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Establishing a good dental health routine in early childhood increases the chances of better dental health for life. That includes regular visits to the dentist. Bringing a young child to the dentist helps them to see the experience as an everyday occurrence and nothing to be frightened of. It also helps them to be aware of the importance of brushing their teeth and of other good preventative habits, and helps us to diagnose any problems as early as possible.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we recommend seeing children from the age of 12 months onwards. Our paediatric dental specialist is Professor Raman Bedi, who is the chairman of the Global Child Dental Fund and co-chair of a global expert committee on caries management and prevention. He leads the specialist children's dental team at our practice.

Professor Bedi takes the time and care to build up a rapport with young patients, speaking to them as well as their parents and building a relationship of trust, so that visits to the dentist become fun.

There is much media coverage of dentists' concerns about the level of tooth decay in young children in the UK. As well as being painful and distressing for children, research has linked untreated dental decay in youngsters to health problems including heart disease and diabetes. Therefore it is vital that you bring your child to visit the dentist regularly and help them to establish a good home-care routine.

We provide a full range of children's dental services including an international childhood caries clinic that helps young children who have extensive decay. A full-mouth rehabilitation for these young children is available. Our philosophy is that every child deserves a healthy mouth, and we constantly work towards a cavity-free future for all of our child patients. No child should have untreated cavities.

For children who do need fillings, we use a laser, which makes the process more comfortable by avoiding vibrations and high-pitched noises.

When treatment is too extensive or difficult to undertake at the clinic our specialists will treat these special cases under general anaesthesia at the Cromwell Hospital, with all the necessary facilities.

Laser Dentistry for Kids

Laser dentistry at Harley Street Dental Clinic is our way of ensuring that children have an even more comfortable experience when visiting our dentists in W1.

The benefits of using laser dentistry are:

  • Fast Recovery
  • Kills Germs
  • Less Pain
  • Perfect for Kids
  • No Drills
  • Fewer Injections & Less Anaesthesia
  • No Vibration
  • Shorter Treatment
  • Preserves Healthy Tooth Structure

Find out more about Laser Dentistry here. Or watch the video below.

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