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Invisalign Braces

Does your smile need a lift? Do you want to straighten your teeth but not have to go through the discomfort of wearing noticable braces in public? Well now you can with Invisalign braces!

Clear and removable,with Invisalign braces it is now possible to correct your smile without anyone noticing that you have braces on! In fact all they will ever notice will be your beautiful smile!

What are Invisalign braces?

In recent times, there has been a significant significant advances in the field of dental practice. Research in the field of dental practice has provided people with newer, better and comparatively painless methods of treatments.
Invisalign brace is one such marvel that promises to bring a smile to many faces.

Invisalign braces are orthodontic fittings that are used to correct a number of dental problems like cross-bites, crowding, gaps and crooked or misaligned teeth.  They are being used as an alternative to dental braces both by cosmetic dentists as well as orthodontists.

Traditional metal braces have always been an integral part of dental practice and till recently they weren’t many other choices. But wearing metal braces is not only unsightly but keeping them clean and maintain them is also a job in itself. 
As opposed to these Invisalign braces are clear and nearly impossible to detect, removable and not high-maintenance.
Nevertheless, they are very effective when it comes to correcting dental problems and take about 6 months to a year in doing so.

Advantages if Invisalign braces

The obvious advantage of wearing an Invisalign brace is that it goes unnoticed, making it a very good choice people who want to correct their smile without going through the inconveniene of wearing visible braces.

These are also more comfortable and flexible. Clinically, they cause less damage to the gums and supporting soft tissue of the oral cavity when compared to traditional braces.

Orthodontic treatments can create their own set of problems for patients. From causing the roots of the teeth to shorten to de-mineralization and at times even decay of tooth. Such problems usually occur because many types of fittings cannot be taken out before eating or for cleaning which is not the case with Invisalign braces.With Invisalign braces, patients keep changing their set of aligners every two weeks as a part of the treatment process.

Aligners keep reducing their force with every progressive week and therefore cause less discomfort compared to fixed appliances like metal braces.

Getting Invisalign at the Harley street dental clinic, London

As one of the oldest dental practices in London, the Harley Street Dental Clinic has some of the best orthodontists working as its principal dentists. After having established a name for itself in areas of dental practice such as orthodontics, endodontics and prosthodontics, the Harley Street Dental Clinic is fast becoming popular in the field of cosmetic dentistry in London.

Before beginning treatment with Invisalign braces, our dentists at the Harley Street in London conduct a complete assessment of the patient’s oral health conditions. Using latest computerized technology and 3D modeling our dentists create custom made Invisaligns to fit each individual patient to a ‘T’. The process of Getting Invisalign braces is different from getting regular metal braces. At the Harley Street Dental Clinic, our dentists take dental impressions and a series of x-rays and photographs of the patient’s teeth from various angles. These are then put through a CT scan, which then uses this information to generate a 3D digital model of the teeth, which is used to create a simulation of how the teeth will be moved into their final position. With this 3D model and simulation in hand an Invisalign brace can now be customized to fit the patient flawlessly. Average treatment time using Invisalign braces is somewhere between 6-12 months, depending upon the complexity of the case.

Our unparalleled reputation in the field of dental practice, in and around London makes us a good choice for anyone seeking quality dental care in Europe. At the Harley Street Dental Clinic, our dentists are constantly working towards delivering to you, your dream of a perfect smile as PAINLESSLY as possible


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