Why it’s important to visit your dentist regularly

Regular appointments with a dentist are essential to maintaining good oral health. At Harley Street Dental Practice we recommend patients visit us for a general dental check-up every six months. In some cases it may be necessary to visit more frequently, and you should always follow your dentist’s advice to ensure your mouth stays in good health.

visit-your-dentist-regularlyEven if you think your teeth are in excellent condition, you should maintain regular check-up appointments. Your dentist can spot any problems even before you have noticed any symptoms yourself, and the early we can begin treatment, the quicker and less traumatic it is likely to be.

We are committed to preventative dentistry at our Harley Street clinic, helping to stop problems before they start. Your dentist can check for any early signs of decay or gum disease and can recommend the best course of action to take before these issues become serious.

When you come for your first appointment with a dentist at Harley Street Dental Clinic, they will take a detailed dental and medical history.

It is vital for your clinician to be aware of any pre-existing conditions you may have or medications you may be taking, as these can sometimes affect your treatment options.

They will carry out a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and surrounding structures, including taking x-rays as necessary to aid with diagnosis. If any treatment is needed, they will provide you with all the options and will draw up a treatment plan. You may be treated by the same dentist or referred to one of their specialist colleagues, depending on your need. We have many dental specialists under one roof at our Harley Street clinic.

Your clinician will also provide advice on maintaining good oral health at home, including tooth brushing techniques and the effects of diet on your teeth.