A guide to lip fillers from Harley Street

Looking for a way to refresh your appearance?


At Harley Street Dental, we provide lip fillers Harley Street to rejuvenate your face without the inconvenience of surgery.

Here, our team provides a brief guide to lip fillers Harley Street.

The filler

Before we inject your lip fillers Harley Street, we will numb the area with a local anaesthetic to ensure that you don’t feel any discomfort.

The fillers that we use at our surgery are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring protein in the body that, when injected under the skin, plumps it up and smooths out any fine lines and wrinkles.

Not only that, but hyaluronic acid has also been linked to the production of collagen under the skin which prolongs the effects of these injections.

The injections

As mentioned before, when we inject the fillers, we will numb the area first; while we are certain that our team will be gentle, we want to ensure that you are comfortable for the entire procedure.

Depending on the amount of filler we use, you will be able to see the results immediately. It is common after the injections to experience some minor swelling and bruising, so don’t be concerned if when you leave our surgery your lips look a bit swollen.

It is highly unlikely that you will experience an allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid, as it is a naturally occurring protein. However, if your lips feel excessively sore or bruised, if you are having problems breathing or you feel dizzy, please seek emergency medical treatment.


The aftercare for these fillers is very much the same as the aftercare for general dermal fillers.

But of course, as you use your lips to eat food and talk, it is a bit more tricky!

Try not to apply too much pressure to your lips after the injections have been applied, as this can cause them to move out of position.

Also, refrain from excessive exercise for 24 hours, along with attending a sauna or any other activities that can make you sweat. Such things increase blood flow, which can dislodge the fillers and cause them to move, shortening the effect that they have on your lips.

If you feel that the area is sensitive, gently apply an ice pack to it.

If necessary, take over-the-counter pain relief, but avoid ibuprofen and aspirin, as these can thin the blood and worsen the bruising.


If you have an active autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, then you should discuss this with our team before having fillers injected. This is because the medication used to treat autoimmune diseases can slow the body’s response time, meaning it can take longer to heal and increase the risk of infection.

If you suffer from severe allergies, it is also worth discussing these with our team before having the injections.


Depending on your lifestyle and your age, your dermal fillers can last anywhere between 6-9 months. To promote longevity, we recommend avoiding smoking or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and that you maintain a healthy lifestyle.