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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry Harley Street
Laser Training screen

The field of dentistry is always changing, as technology improves so do the solutions for patient problems. One of the most exciting areas for this has been laser dentistry. Harley Street Dental Clinic invest in the treatments we are able to offer our patients by using the latest and best equipment and methods. This can mean researching the newest developments such as lasers.

Laser dentistry at Harley Street Dental Clinic has a range of applications which our patients benefit from, such as preventative gum treatments and oral hygiene. Many treatments can be enhanced through the use of lasers, and they also offer a more comfortable patient journey - removing the need for drills.

Nervous patients will particularly prefer laser dentistry, as the sound of noisy drills is often a considerable part of their fear and anxiety.

Lasers are quieter and also more precise, meaning our dentist can treat the issue more directly with less damage to the patient's teeth and gums.

LiteTouch™ Laser
Visit your dentist without fear!

LiteTouch™ is the groundbreaking next-generation Erbium:YAG dental laser from Light Instruments Ltd., for both hard and soft tissue dental treatments. With the LiteTouch™, dentists achieve better clinical results and their patients benefit from an overall improved experience and shorter healing time.

Lite Touch
  • Best and friendliest alternative to the dreaded drill
  • Quick treatments
  • Faster healing
  • Fewer needles
  • Zero anxiety

Since the launch of LiteTouch™, dental practitioners and patients alike have changed the way they perceive dental procedures and treatments in terms of treatment duration, pain and the recovery and healing process.

LiteTouch™ uses its powerful light to destroy the cavity, and your dentist doesn't have to use the drill or give you an injection! The laser feels like a water spray in your mouth. All you hear is a slight tingling sound of the laser as it makes its way to remove tooth decay!

Laser Dentistry Harley Street

FAQs about LiteTouch™ Laser Dentistry
What's so special about the laser in dental treatments?

LiteTouch™ removes and heals all dental tissue with the energy of light. The focused light produced by the LiteTouch™ laser is rapidly absorbed by the tissues of the oral cavity. When treating caries and other dental afflictions, the laser removes the decay very gently, leaving more of the healthy tooth unaffected.

Why is laser better than the drill?

For as long as it's been used, the dental drill has been dreaded by patients due to the strong discomfort it can cause. Vibrations, pain, frequent anesthesia injections, and the tool's lack of precision, have cause many people to delay their next visit to the dentist, sometimes resulting in regrettable complications. Innovative LiteTouch™ treatment offers patients the latest in dental laser technology, allowing for treatment with significantly fewer side effects. The laser light targets the unhealthy tissue precisely and efficiently, while patients experience only a gentle tapping sound.

Is anesthesia still required with laser dentistry?

In most cases, LiteTouch™ eliminates the need for anesthesia, allowing for quicker treatments. Also, the dentist can treat a number of teeth and work in different parts of the mouth all during a single visit.

Is the laser safe?
Laser Safe

Dental laser treatments have been available worldwide for many years now, and have gained wide acceptance by practitioners, academics and regulatory agencies as effective and safe. In many cases, as has been proven by clinical research in leading institutions, the enhanced accuracy, coupled with LiteTouch™'s disinfecting effects, contribute to significantly safer and more efficient treatments when compared with the traditional drill method.

So what can this laser do other than treat tooth decay?

Dentists use LiteTouch™ efficiently in all areas of dentistry, including root canal treatment, gum surgery and implantology. Your dentist will be happy to discuss your options for further treatments using the LiteTouch™ dental laser.

If you would like to book an appointment, or to speak to us about Laser Dentistry, call our friendly team at Harley Street Dental Clinic or send us an email.

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