Why Invest In Cosmetic Dentistry

It has become an increasingly visual world. It seems as though every place we look, someone famous is getting their lips done or their waist trained. Not that this is an altogether negative mindset. It just goes to show how access to cosmetically-enhancing opportunities has gotten so much better over the past few years.

cosmetic dentistryCosmetic dentistry is one of those modern treatments continuously giving people more reasons to feel happier and more confident about their appearance. As a cosmetic dentist on Harley Street, we offer many of these treatments.

While Hollywood-bright smiles may not be the crowd favourite anymore, there’s much to be said about the confidence-boosting, anti-ageing effect of bright, perfectly balanced teeth.

Brits Value Smiles Most, Research says

The public has spoken: when it comes to first impressions, nothing beats a nice, bright smile. A research by the British Health Foundation says a smile is the first thing noticed by Brits when meeting or introduced to new people. They have also ranked teeth as the most important body feature compared to body type, face, hair and height.

Unfortunately, 58% of the respondents admit to being unhappy with their smiles. The biggest reason for this discontent is ‘discoloured’ teeth, while ‘crooked’ ranks second.

A Bright Smile: more than just confidence-booster

‘A smile makes you look successful’, says an American study. In a group of female respondents, those who smile more tend to cope better with challenges, are more competent, and have happier marriages and greater well-being – than those who are unsmiling and withdrawn.

It is not that difficult to find the connection. Smiling is a typical expression of positive affect. If we will go with that line of reasoning, those who can do it often must live a higher-quality life than those who cannot.

When the lips part to smile, discoloured, chipped or missing teeth will come into view. The study says these are some of the biggest reasons some people are not keen smilers.

It becomes a vicious cycle. The more people avoid it, the more susceptible they are to negative emotions, which create negative experiences. On the flip side, the more people smile, the happier and more confident they tend to be.

If you cover up your smile, you may be holding yourself back in more ways than you realise. Life is much more challenging for patients who are self-conscious about their teeth that they cannot simply venture into the act.

Consult Harley Street Dental Clinic to discuss your concerns and potential corrections. Through cosmetic dentistry, we can address various dental problems – from discoloured and crooked teeth to gummy smiles.