What your dentist can do to replace missing teeth

Your dentist has many options to replace missing teeth. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we believe that it is always a good idea to replace lost teeth, not least because having gaps in your mouth can damage your confidence in your smile and your self-esteem. However, there are other health reasons why you should replace any missing teeth.

replace missing teethTeeth may be lost through gum disease or tooth decay, accident or injury. Whatever the reason, there are many options available to your dentist to provide you with a new tooth or teeth. This is important because any remaining teeth are prone to try to move into gaps left by missing teeth. In the process they can become crooked and harder to clean, which then increases your risk of plaque build-up, tooth decay and gum diseases – and, ultimately, further tooth loss.

Even one missing tooth increases the strain put on your remaining teeth when you bite and chew food, whilst several or all missing teeth can seriously impact upon your ability to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. Nobody wants to be stuck on a soft food diet for the rest of their life, with many favourite foods off the menu. That’s why at our Harley Street clinic we recommend you see a dentist as soon as possible after tooth loss.

Treatment options

The best treatment for you will depend on several factors, including how many teeth you have lost, your general dental health, and your personal wishes. These are the options available at our Harley Street practice:


Bridges usually comprise a precious metal base and a porcelain tooth or teeth. They may be supported by wings or crowns on adjacent teeth, or by dental implants. Bridges can replace one, two or several adjacent missing teeth.


Dentures may be full or partial, and can be made from a range of materials.

Dental implants

Dental implants replace the root portion of a tooth and can support dentures, bridges or single crowns.