Flossing Your Teeth in One Minute Flat

Many shy away from the routine of flossing because they say it takes up way too much time. Although dentists suggest flossing at least once a day, the idea alone of cleaning the in-betweens of your teeth with a small piece of floss already sounds exhausting.

Harley Street Dental ClinicFlossing can be a messy and time-consuming business, featuring plaque-covered strings and a lot of time spent in front of the mirror before bed. Dr Carlos Meulener, a dental professional from New Jersey that we look up to, teaches us all how to floss efficiently and in a single minute flat.

Can You Floss in a Minute?

Instead of discarding your dentist’s tired advice of flossing every day, consider this super quick and super easy flossing routine for a healthier teeth and mouth. Like your old and time-consuming routine, you are going to need some trusty floss you are comfortable with, a mirror and a single minute.

Take a short length of dental floss, wind it gently around both index fingers and using your thumbs, floss your upper teeth by moving the same short segment between your teeth in a rapid-fire motion. Next, move to your lower teeth and use your index finger instead of using your thumbs.

Yes, You Can

The key is the movement; instead of moving the floss up and down or back and forth laboriously, do it quickly and, in Dr Meulener’s words, with a rapid-fire motion. Manipulate the very short section of the string between teeth and you will be done quickly.

Once you are done, you get several more minutes free and clean and fresh teeth, too. It is true what your dentists have been saying all these years: brushing is not enough. You have to floss your teeth to remove the bacteria stuck in between your teeth.

If neglected, this bacteria could lead to worse dental problems, like tooth decay, which could potentially cost you a tooth (or more) and you may end up needing dental implants at an early age. Harley Street Dental Clinic encourages all our patients to maintain a quick and easy flossing routine for better oral health.

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Do Bad Teeth Affect My Career?

People say that first impressions matter when looking for a job. The better you present yourself to your employer, the higher your chances of being hired. Apparently, the same line of thinking applies to teeth.

oral healthStudies show that having good teeth not only makes you more employable but makes you more eligible for promotion and higher pay, as well. On the other hand, bad teeth may cost you your job and your chances of getting a new one.

The link between teeth and your job

A study by Bupa revealed the connection between teeth and job prospects. Among the 2000 UK respondents, around 67% of them say a good smile is an important asset at work. About 24% perceive having better teeth as a factor in increasing their chances of getting a promotion.

Researchers found that teeth might affect impressions and relationships at work, as well. More than two-fifths or 42% find people with healthy-looking teeth more authoritative. Whilst 54% of the respondents agreed that a smile from their boss is one of the best forms of motivation.

Other studies note that people with nice teeth and a pretty smile tend to be smart and trustworthy, making them ideal employees. Some employers prefer people with a nice smile because they appear meticulous and diligent, judging from the good state of their oral health.

Bad teeth = No Job?

Whilst good teeth increase your employability, the study showed that unhealthy teeth affect job prospects, work performance and confidence. Almost 37% of the respondents believe that these can harm an individual’s employability and around 33% feel these can hold back a person’s career progress.

In addition, 42% of respondents found working with colleagues with bad teeth distracting and 29% admitted it affects their confidence in a co-worker’s ability to do their job. Around 28% do not smile at work due to lack of confidence. About 27% even considered getting their teeth ‘fixed’ to improve self-confidence at work.

How your teeth look like can make or break your career. Proper oral care that comes with dental appointments is necessary to land a job and get a promotion. Harley Street dentists is your company to call when it comes to improving your teeth and smile. They provide dental implants, teeth whitening and other treatments that will help your career. Find out more about dentists in Harley Street.