street dentists, all of whom adhere to the strict guideline for professional practice set by the General Dental Council.

A fast-growing area of dentistry is treatment to enhance the appearance of a patient’s smile. There have been great technological advances in cosmetic dentistry that make it increasingly possible for people to resolve issues such as chipped and broken teeth, bad positioning, staining and even teeth that are either too long or too short.

We have a range of treatments that can help you create the perfect smile for you. Treatments with one of our dentists in Harley Street include:

White composite fillings to treat new cavities or replace existing amalgam fillings.

  • Teeth whitening, an increasingly popular treatment which is safest and best when carried out under the care of a dental professional.
  • Porcelain veneers, which slip over and cover broken, stained or misaligned teeth.
  • Cosmetic dentures, which match your gums and allow you to choose the colour, shape and style of your artificial teeth.
  • Gum lifts, which use lasers to reshape the gums if you have a gummy smile with little or no bleeding.
  • Dental implants, which provide permanent solutions to missing teeth by screwing into the jaw bone.

We also offer Smile makeovers, which is more than one cosmetic dentistry treatment, and full mouth rehabilitations.

All of our cosmetic dentistry treatments are carried out by our experienced and skilled team of cosmetic dentists in Harley Street, which is designed to make you feel comfortable, welcomed and relaxed as you receive experienced and professional dental care.