Your dentist in Harley Street can offer several solutions

If the appearance of your teeth isn’t exactly how you want it to be, there are some options that you can take advantage of, which can have you smiling from ear to ear.


We understand how important it is to have a smile that reflects your true inner beauty. Unfortunately, many people judge casually on appearance and this can have a negative impact on your social, romantic and even business ventures in life. People with unsightly teeth can be seen as less trustworthy, less attractive and even less intelligent.

Needless to say, the way you feel about yourself also impacts on how others will think of you and subsequently treat you. If you don’t feel like you are presenting the best image of yourself and think there is a better way to be, a dentist in Harley Street can provide you with several options to perfect your smile, so that you can begin living your life more confidently.

Let’s walk through some of the options available for cosmetic dentistry that will also improve your oral health and general wellbeing too.

How can I straighten my teeth discreetly and comfortably?

Straight teeth are one of the most desirable outcomes of cosmetic dentistry and thankfully there are many different devices now available that can provide well aligned teeth for you.

By talking with your dentist in Harley Street and understanding what your personal situation is regarding the alignment of your teeth and jaw, you can begin your journey towards a straighter smile with one of several different styles of braces that are now on the market.

Fixed braces are still in popular use, owing to the fact that your dentist in Harley Street is able to have more control over the movement of your teeth. If your teeth are not overly crooked or cramped, you may be able to enjoy a more discreet and hands-off treatment plan such as removable aligners or 6 Month Smiles.

How can I whiten my teeth to enhance my smile?

You have doubtlessly heard about treatments that promise whiter and brighter smiles, with many low-grade treatments available at your local supermarket. If you are looking for good, fast results, then having a treatment in our dental practice will ensure you safely gain excellent outcomes when whitening your teeth.

Is it possible to do both at once?

If you have crooked, stained, or yellowed teeth, you may be interested in an option that allows you to have perfect, straight white teeth in as little as just a couple of appointments.

Veneers are thin shells that are placed over your natural teeth and protect them from further harm. The shells are shaped to resemble the perfect smile that you have always wanted and which frequently graces the mouths of the rich and famous. You too can enjoy the results that this treatment can offer and because they are very durable and long lasting, we are able to confidently suggest that you can use these for around a decade before there is the possibility of needing to replace them, provided that they are cared for correctly.

Let’s talk about dental anxiety

Most of us feel a flutter of nerves before seeing the dentist in Harley Street. However, these feelings don’t last, once we realise that our fears aren’t grounded in reality.


That said, dental anxiety is a real and prevalent problem that many people are afflicted with. Depending on its severity, the issue can ultimately affect your oral health.

So what advice can we give you to help you combat these feelings? Read on to find out.

What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is a crippling fear of seeing a dentist in Harley Street that results in avoidance behaviour, where you build up the idea of visiting the dental practitioner in your mind so much that you end up cancelling or not showing up for your appointment.

Dental anxiety can be caused by various factors, the main ones being a bad or traumatic healthcare experience in the past, a symptom of generalised anxiety disorder, or the fear of losing control. A fear of needles, pain, or gagging might also be contributing factors.

What are some of the symptoms I can experience with dental anxiety?

If you experience a racing heartbeat or palpitations, are drenched in sweat, and feel like you could faint, you might be experiencing dental anxiety.

This type of anxiety is severe and shouldn’t be left unchecked.

Who suffers from dental anxiety?

Anyone can be affected by dental anxiety. If you’re reading this, you probably suspect that your reaction to seeing the dentist isn’t healthy and might be seeking out ways to manage these feelings.

Is avoiding the dentist really such a bad thing?

Dental appointments are regularly scheduled because they help us to make an early diagnosis, so that we can treat potential issues in the infancy stages.

By not seeing the dentist in Harley Street as often as you should, minor issues can develop into more serious ones.

What are some of the ways I can manage anxiety?

Your first port of call is to tell us, the dental team at Harley Street Dental Clinic, that you’re anxious. Knowing this, we’ll adapt our approach and only move forward at a pace that is comfortable for you. Some patients are afraid of the unknown, which is why we believe in communicating what we’re doing when we’re doing it, so that you’re always in the know.

There are also some other techniques you can employ, which may help to a certain degree. These include a number of well known relaxation methods.

Distract yourself by listening to music

The shrill sounds of dentistry equipment are enough to put anyone on edge and are a known trigger for people with dental anxiety.

Listening to calming tunes or your favourite tunes could distract you from your nerves.


Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and prompts the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps you to feel infinitely calmer.

Conscious sedation

If alternative methods do nothing to relieve you of anxiety, you should ask our team of dental practitioners about conscious sedation.

