Harley Street Dental Practice

If you are looking for a dental practice, in W1 London then we would like to alert you to Harley Street Dental Clinic. We pride ourselves on being the ultimate family practice, somewhere where the entire family can receive dental treatment. Our main concern is caring for the patient, which is why we are so focused on our general dentistry services, and emergency services.

Dental Practice in W1Check-Ups

Most importantly, a check-up can provide key information on problems before they begin, so they can be averted with simple treatment techniques. We aim to treat any problem from large to small, however it is also our aim to care for our patients, which means ensuring that many trips to the dentist are not needed.

Emergency Dental Care

If you are in need of emergency dental care and need a place fast to receive treatment, our dental practice in W1 is an option. Please call your dentist. It is crucial that after a dental injury, such as a tooth being chipped or cracked, or a tooth being knocked out, that you see a dentist as soon as possible, as this can have a bearing on the severity of the aftermath. We are open six days a week and will try to accommodate you with any form of injury as quickly as possible.

Cosmetic Care

If you have not been recently injured, or damaged your teeth, however you want to improve the appearance of your teeth, then we can provide a range of services that will improve the quality of your smile. Dental implants provide a fantastic solution to gaps or broken teeth, by replacing the root with an artificial foundation. Titanium screws are placed directly into the jawbone and provide a strong support to your new tooth. Aside from the aesthetic issue, missing teeth can provide many problems, such as issues with chewing, and wearing down other teeth, which may become overused due to the lack of support. We provide single tooth implants, and full-mouth restoration to provide greater comfort in doing the things we take for granted in normal life.


Prosthodontics is the practice of replacing and/or repairing teeth, to restore their natural function. This is mostly in the case of teeth wearing down because of age. As the lifespan of humans is increasing, so does the duration of teeth, which means that tooth wear is becoming more of a problem. With a consultation, we will be able to provide guidance on which is the best path for you, and whether crowns, bridges, or dentures are the best option. We understand that losing teeth can be traumatic, which is why our dentists will ensure that you receive the clearest and most appropriate treatment that they can deliver.

When should I book my next check-up?

Our website will guide you to book a free consultation, and give you clear advice on what is right for you with our information sections. In terms of a dental practice in W1, we recognise the standards it takes to provide fantastic dental service, and strive to make the patient our number one priority.

Tailored service

Here at the Harley Street Dental Clinic, we’ve been committed to providing a standard of excellence, professionalism and care within cosmetic dentistry for over thirty years. As Harley Street is such a highly respected area for medical and dental services, steeped in rich history and notable residents in their respective fields – we try our best to provide a standard of care which is befitting our historic surroundings. It is our dental clinic philosophy that each individual patient is unique, and as such, each form of treatment and care provided ought to be catered to the specific needs and requirements of each individual patient. Rather than adopting the one-size-fits-all approach to cosmetic dentistry which is commonplace in all too many practices across the city, here at our dental clinic Harley Street Dental Clinic on Harley Street, we provide a more bespoke, tailored dental experience. We make an active effort to get to know our patients on a personal level and make their dental clinic experience with us is a truly informed and positive one.

Dental Clinic in Harey StreetBedrock of the community

Treatment from us here in Harley Street is only carried out by a dentist  whom the patient trusts and respects wholeheartedly, and only commences when the patient feels ready. Prior to seeking any treatment with us, patients must first conduct lengthy, but informal meetings and consultations with our trusted and trained in-house dentist – where the basics of each procedure are covered, and a relationship built on trust and respect is formed. Only once a patient feels comfortable and ready to proceed, do we commence with any form of treatment.

