Ways a dentist can make over your smile

A cosmetic dentist enjoys nothing more than seeing how a smile makeover can transform a patient’s self-esteem. Harley Street Dental Clinic is lucky to have a uniquely-skilled team of dentists and dental professionals, all of whom like working together to create the perfect smile for every patient.

cosmetic-dentistry-belfastIf you are unhappy with your current smile, you may be surprised to learn that you are not alone. More than 90% of the UK population feels uncomfortable smiling in photographs because they dislike some aspect of their current smile. Complaints range from stained or discoloured teeth to badly misaligned smiles and even missing teeth. Whatever your issue with your smile, why not come into Harley Street Dental Clinic to find out more about how your dentist can help?

Cosmetic dentistry was once only available to Hollywood superstars, but thanks to advances in techniques and materials coupled with a growing demand among the general public, treatment from a cosmetic dentist is more popular and more readily available than ever before.

Cosmetic dental treatments at our Harley Street clinic

When you come in for a cosmetic dentistry consultation at our Harley Street dental practice, your dentist will spend the time getting to know a bit about you and what you like and/or dislike about your current smile, as well as what the ideal results of treatment would be.

Your dentist will then undertake a complete clinical examination, taking into account far more than just your teeth and gums. To create the perfect smile, factors such as facial structure, hair colour, and lifestyle will be taken into account. At the end of your consultation your dentist will discuss the pros and cons of all available treatments with you, enabling you to make an informed choice. Only once you are completely happy and have answers to all your questions will your practitioner draw up a treatment plan.

Popular treatments at Harley Street Dental Clinic include:

Teeth whitening – With a dentist, this is a safe and predictable way to remove tooth stains.

Porcelain veneers – A fast, minimally-invasive way to make over a smile.

Discreet orthodontics – Subtle methods of teeth straightening.