After being sedated, you’ll feel relaxed to the point where you might drift off to sleep. You should be aware of the side effects of conscious sedation before its administered, which include possible nausea and drowsiness.

Your dentist in W1 goes above and beyond

Traditional dentistry encompasses many aspects of caring for your smile and is generally thought of as a combination of cosmetic, restorative or preventive care. Previously, care was focused purely on the teeth and gums, however, your dentist in W1 has expanded their vision to look at all of the factors that go into a healthy and beautiful smile.


That is why facial aesthetics are beginning to play a major role in a modernised dental practice, where the skills, experience and training of facial anatomy and structure that a dentist in W1 has achieved can be put to good use for your benefit.

By speaking to a dentist in W1 about the vast range of options that are now available in our dental practice regarding facial aesthetics, you will be amazed at what we can do for you that is non-invasive and effective at removing wrinkles, smoothing out lines and plumping cheeks and lips, to give a more youthful appearance that allows you to feel confident in your own skin.

Why choose facial aesthetics in a dental practice?

Many consultants do not need to undergo vast medical training in order to provide cosmetic treatments for their patients. This can result in a final appearance looking fake and overdone. This is the last thing that anyone wants. We all want a cosmetic procedure to simply enhance our unique and natural look, emphasising our beauty and masking those things that have us feeling a little less confident about ourselves.

Our professionals have had many years of experience in understanding the facial anatomy and structure, so that they have a natural eye for what needs to go where, in order to achieve a certain look. We have experience with many of the chemicals used in dental treatments and we ensure that we are completely trained and confident with using ingredients applied for facial aesthetics.

Our medical approach comes through everything that we do and we treat any surgical procedure, however minor, with complete professionalism. We have the ability to perform intricate and detailed work and have the confidence to be able to complete your smile so that you feel great about your natural self.

What treatments are available?

We suggest you come in and speak with us regarding the kinds of results that you would like to see, so that we can offer the right kind of treatment that will provide results that you want and none that you do not want.

Dermal fillers are commonly used to plump lips or other areas of the face and to smooth out lines. We can also offer skin rejuvenation procedures and other soft surgery treatments that do not require cutting of the skin, but offer dramatic results.

These non-invasive methods to remove acne scarring, stretch marks and other imperfections are a way for you to gently approach cosmetic solutions.

Our treatments are affordable and you can enjoy 0% interest free financing options for 12 months with further plans available. We look forward to meeting with you and offering a vast range of solutions to meet your needs.

In need of a new dental clinic offering treatments with minimal pain and a high level of service? Look no further

Are you searching for a one-stop dentist in Harley Street? Whether you’re new to the area or looking for a dental practitioner that takes care of your unique dental issues and requirements, pick up the phone and give us a call.


Our clinic, the Harley Street Dental Clinic, has treated patients of all ages, from all walks of life. From people experiencing dental anxiety including nervous children, to individuals with mild to moderate dental issues.

Our secret of success and the reason why our patients stay loyal is due to our outstanding level of service, which we will cover in this article.

What are the essential qualities of a good dentist?

Being highly-skilled, seasoned and well-educated only forms part of what it means to be a successful and well-regarded dentist in Harley Street. These following qualities are also important in an oral health provider.


Our team is friendly and caring, essential attributes when you, the patient, aren’t feeling your best. Keeping you calm while administering oral health procedures is an absolute necessity.

Because we spend a great deal of time interacting with our patients, we have strong interpersonal skills that instil confidence in those we see.


Practising patience forms a necessary part of the job because it’s a role that is extremely busy and multi-faceted. That said our clinic and other reputable dentists take the time on appointments with patients to discuss everything, without rushing the appointment, so that customers don’t return with the same issues.

We also have experience with all types of patients – nervous patients and terrified children – and will treat them empathetically while finding alternative methods of treatment that don’t exacerbate their anxieties.

Critical thinking

We’re trained on how to perform by-the-book procedures. However, sometimes, we see cases that are different or severe dental issues that require out-of-the-box thinking and in-the-moment decision making to save teeth and relieve pain.

A steady hand

Our team of specialists often have to perform intricate procedures in the smallest regions of your mouth. One mishap could be disastrous, so having a steady hand and nimble fingers are necessary.

Excellent communication skills

Knowing that they have dental issues, people are prone to panicking about the unknown. As excellent dentists, it’s our job to give our patients a breakdown of their diagnoses, and a detailed summary of how we can fix these issues. By being provided with a step-by-step account of the procedure that’s soon to follow, patients feel more in control of their dental health.