Hidden wonders

One service we offer here at Harley Street which is particularly popular is the installation of discreet dental aligners such as Invisalign. These are a cosmetic alternative to conventional methods of orthodontic realignment – such as typical metal, fused braces – often referred to as ‘train-tracks’ which are  largely uncomfortable and have a big impact on the outward appearance of patients. Invisalign is a non-invasive alternative form of treatment which utilises a custom made retainer – constructed from a patented SmartTrack plastic, chosen for it’s uniquely malleable, yet firm consistency. This retainer, when worn over the course of treatment, uses built in, specifically placed pressure points to gradually push teeth back into their correct alignment. The specifications of which would be established prior to beginning treatment by a trusted dentist of the patient’s choosing. Invisalign treatment generally lasts for around twelve months, but depends on the extent of treatment needed. One of the main attractions of Invisalign over conventional orthodontics is that, when worn, the retainer is practically invisible – and thus patients can undergo essential dental alignment discreetly, without attracting any unwanted attention from peers or colleagues. Another benefit of this method of treatment is that – unlike fused braces – the retainer is removable and as such treatment can be carried out at a time that is convenient to the patient – such as when at home, or asleep. Treatment of this nature can be massively beneficial in both restoring the smile of our patients, as well as boosting their self-esteem and renewing their confidence.

Four uncommon dental conditions that require a visit to a dental clinic in W1

Tooth decay is perhaps one of the more common reasons patients may visit a dental clinic in W1, another is gum disease. Apart from common issues dealing with teeth straightening, teeth whitening, receding gums, veneers and crowns and dental fillings, there are other dental conditions that may be compromising your oral health. It is well worth scheduling an appointment to consult with a dentist for the following conditions:Dental Clinic in W1

  1. Oral cancer

Oral cancer may not be as prevalent a dental problem as missing teeth, but it still remains a cause for concern. Risk factors of oral cancers include: sun exposure (cancer of the lip), alcohol consumption and tobacco use. Typical symptoms include: mouth sores that do not heal, persistent sore throats and pain when swallowing. Early diagnosis of the condition is critical and can be detected during regular dental check-ups.

  1. Dry mouth

Insufficient saliva in the mouth can cause discomfort, result in problems such as tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. Another important role saliva plays in the mouth is to get rid of teeth-destroying bacteria. Dry mouth can be experienced as a sticky feeling in the mouth, red tongue or a burning sensation on the tongue. There are a number of reasons for dry mouth: medication (OTC and prescription), chemotherapy and health conditions such as Sjögren’s syndrome. A dentist can monitor saliva production and offer advice on a treatment solution.

  1. Burning mouth syndrome

An exasperating dental condition mainly affecting older women is Burning Mouth Syndrome. Patients with the condition may experience a tingling sensation in the mouth, pain in the mouth and sometimes, a noticeable difference in taste. Possible causes vary from hormonal changes to fungal infections. A consultation with a dentist will help in finding the exact cause and treatment.

  1. Candidiasis or Thrush

When yeast exists in large volumes in the mouth this can give rise to the fungal infection known as Thrush. Young and elderly patients are prone to this condition as are patients with compromised immune systems. Other risk factors that can cause Thrush include wearing braces as well as dry mouth. When seeking treatment for dry mouth or on check-ups for orthodontic treatments such as braces, ask the dentist for signs of this fungal infection.

A visit to a dental clinic in W1 will ensure that there is no risk to the health of teeth and gums and that should there be signs foretelling any other issues, a clinic that provides a diverse array of dental services such as our Harley street dental clinic can provide the best course of preventative treatment.

Persistent pain in the mouth or unsightly mouth sores may be underlying symptoms of a more serious dental issue. If symptoms do not go away after a week, it is advised to consult a dentist. Regular check-ups with a dentist remain the best way to gain peace of mind that all is in order with your dental health.

How working together with your dental clinic provides the best dental care for your oral health

Did you know that patient co-operation is a critical factor that maintains dental health? As important as a dental practitioner’s skills and qualifications are, and the high standards in quality care offered at the best dental clinic in Harley Street, there are a number of behaviours that dentists require their patients to observe.  We take a look at some of the most critical factors in patient co-operation.

  1. Take responsibility for your own dental healthDental Clinic in Harley Street

Your dental health is ultimately your responsibility. This may seem obvious but dentists often find patients neglecting recommended oral care at home. Looking after your dental health, for the most part, requires you to keep your teeth and gums bacteria free by brushing teeth once in the morning and then again before going to bed. You should floss at least once a day to remove trapped food particles from in between teeth. We also like to advise patients to make healthy tooth friendly choices when it comes to their diets. Another equally important patient responsibility is to ensure you have a dentist check the condition of your teeth and gums regularly and if necessary offer professional deep cleaning and any other dental treatment available at our dental clinic in Harley Street.

