Dental developments

Having orthodontics in Harley Street can significantly change the appearance of your teeth. You might also find that you have an easier time keeping your teeth clean, because your toothbrush no longer has to navigate awkward spaces. Here at Harley Street Dental Clinic, we provide a range of effective contemporary solutions to people seeking orthodontics in Harley Street.

Orthodontics in Harley StreetWho has orthodontics in Harley Street?

Many of our patients want to correct their crooked smiles without drawing attention to their treatment while it’s in progress. We have a selection of modern techniques that mean you can improve your dental positioning without having to wear a highly visible appliance. One example of this is the invisible aligner known as Invisalign.

If you choose to have Invisalign, you’ll be given a series of transparent plastic aligners to wear over your teeth. These aligners are based on detailed measurements of your mouth, and fit comfortably over your teeth without requiring any brackets or wires. You wear a pair of them for around 7-10 days, then discard that pair and wear the next one for another 7-10 days. Each aligner’s shape is subtly different from the one before it, so by the time your treatment is complete, your teeth will have been moved into better positions.

For some patients, having orthodontics in Harley Street means having lingual braces. These appliances are constructed in much the same way as traditional braces. They use wires and brackets attached to your teeth. The difference is that we attach them to the backs of your teeth. When you smile, your lingual brace will stay hidden from view.

Long-term choices

The dental improvements made by orthodontics in Harley Street are long-lasting and significant. The cosmetic change will be obvious. You can enjoy showing off a smile with straighter and more visually pleasant teeth. Then there’s the potential hygienic benefit – straighter teeth are usually easier to keep clean. As a result, fixing those misalignments can reduce your risk of developing gum disease and tooth decay.

Payment plans are available so you can manage the cost of your Harley Street orthodontics. You don’t have to save up a lump sum before you begin your dental enhancements.

Enhance your smile with discreet orthodontics in Harley Street

In recent years, orthodontics have become more accessible than ever. Gappy, crooked and misaligned teeth can make your smile look less than stellar and can also damage your oral health. After all, straight teeth are easier to clean and so less likely to develop cavities.

Orthodontics in Harley StreetAt Harley Street Dental Clinic, we don’t want you to hide your smile because you are embarrassed about your teeth. That’s why we offer a wide range of discreet orthodontics in Harley Street at competitive prices.

You can now opt for one of several treatments to suit your individual dental, financial and lifestyle needs. From fixed braces to removable appliances, we can help you choose the best teeth straightening treatment for your particular circumstances.


Invisalign uses a set of clear, removable aligners that apply pressure on your teeth via pressure points along the inner surfaces of the aligners. Your dentist will provide you with a new set of aligners to use every 7-10 days and with each new set you will see the alignment of your teeth improved.

Invisalign aligners are very comfortable because unlike traditional metal braces they are made of smooth plastic. Moreover, they can be taken out whenever you eat or drink and when you brush or floss your teeth. However, consistency is key; if you don’t wear your aligner for the large part of the day (at least 20-22 hours), your treatment will be compromised.

Inman aligner

The Inman Aligner is a teeth straightening device that helps move your front teeth into straighter positions in a matter of a few weeks to a few months. The mechanism consists of 2 opposing, spring-loaded bows that push your teeth into alignment.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces help you straighten your teeth without sacrificing the aesthetics of your smile. They function just like traditional metal braces, except that the brackets and wires are fixed on the inside of your teeth. Lingual orthodontics in Harley Street can address even the most complex of dental misalignments, which means even those with severely crowded, crooked, gappy or rotated teeth can enjoy discretion during their teeth straightening treatment.

Orthodontics in Harley Street

Dentistry is full of specialist terms, and patients often have no idea what they really mean. Periodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics: all of these terms are in regular use, but what do they actually mean? Well, they are the medical terms of various different branches of knowledge in dentistry.

Orthodontics in Harley StreetIn order for any dentist to call themselves an orthodontist, for example, they need to complete 5 years of training to become a general dentist, and then another 2-3 years of postgraduate training to practise orthodontics in Harley Street.

Orthodontics in Harley Street is all about dental treatments that bring the jaws and teeth into alignment, so that they can do the job of eating, speaking and moving properly.

Not many people grow up with perfectly straight teeth. Often, children seem to have too many teeth for their jaws. This is not nature letting them down so much as being due to massive changes in diet that see us chewing far less than we used to, even compared to a couple of hundred years ago.