At the same time, we’re good listeners. We’ll carefully listen to you, provide professional advice, and leave you with a list of procedures suitable for treating your unique situation.

A desire to learn

Any dentist in Harley Street who feels he or she has learnt everything they need to know might not be such a great dental practitioner after your best interests.

We’re dedicated to learning new and improved ways of treating our patients, using different approaches and methods that reduce pain, recovery, and enhance customer experience. There is always further knowledge to gain in our ever-evolving field!

Services available from your dentist in W1

Dental practices have modernised immensely over the past few years, giving you an opportunity to find a huge range of different treatments to meet all of your smile needs. Your dentist in W1 goes beyond simple restorative procedures now to ensure that you look and feel great, both inside and out.


Preventive measures are a keen focus in our practice as we understand that your smile is yours for life. Yes, our restorative treatments are effective and long lasting, but truly nothing beats your natural teeth. By starting at a young age, we ensure that healthy habits and a positive approach to dental hygiene and oral care is established which can be advantageous throughout a child’s life.

With attentive care and personalised consideration you find the bespoke service that your dentist in W1 can offer. We warmly invite you to come through to our practice to understand what honest and compassionate dentistry is all about. Our vast selection of treatments can meet all of your needs, whether they are preventive, restorative or cosmetic.

Let’s have a look at what treatments are available

Cosmetic dentistry works to improve how your smile looks and we understand that not having a smile you are truly confident with can damage your self-esteem. From white spot removal to teeth whitening to porcelain veneers or gum reshaping, we can meet your individual needs and provide you with a tailor-made treatment plan that has your true beauty shining out from within in a natural way. We seek to capture your uniqueness, whilst giving your smile that edge to stay healthy and looking good.

If you have lost one or several teeth there are options available for you to consider. Bridges or dentures are popular choices, as is the long lasting and hugely successful dental implant procedure. By speaking with a dentist in W1 about the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment for your personal situation, you are able to make a decision that is informed and right for you.

General treatments and restorative care encompass routine check-ups and emergency treatment should you fall victim to some kind of injury. Fillings and crowns are routinely used, however we push hard for preventive care to take place so that this is not an expected treatment to be done.

Speaking of preventive dentistry, we offer this kind of care for our patients of all ages. Dental hygiene is essential and we urge you to visit a hygienist often, so that they can remove any build up of plaque and tartar, as well as ensure your gums are healthy and free of disease. Here we can address other issues that are concerning you, such as bad breath, sensitive teeth or jaw complaints that may be a result of tooth grinding.

It is also important to note that during certain stages of your life you should visit our practice more frequently, so that we can provide you with the adequate dental care that you need. Such occasions include during pregnancy, menopause or puberty when hormones can have a detrimental affect on your teeth.

Alternative treatments with your dentist in W1

A modern day dentist in W1 not only works on the health and appearance of your teeth and gums, but also on the general impression of your entire smile. We know that it’s important for you to feel great about your smile, because we know a smile can light up your whole face. With a smile you can be proud of, you can feel confident with how your whole facial appearance looks.


While training to be dental health care professionals, we’ve studied facial anatomy and bone structure. With all of our experience you can be assured that your dentist in W1 is fully qualified to offer facial aesthetic procedures that can plump, fill, and smooth away wrinkles.

We have a vast range of different non-invasive treatments that can have you looking and feeling great. Sooner or later, we all come to realise that our self confidence is key to success, and by taking steps to improve how we feel about ourselves, we are making positive changes that will impact how others look at us, and how they treat us.

So do yourself a favour and come in and see us to discuss the range of effective and non-invasive treatment plans that we can offer you. Knowing that our knowledge and capabilities are extensive due to our training and experience, you can rest assured that your dentist in W1 can provide you with the results you are looking for. Our treatments will give you results that are natural looking, comfortable, and have you feeling more confident in your own skin.

What are some of the treatments available?

A chemical peel is a solution that is applied to your skin which removes the outer dermis layers to reveal fresh, new skin. It removes old and damaged skin and stimulates regeneration of skin cells which results in a smoother, fresher appearance.

We also have other skin rejuvenation procedures which require no needles and can be done throughout the year safely to keep your skin looking and feeling great.

Bio-revitalisation and biostimulation can be done with or without needles and are useful for all skin types. If your skin is feeling the effects of your lifestyle or the natural aging process and you find that it no longer produces collagen or elastin as it could before, then this process could be for you.

What are your other treatments?

We also can offer fillers which are expertly placed for a natural look to plump up areas of your face. This can add a bright youthfulness to your smile. We can smooth away lines in a various number of ways and even offer soft surgery for stretch marks, age spots, skin lesions and anything else that has you feeling less confident about yourself.