  1. Try not to miss dental appointments

We know it is not always possible to keep dental appointments despite your best intentions. Work schedules change and family emergencies arise that require you to cancel your appointments. We appreciate it if patients cancel their appointments at the earliest opportunity so that another patient can make use of that time slot. We also urge our patients to reschedule their appointments for another day, preferably when calling to cancel or as soon as possible. In this way you will not forget about re-arranging that check-up or ‘scale and polish’.

  1. Arrive on time

Arrive for appointments a little earlier than the scheduled time (10 to 15 minutes before) this helps in a number of ways. You have plenty of time to fill in any paperwork necessary, especially if you are a new patient. For nervous patients this time can be used to relax before going in to see the dentist.

  1. Be open and honest

In order to provide you with the best dental care answer our questions honestly even if it means admitting that it has been years between dental check-ups or that you have not been fastidious with cleaning your teeth. We also require you to be upfront about your overall general health and any serious conditions you may have, such as diabetes and heart disease. Withholding information because you don’t want to receive treatment is an unnecessary risk – you may end up having a dental emergency down the line.

  1. Update contact details and other administrative information

Should you change your phone numbers or physical address, it is important to let us know so that we can update our records. This makes communicating with you easier and you can receive timely reminders in advance of upcoming appointments or any other important information affecting your dental care.

Make the responsible choice when it comes to your dental health. Ensure you receive the best care and treatment options. Our team of dentists at Harley Street Dental Clinic offers a range of dental services from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry.

Find relief from sensitive teeth and sensitive gums at a dental clinic in W1

Patients with sensitive gums and sensitive teeth may experience discomfort and pain and should seek professional dental care. It is important to differentiate between the two conditions in order to provide our dental practitioner with a clear understanding of where the discomfort lays. It is only with a complete understanding of what a patient is experiencing can our dentists provide the appropriate treatment solution. At our dental clinic in W1 we provide our patients with a full range of quality dental services to treat various conditions. When it comes to good dental health, we believe that patients cannot be too cautious when certain symptoms arise and the earlier a condition is detected and treated, the better.

Dental Clinic in W1How to tell between gum sensitivity and tooth sensitivity

Gum sensitivity displays symptoms that are quite distinct. As these symptoms may suggest gingivitis – an early stage of gum disease, it is imperative that a patient schedule a check-up with a dentist as soon as possible. Common symptoms include swollen gums, gums that are tender to the touch, gums that bleed easily and if a patient has bad breath. Gingivitis can develop to advanced stages of gum disease where gum recession is a major symptom. Gum sensitivity as a result of gingivitis is usually due to lack of proper oral care, but may also arise due to certain medical conditions and tobacco use.

Symptoms of tooth sensitivity are typically experienced when eating and drinking cause pain and discomfort. A patient may feel pain when eating or drinking substances that are hot, cold, sweet or acidic. Pain can also be experienced when brushing certain teeth or when flossing. Causes of tooth sensitivity vary and can include cavities, grinding teeth, worn tooth enamel, loose fillings and exposed tooth nerves.

Treatment and prevention for gum and tooth sensitivity

As gum and tooth sensitivity can place patients at risk of developing serious dental issues, seeking treatment at a dental clinic in W1 should be a top priority. Many dental conditions can be entirely preventable and treated if a patient acts responsibly does not ignore symptoms.

  • Practise good oral hygiene

This is the most common piece of dental advice many consider obvious, but which many people do not practice or it is poorly done. Patients should take care that they use the correct type of toothbrush to suit their needs; toothbrushes are available in manual and electric varieties with different sized heads and types of bristles.

Next to the toothbrush, patients need to be particular with the type of toothpaste used – fluoride is a key ingredient. Desensitizing toothpastes are also recommended to alleviate symptoms of tooth sensitivity as are fluoride gels. If not sure about what type is best, always ask a dentist for guidance.

  • Professional dental help

Seeking professional help is always the best course of action. Whether the symptoms are caused due to tooth decay, exposed nerves or fractured tooth, a dentist will be able to provide suitable treatment for relief and further preventative dentistry procedures like gum grafts in the case of gum disease.

For any painful sensitivity issues, contact Harley Street Dental Clinic for an appointment with a dentist to ensure your teeth and gums are in good health.

