A brighter smile with teeth whitening in Harley Street

Having discoloured teeth can cause people to be more self-conscious about their smile and lead them to smile less. This can lead to devastating consequences to their social, romantic and business ventures where our smiles tend to be something of a first impression and tell a lot about our personality and mood.


Teeth staining can be from a number of things, including foods that we eat and beverages that we drink. It also can indicate something about the health of our teeth as well as our age. Teeth generally yellow with age and this is due to the thinning of your enamel which indicates strength and health.

By using teeth whitening in Harley Street, you are not only improving the appearance of your smile by removing stains, you are also allowing a more youthful appearance to your smile by negating the effects of ageing on your teeth.

How does teeth whitening in Harley Street work?

We offer two different kinds of teeth whitening in Harley Street. Firstly, zoom whitening is performed in the dental chair by a professional. A gel is placed directly on the teeth with a protective barrier on the lips and gums to protect them from burning of the bleach substance that is used. A UV light is then directed onto your teeth which has the gel on them which will activate the bleaching process. After an hour, results are seen.

This option is great for those people who have an important event coming up and they want to look their best. You can see immediate results and with proper care, especially after the first 48 hours, you can retain these results for a long time to come.

Why are the first 48 hours so important and what should I do?

Immediately after your treatment, it is best to avoid consuming anything that would stain your teeth as they are more susceptible to picking up this colouration after the bleaching process.

This means that you should do your best to avoid drinking tea, coffee or red wine and avoid eating foods such as curry or anything else that is likely to stain.

What is the other whitening treatment available?

Home whitening is exactly what the name suggests, it is a treatment that is designed to be safe to use in the comfort of your own home. Generally you use it overnight by placing a tray in your mouth with the gel being applied to the tray.

We also offer the Enlighten whitening system that is one of the easiest treatments to use. Please get in touch with us to discuss the availability of this option.

We can offer a combination of treatments to ensure that the end result is as phenomenal as can possibly be. Upon initial consultation, we look to see the degree of staining and discolouration that your teeth have so that we can look at the different solutions that are available to you and recommend the best possible options. This way, you can be confident in the process and the results that can be expected.