Soft surgery does not include cutting or stitches, Instead, a topic anaesthetic is applied and a series of minute dots on the skin are made to trigger a contraction of your skin which can create a lifting and rejuvenating effect on certain areas.

Come in and speak with us about what we can offer in terms of facial and body rejuvenation to compliment your oral health care. Enjoy being comfortable with your smile and yourself by taking important steps to looking after yourself, today.

Results with your dentist in Harley Street

It takes a team to ensure that your smile is strong and healthy and you are the most important member! Make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep your smile healthy and strong by speaking with a dentist in Harley Street today.

Dentist in Harley Street

We urge you to schedule an appointment with a member of our team twice a year so that we can closely monitor any changes that may be happening to the condition of your teeth and gums. By using innovative technology and advanced tools, we can identify even the slightest signs of decay or disease so that we can quickly act to reduce the chances of complicated procedures.

If you are committed to having a healthy smile that you can enjoy for life, then your dentist in Harley Street is excited to have you on board. Our dental clinic is warm, inviting and comfortable, meaning that if you experience some degree of anxiety surrounding your visit, we will do everything we can to help you feel relaxed.

It is important to have a waiting area that does not allow you to feel uncertain or nervous. Rather, this area should be relaxed and comfortable, rather like waiting in the reception area of any other office. We ensure that every staff member has a friendly disposition, whilst remaining professional. We believe this gives you confidence in our abilities whilst letting you feel invited and part of the family.

If you do feel nervous about an impending appointment, let us know so that we are prepared to work with you. There are many aspects that contribute to ensuring your smile is healthy and you being comfortable is one of them. Unless you feel relaxed and able to discuss your dental concerns and desires, we will not know exactly how to help you.

So by being able to have an open and candid conversation with your dentist in Harley Street, you can tell us about your medical and dental history, your lifestyle habits and your oral health goals. Coupling this with an intra-oral and extraoral examination which may benefit from a series of X-rays and scans, we can determine the level of your oral health and pinpoint areas of potential concern that we should focus on.

How quickly can we get everything sorted?

The initial consultation will take a little longer as we have no intention of rushing through getting to know you. You also need to fully understand your dental condition so that you can make informed choices about what your next options are to be.

It depends on you how quickly you want to proceed with further treatment if you need to, but generally we advise that we get onto restorative treatments as quickly as possible. We do not want you to hesitate due to financial concerns, this is why we can offer a range of different finance plans that can allow you to get the treatment that you need right away and without additional cost to you. Speak with us about these options so that we can arrange a plan that suits you.

Visiting your dentist in W1

You are probably already aware of the importance of visiting your dentist in W1 regularly to ensure that your smile remains healthy and strong.  By visiting our practice as often as twice a year, you can take full advantage of the tools and technology that we have available so that early signs of decay or disease can be detected and halted in its tracks.


During every consultation we make use of our digital scanners, high magnification tools, and lighting so that we are able to quickly and accurately detect any area of concern and diagnose your situation with confidence.  This means that a healthy mouth is far easier to achieve than ever before.

Your dentist in W1 can offer you a range of different treatments to suit your needs. Whether you and your children are looking for preventive care and advice, need some restorative work done to allow your mouth to be fully functional, or are looking to invest in your smile with some cosmetic treatments, we have the skills, motivation, and experience to get the results that you seek.

What can we offer children?

As soon as your child begins cutting their first tooth, you should pop in for a talk about caring for young teeth for a healthy mouth.  In these early years, so much happens and changes and with our support, you can be confident and able to assist your little one with the stresses of getting new teeth.

Once they are old enough to begin to understand and brush their own teeth, we can talk to both you and them to explain the importance of having clean, white teeth. We can also offer a range of preventive treatments which are designed to strengthen and protect young teeth from cavities.

Even though these milk teeth fall out, it is important to care for them both to establish positive habits that can be carried on throughout their lifetimes and to encourage healthy growth of the adult teeth that are forming under the milk teeth.

If milk teeth need to be removed, or fall out prematurely, this can have devastating effects on adult teeth as they develop and grow.  We have also found that over time, if a child is presented to a dentist in W1 at a young age, a fear of the dental chair is reduced. Alongside this, if healthy oral hygiene habits are formed early, they are more likely to continue on throughout their lives. It takes a team to care for a child, and oral health care professionals are experienced and eager to educate your child on how to look after their teeth so that they can enjoy them for life.  We warmly invite you to come in and visit us often with your child so that we can ensure their teeth are strong, that cavities are kept at bay, and that your child is comfortable and relaxed in the dental environment and has a better chance later in life to carry on the tradition.