Moving to London and finding a new dentist

Roughly 200,000 people move to London each year, which means a lot of people need to find their new groove in the big city. That means finding their new favourite cafes, their new hairstylist, their new kebab take away, and their new dentist.

Dental Clinic in W1But finding all of these things can require a lot of trial and error and for some things, such as your dental health, error just isn’t something most people are willing to endure. That’s why you’ll want to find a dental clinic in W1 first time around that can offer you a high quality service, friendly dental team, and modern resources.

What can we offer international patients?

Our team at Harley Street Dental Clinic would be thrilled to invite any new international Londoners into our dental family. We can offer international patients a multilingual dental team, central location in London, and a modern service.

Whether you are an expat for a short amount of time, or looking to stay in London indefinitely, our dental clinic in W1 is here to provide you with a wide range of services all catered to your individual needs. While we believe in preventive dentistry, we are here to help treat any dental aches, pains, damage or disease which you may already have.

We also can provide services for the whole family. We love helping children feel comfortable visiting a dental clinic in W1 and teaching them important oral hygiene habits from a young age can prevent oral problems later in life.

We also offer cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, clear aligners for straightening your teeth and dental implants. We want everyone to enjoy their smile and feel beautiful every time they laugh.

Finding a new dentist is a top priority

Finding a new dental clinic in W1, right after moving to London, is something many people overlook, but knowing where to go in case of a dental emergency will save you time and money in the long run. It is also important to start a productive relationship with your dentist and keep up with routine check-ups to keep your oral health in good shape.

Everything you need from a dental clinic in W1

If you’ve just arrived in London and are setting up a new life in W1, one of the things on your to-do list will be to find a good dental clinic. In W1, you have the world’s most famous private medical practice street on your doorstep, and on it is Harley Street Dental Clinic. That’s us.

Dental Clinic in W1We are a private dental clinic in W1 that houses all your dental needs under one roof, which can be a real godsend if you need more than just simple routine dentistry. When you join Harley Street Dental Clinic in W1, there’s no need to ever be referred to another dentist and have to face long complicated journeys across the city for treatment.

Replacing lost teeth

Not every dental clinic can provide dental implants, for example. But at Harley Street Dental Clinic, we have Dr Sunny Kaushal. Dr Kaushal has been involved in the restorative and surgical aspects of implantology for more than 22 years and works as an implant mentor for a number of manufacturers. If you’ve been told you can’t have dental implants because you have lost too much bone, then you need to come and see Dr Kaushal, who uses techniques such as bone grafting and sinus lifts to solve the problem of bone loss.

Gum disease

Gum disease is a progressive and increasingly distressing experience that ends in tooth loss. If you have reached the latter stages of gum disease, you will know how painful it can be if your tooth roots, ligaments or jawbone are being attacked by the acids in plaque. Many dental practices send patients out for treatment for advanced gum disease, but at Harley Street Dental Clinic, we book you into see Dr Shekha Bhuva, who has been treating advanced gum disease for many years. She sits on the Council for the British Society of Periodontology.

We also have maxillofacial surgeons to hand, as well as dentists who are highly qualified to work with straightening devices and root canal therapy.

If you would like to register with us, please give us a call and ask for an initial appointment.

Gum disease and how to deal with it

Periodontitis, ordinarily known as gum disease, is a bacterial infection of the gums that can result in inflamed tissues and ultimately, tooth loss. Common symptoms include bleeding, persistent bad breath, red and swollen gums as well as loose or unstable teeth.

Dental Clinic in W1Gum disease is the number one reason for tooth loss around the world. There is also a correlation between gum disease and other health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Poor oral hygiene and smoking can also radically increase the risk of gum disease.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, your trusted dental clinic in W1, we are committed to helping our patients overcome gum disease, while preserving and strengthening their oral health. Gum disease can be easily missed because it’s not as painful as other oral health problems.

Here are some things you can to protect your gums from gum disease:

It’s all about prevention

Preventing gum disease is as important for your oral health as it is for your general health. The best way to avoid this infection in the first place is to brush and floss your teeth diligently. However, in order to achieve the best results possible, it’s important to do it correctly. At our dental clinic in W1 we can show you how to brush and floss your teeth effectively to prevent the accumulation of plaque over your teeth and gums.

