Silver to White Fillings

There was a time when, if you found yourself needing a filling, the only option was to have one made of metal amalgam. Metal fillings are very strong and durable, but on the down side are also very obvious, particularly if the tooth that needs filling is near the front of your mouth.

white-fillingsFortunately, times have changed and white or tooth-coloured fillings are now far more common.

White fillings have been around for many years, but were for some time considered less strong than metal amalgam fillings, so not suitable for the back teeth where the strongest chewing forces are exerted. However, improvements in both materials and techniques now means that white fillings are considered almost as strong as metal amalgam, and thanks to the range of materials used are suitable for use anywhere in the mouth.

Many white fillings are made from a composite resin material. As well as being strong, this material will be closely matched to the natural shade of your teeth by your dentist, meaning they will blend in seamlessly and will not be obvious. You should remember that this type of material will not be affected by tooth whitening products, so you should speak to your dentist first if you are also thinking about having teeth whitening treatment.

For larger cavities, we are able to create porcelain restorations using our Cerec 3D porcelain milling machine. This option provides strength and longevity, and again your dentist will closely match the colour of porcelain to the natural shade of your teeth for maximum discretion.

Many patients come to us with grey-coloured metal amalgam fillings that they would like replaced with tooth-coloured fillings. While we would never recommend a treatment just for the sake of it, if your metal fillings are old, worn or unsightly, making you shy about smiling, we may be able to remove them and replace them with a strong and durable tooth-coloured alternative.