A range of different treatments with your dentist in Harley Street

For ages young and old, your dentist in Harley Street has a range of different treatments that are designed to ensure that your smile remains strong and healthy, so that it can support you for life. All of our team members are approachable, friendly and highly trained to ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable throughout your experiences.


It is important that you are able to discuss thoughts, concerns and desires with your dentist in Harley Street so that they are able to determine how we are best able to serve you. Caring for your teeth is not all about restorative treatments, there are a number of different methods with which we are able to make certain your smile is happy, healthy and strong.

What are these other methods?

Preventing the need for restorative work is the focus of our health care. When we put in a lot of energy and time into preventive care, such as cleaning, educating and early detection, it ensures the functionality of your mouth is not compromised. We are able to offer you or your children a number of preventive measures to make sure that teeth are mineralised and that the likelihood of cavities is reduced.

We can do this with fluoride treatments and fissure sealants, which cover and protect vulnerable teeth. Children in particular find it hard to brush the deep grooves in the back molars sufficiently, resulting in a high percentage of cavities being in this area. Food debris can get stuck and remain in these grooves which can erode enamel over time, causing decay. By filling in these grooves with a sealant, teeth are easier to brush and remain stronger.

Some people lose their teeth for lots of different reasons. Unfortunately, oral health is severely compromised once a tooth is gone. By replacing teeth in a permanent way, people can carry on without having to worry about their smile and how functional or attractive it is.

Dental implants are a successful way where a dentist in Harley Street replaces a missing tooth as well as the missing tooth root. A titanium rod is inserted into the site of the missing tooth and a crown is then attached. The rod fuses with your jawbone over time, allowing the implant to last for a very long time.

Straightening teeth has never been easier, with a range of different devices to suit many different conditions and lifestyles. Whether the misalignment of your teeth is complex or simply a cosmetic issue that you would like to resolve, we have fast, effective and affordable options that are discreet to use.

You can choose from a traditional fixed teeth straightening device or the popular removable tray aligners. We would be happy to sit down and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both options for your personal situation, so that you are able to decide which treatment plan would be the best choice for you.

With so many choices available, keeping your mouth healthy and strong has never been easier. We look forward to meeting you and working through the solutions that can result in you having the smile you have always wanted.

Your questions on bruxism answered by a dentist in Harley Street

Teeth grinding, or bruxism as it is otherwise known, is the clenching and grinding of teeth that is often involuntary and can be done when a person is asleep. However, there are other instances where people do it when they are awake as well. Stressful situations are usually the culprit. It is actually surprisingly common, and roughly half the population will grind their teeth every now and then.


Aside from stress and anxiety which bruxism is known for being a result of, there are many reasons why a person may grind their teeth. It can be due to a misaligned bite, where the teeth are not sitting correctly against each other when an individual closes their mouth. For this reason, it is important to check in with your dentist in Harley Street so that we can examine your teeth and have your bite assessed.

Upon inspection of the quality of your teeth, there are some telltale signs that can clearly indicate to us that you may be grinding your teeth. Remember you may not have any idea that you grind your teeth when you sleep so it may come as a surprise to you when we ask about it during a consultation.

If we identify indicators that may suggest bruxism is a condition of yours, we will look further into the reasons behind why you may be doing this, and work on a preventive treatment that can help stop it before further damage is done.

Why is bruxism a problem?

It’s not just because we think grinding your teeth is an annoying habit that should be stopped. It can actually damage teeth by wearing down the enamel to the point of exposing the teeth to decay. This can eventually be the cause of tooth loss.

In severe situations, people have even been known to crack their teeth, and it is not uncommon for persistent head, or jaw, pain to be present with those who grind their teeth repetitively. If you think you may grind your teeth, we understand that you could be desperate to find relief from the pressure and pain that it may be causing you.

Come in to visit your dentist in Harley Street to see if we are able to provide you with a device alongside other solutions that can ease your suffering if you think you unconsciously clench your jaw, or grind your teeth at night.

We will firstly attempt to discover if there is a reason behind this action. We work through physical and psychological possibilities to do this. Physical factors include evaluating your bite, and if this does not prove a significant factor twe can move onto other possible reasons behind the action.

How can I prevent grinding my teeth?

As mentioned before, stress is one of the leading reasons why you may be clenching your jaw, or grinding your teeth. One of the first tips that we offer our patients is to simply be aware. If you are grinding your teeth during the day, try to identify a trigger.

Should you grind your teeth unconsciously at night, then your dentist in Harley Street may be able to offer a sleeping device which can reduce the effects.