Visiting the dentist regularly is also important, since they can identify signs of the disease at an early stage and prevent becoming worse. Our dental hygienist will also clean your teeth skilfully, removing any traces of hardened plaque that could potentially cause gum disease.

Smoking, on the other hand, decreases blood circulation that helps keep gums healthy, therefore facilitating the development of gum disease. Moreover, eating a balanced and nutritious diet is really important for keeping your gums healthy and strong. By following these simple yet effective rules, you can reduce your chance of infection and inflammation and ensure better overall oral health.

Learn more about our services

To learn more about gum disease and how we can help you deal with it, contact our dental clinic in W1 and we will schedule an appointment for you.

Don’t find excuses for missing your dental appointment

If you can’t remember when the last time was you sat in the dentist’s chair for a check-up or cleaning, it’s time to reconsider your priorities and see your dentist as soon as possible. In general, it is recommended to arrange dental visits at least twice a year. However, different people have different dental needs and the frequency of visiting the dentist depends on many factors such as the state of their teeth and their risk of cavities and gum disease.

Dental Clinic in W1At Harley Street Dental Clinic, your trusted dental clinic in W1, we are committed to providing great preventive dental care, constantly encouraging our patients to improve their oral health habits. Brushing and flossing are pretty standard practices for good oral health, yet they are not enough on their own.

Moreover, at our dental clinic in W1, we will examine your teeth and gums thoroughly, looking for signs of infection that are not visible with the naked eye. Oral diseases such as cavities and gum disease don’t always showcase symptoms during their early stage of development and only your dentist can tell if your teeth and gums are under attack.

Why is oral prevention so important?

Did you know that oral health infections are closely related to overall health problems? For instance, diabetic patients are more likely to develop gum disease that needs to be closely monitored.

Moreover, painful symptoms are worrying because chances are that they have already caused a significant amount of damage to your teeth.

Last but not least, preventive oral health practices and regular check-ups can save you loads of time and money in the long run.

Gum disease – an unseen enemy

Gum disease is an inflammatory condition of the gums that develops in different stages. Early-stage gum disease (gingivitis) doesn’t ache and does not exhibit significant symptoms. As a matter of fact, most people are likely to miss it. If it turns into periodontitis (advanced gum disease), immediate intervention is really important.

Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss among adults, but luckily it’s totally preventable. At our dental clinic in W1, we will keep an eye out for any symptoms every time you come in for your dental check-up.

Do you need help with your sensitive teeth?

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you know from all the products on the shelves and adverts on TV that you are not alone. In fact, about 30% of UK adults suffer from some degree of tooth sensitivity. Perhaps you think you have to live with your tooth sensitivity because it’s really not that bad. But you don’t. At least, at Harley Street Dental Clinic in London, we don’t think you do.

Dental Clinic in W1At your dental clinic in W1, we want to be able to help you resolve the problem of sensitive teeth, so you’re free to eat and drink whatever you want without fear of discomfort.

What’s causing your sensitive teeth?

The main reason that your teeth have become sensitive is that something is exposing the dentin layer below your tooth enamel. The dentin layer contains tubes filled with fluid. The current thinking is that when exposure to heat or cold causes the fluid to move in the tubes, the nerves in the tooth root are affected, and you experience sudden flashes of pain.

Things that could be causing dentin exposure include:

Erosion of your tooth enamel. When your tooth enamel is worn away, the dentin is nearer the surface of your tooth and more easily affected by temperature. This could be caused by decay, brushing too strongly, or night time tooth grinding. At the dental clinic in W1, we can check for areas where the enamel is thin or worn through.

Receding gums. When your gums recede, the tooth root becomes exposed. There is no enamel covering the tooth root, so your dentin is exposed to the air and sensitivity becomes an issue. Receding gums can be caused by gum disease or too much brushing. We can find out the cause and offer advice and treatments to deal with receding gums.

Cracks and chips. You may have sustained some other damage to the surface of your teeth that is exposing the dentin. Such damage can sometimes be covered over with veneers or cosmetic bonding.

If your sensitive teeth are stopping you from enjoying life to the full, make an appointment at Harley Street Dental Clinic in W1 and let’s see if we can put an end to tooth sensitivity.