What a cosmetic dentist can do for patients with missing teeth

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, our cosmetic dentists have many options available for patients who have suffered tooth loss. From standard bridges to replace a single missing tooth to a full-mouth restoration using dental implants, our skilled team of dentists and prosthodontists will work together to create the perfect solution for you if you have lost one or more teeth.

cosmetic-dentist-hsdcThere are many causes of tooth loss, and the experienced team here at Harley Street will create the ideal treatment plan to suit your wants and needs, treating any medical problems such as periodontitis (advanced gum disease) that have led to you losing one or more teeth, and providing replacements that are both aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

What are my options from a cosmetic dentist?

Your treatment options to replace missing teeth will depend upon a number of factors, including how many teeth you have lost, the cause of your tooth loss, and your lifestyle. When you come in for a consultation with a cosmetic dentist at our Harley Street clinic, they will carefully examine your mouth and will listen to what you want to achieve from treatment before recommending the best route forward to reach your smile goals.

In some cases, your cosmetic dentist will carry out all treatment, while in other cases they will refer you to one of their specialist colleagues, for example an implant surgeon if you require dental implants. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we are proud to offer the services of a unique and highly-skilled team of experts in many areas of dentistry all under one roof. Your dentist will draw up a treatment plan detailing any specialists – such as an implantologist or prosthodontist – who will be involved in your treatment, and will oversee your treatment from start to finish.