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Smile Makeover

Are your uneven teeth reducing your confidence? Do you feel you can do better romantically, with whiter teeth? Have you ever wanted pearly whites like a fashion model? If yes, then a smile makeover by one of our leading cosmetic dentists may be exactly what you have been looking for.

At The Harley Street Dental Clinic in central London, we are experts in creating stunning smile makeovers that give our patients the beautiful dazzling teeth they have always wanted. There are many reasons why an individual may want a smile makeover. Whether for aesthetic purposes or functional needs, a smile makeover can be a great investment. The cosmetic dentists at The Harley Street Dental Clinic understand that your smile is highly valued, and will do their utmost to create the best smile makeover for you.

The Smile Makeover Process

  1. Initial Assessment: Theappointed cosmetic dentist at our clinic in Londonwill first review the shape, colour, size and alignment of a your teeth and discuss what you personally wish to achieve with you in depth. He or she will also check your general oral health, facial proportions and hair colour to ensure your smile makeover is best tailored to your individual needs.
  2. Recommendation: Depending on the initial review, your appointed cosmetic dentist will recommend the best range of cosmetic dentistry options for you in accordance with your requirements. This may include treatments such as laser teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, clear braces, bridges or crowns.
  3. Computer Imaging Technology: You will be able to view how your smile makeover will look through a 3D computer-aided smile design. Your cosmetic dentist will go through the imagery with you in depth to ensure the treatment plan that is developed is best suited to your individual needs.
  4. Defining a Treatment Plan: Depending on your stated requirements and the detailed assessment which our cosmetic dentist will conduct; he or she will devise the most suitable treatment plan to achieve your desired results.
  5. Treatment Appointments: In accordance with the treatment plan an appointment schedule will be formulated by your cosmetic dentist, so the necessary cosmetic dentistry procedures can be performed as required.
  6. Temporary Template: If your smile makeover requires veneers to be placed, then your cosmetic dentist will take teeth impressions to create temporary 3D templates. These models are used to test the aesthetics and function of the veneers, before the final veneers are bonded to the teeth.

An attractive smile can not only increase your confidence, but also help make you look many years younger. At The Harley Street Dental Clinic in London, we have an experienced team of highly qualified cosmetic dentists who specialise in performing smile makeovers utilising the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry. Alongside generating the best results for our patients we are focused on ensuring maximum patient comfort through our commitment to providing pain free dentistry.

The Harley Street Dental Clinic is one of UK's leading Smile Makeover Clinics, and can be contacted on 02074861059, or info@hsdc.net.

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