Are you looking for dental implants in Harley Street?

Dental implants might be necessary if you have lost one or more of your teeth. Here at Harley Street Dental Clinic, we may be able to help you to get your smile back to the way you want it to be.


Losing a tooth or teeth can be an incredibly inconvenient and uncomfortable experience, however it is quite a common condition. The prevalence of tooth loss increases with age. This is due to the natural aging process of the teeth and the surrounding tissue. Tooth loss can occur for a variety of other reasons as well, for example tooth decay, also known as caries.

Tooth decay is a result of bacterial overgrowth in the mouth. When the naturally occurring bacteria in the oral cavity overgrow, the acids they secrete as a result of their metabolism cause the decay and degradation of the teeth’s mineral content. This results in tooth decay and cavities. If the tooth decay has reached the pulp tissue or the root of the teeth it can become loose, which may result in the tooth falling out. If tooth decay has affected teeth to this extent the damage can become irreversible and the extraction of the affected tooth might be required.

Despite its high prevalence, tooth decay is a preventable condition. The main cause of tooth decay is a diet high in simple sugars coupled with poor oral hygiene. Eating a diet containing smaller amounts of simple sugars, regularly brushing and flossing teeth and occasionally using an antibacterial mouthwash may help prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Another cause of tooth decay are gum diseases. Gum diseases involve the chronic inflammation of the gum and the surrounding tissues. Inflammation is a sign of the immune system trying to fight off invaders by increasing blood flow at the location of the infection, thus increasing the amount of white blood cells locally, which are important in natural defence mechanisms against pathogens. Chronic inflammation however is pathological, and can damage the body itself.

When gingivitis is present in patients, accumulated plaques of bacteria and food debris are perceived as invaders by the body, which results in chronic inflammation. As this condition progresses the connective tissue between the teeth and the surrounding tissues degrades, and the tooth can become loose which results in eventual tooth loss. The conditions mentioned before require dental implants. If you need dental implants our team in Harley Street can provide you with excellent quality dental implants.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are metal appliances that act as the root of the artificial teeth for replacing lost teeth. Unlike older methods of tooth replacement, dental implants grow into the jawbone during a process known as osseointegration, which allows dental implants to be very stable, long lasting and to withstand large amounts of pressure when chewing. If you are looking to get dental implants in Harley Street, we can help you to get back to your normal daily routine of being able to eat and chew without difficulty. When getting dental implants in Harley Street, you can choose between getting it under the effect of local anaesthetics or in sedation, if you have any signs of odontophobia or dental anxiety. The treatments we offer range from single tooth implantation to full mouth restoration. Even if certain dentists evaluated you as unable to receive dental implants, it might be possible that we can help by implementing bone grafting techniques or sinus lifts.