Beating your fear of the dentist to get back to health with a dentist in Harley Street

Are you scared of the dentist? Harley Street Dental Clinic is here to tell you thatyou are not alone – in fact, one in ten UK adults is so scared of dentists and dental surgeries that they neglect to go to regular check-ups. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we understand the needs of nervous dental patients, and have a number of methods of working with you to help you beat your fear and get back to full oral health.

dentist-in-harley-streetFear of the dentist has many causes. Some people have endured a bad experience during childhood, which has been enough to put them off dental treatment for life. At our Harley Street clinic we have a dedicated team of paediatric dentists, who are highly experienced in working with young patients, ensuring they feel safe and comfortable at all times, and helping to reduce the chances they will be scared of the dentist as an adult.

Other people fear they may be judged for having less than perfect dental health, whilst some can identify specific triggers – the sound of the drill, the sight of a needle, the feel of a Latex glove. Others still can’t pinpoint an exact cause of their dental anxiety.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic we will never judge anyone if their teeth and gums are less than perfect. We know that this would be counterproductive and could end up making their fear of the dentist worse. Instead, we will work closely and compassionately with you to find the best route to treatment.

We are happy to talk through your concerns at any time – nervous patients can have their first appointment in the form of a friendly chat, away from the dentist’s chair, where you can discuss your fears. Dentistry has advanced a great deal in recent years, and many people who haven’t seen a dentist in decades are surprised how much things have changed.

You can use in-chair entertainment – such as listening to music or watching a DVD – during treatment, and if you need extra help to relax Harley Street Dental Clinic also offers various forms of dental sedation. With all the best techniques available to phobic patients, we hope that you visit our dentist in Harley Street.