Can you see dental implants Harley Street?

Some of the more common questions that are asked of us when we talk to a patient who is considering receiving dental implants Harley Street is one that revolves around their appearance once the treatment is complete.


They want to know whether the implants are noticeable or if the crowns that we use are as functional as their original teeth once were.

We can confidently say that through a lot of advanced technology and by our constant insistence to use only the best of materials that the dental implants Harley Street that you can enjoy are realistic in both function and appearance.

The materials that we use are long-lasting and durable, both internally and externally, with a titanium metal rod being inserted into the jawbone, a material that naturally bonds with the bone, and a visible tooth material that can withstand biting and chewing with ease.

The crown will be shaped to fit your mouth perfectly, with a great emphasis on what would look and feel best for your smile. We consider shape, colour and size and can choose from a vast range of options, allowing your replacement tooth to look and feel just like your natural ones.

How does the procedure work?

We first need to establish whether you are suitable for dental implants Harley Street, which most people are but some, who have underlying health conditions or are too young, may not be. If you have some further complications regarding a lack of density in your jaw bone, then we can offer you an additional treatment to improve this before continuing on with this treatment.

As each individual’s treatment is vastly different, it is imperative that you speak with us about any concerns or questions that you might have surrounding this very versatile tooth replacement option so that you can be provided with up to date bespoke advice and guidance.

Replacing teeth in this way can be offered to individuals who have lost a single tooth or those who have worn dentures for decades and are looking for a way to stabilize them. Because we can work with so many unique situations, it is difficult to explain how a single procedure would work.

In general, however, a titanium rod is inserted directly into the jaw bone at the site where an implant is best designed to fit. We use digital tools to pinpoint this exact location, ensuring that you benefit from maximum comfort and minimal healing time.

With the assistance of such technology, we can assure our patients of a success rate for this treatment of upwards of 98%. This gives you the confidence that you need to feel positive about this change and look forward to more experiences where you do not need to concern yourself about the appearance and functionality of your smile.

If this sounds appealing to you, do not hesitate to get in touch. We have the skills to ensure that your unique situation is worked with compassionately and correctly so that you can enjoy the journey as well as the result.