Chewing makes the jaw grow longer which then allows for plenty of room for the teeth. The modern diet of processed refined grains and fewer vegetables means that we all do far less chewing than we used to. Unfortunately, teeth are still designed for the days when there was a lot of chewing to be done and that’s why they can seem too big for the mouth.

Orthodontics in Harley Street can help solve this and other problems of alignment with the use of various treatments. Which treatment is needed depends on a variety of reasons. Simple, mild problems are easily solved with clear braces. More severe and complex problems will require treatments with more strength to pull the teeth into position, or to remodel the jawbone.

Any problems with the jawbone ideally need to be dealt with during childhood before the bone has set hard. For this reason, it’s a good idea to bring children in when they are around 7 years old for an orthodontic check-up.

Book your child in now, and help set them up for a lifetime of healthy, happy teeth.

Get a check-up with the orthodontist in Harley Street

Did you know that you can bring your child into Harley Street Dental Clinic for an orthodontic check-up? If you perhaps don’t know what that actually involves (you’re not the only one), let us explain so that you can see how vital this check-up is to the future of your child’s dental health.

Orthodontist in Harley StreetThese days, it’s highly unusual for a child to develop a set of perfectly aligned teeth in a good wide jaw. It’s all to do with not chewing enough, but that’s another story in another blog this month.

If you can find out what is going to happen to your child’s adult teeth when they come through, you can put plans in place to deal with any problems as they arise, rather than waiting for the teeth to be fully in place and then dealing with them.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we recommend bringing your child in for a check-up with the orthodontist in Harley Street when their adult teeth are just starting to come through, around the age of 7.

Our orthodontist in Harley Street can use scans and x-rays to take a look at the adult teeth lining up behind the baby teeth and make accurate predictions as to how they are going to come through. We can also take a look at the jawbone and predict whether it is going to provide enough space for the teeth to line properly on.

If there are any potential problems, we can put a treatment plan in place to deal with them effectively as they happen. What this means is that your child can start wearing braces around the age of 9 if it’s likely they will need them, rather than having to wait until they’re an adult where treatment can be slower and more complex.

Some realignment treatments can take 2-3 years to complete, which can be embarrassing for self-conscious teenagers (we’ve all been there). If you start their orthodontics treatment at an early age, your child can sail through dreaded adolescence with their teeth already fixed, making life easier for the both of you.

Tooth life and straightness

Probably one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and those of your children is to make sure they are well aligned and that your jaws are too.

Very few people in the modern world have naturally straight teeth, so you may need the help of orthodontics in Harley Street to get that well aligned smile.

Orthodontics in Harley StreetHere at Harley Street Dental Clinic in central London, we have dentists who are highly experienced in orthodontics in Harley Street. They are ready and waiting to give you teeth that will last longer than wonky ones.

Why do straight teeth last longer?

The main enemy of teeth is bacterial plaque, which gives off acids that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Both of them eventually lead to tooth loss if they are not treated.

Plaque builds up on teeth and needs to be removed twice a day with your toothbrush. But it’s hard to reach some of the places it hides out if you have wonky teeth. Straight teeth are much easier to keep free from plaque.

Also, when teeth are not aligned properly, one or two of them can tend to take the brunt of the powerful forces created by chewing, especially if you also grind your teeth at night, which is not unusual with malocclusions. Years of being chewed on harder than the surrounding teeth can make them crumble away in later life. And then you get into a whole new realm of tooth replacement, which can be as expensive, if not more so, than getting your teeth straightened.

Bring your teeth in for a consultation

The best to way find out what orthodontics in Harley Street at our dental clinic can do to straighten out your smile is to come in for a consultation. If you are an adult brought up in the UK, you will probably only need cosmetic braces, otherwise you would have had your teeth straightened on the NHS as a child.

Bring your child in from around age 7 for an orthodontic check-up. We can start treatment at age 9 and have it all done and out of the way by the time they turn into a self-conscious teenager.

Discreet orthodontics in Harley Street?

If you are afraid to showcase your smile because of crooked and unattractive teeth, it’s never too late to change your smile. Luckily, dentistry has evolved significantly over the years and patients can now attain a beautiful and healthy smile without the need to wear metal braces.

Orthodontics in Harley StreetAt Harley Street Dental Clinic, we appreciate that metal braces may have social consequences for their wearers and for this reason we offer a wide range of discreet orthodontics in Harley Street. From Invisalign invisible aligners to tooth-coloured braces and lingual braces, you can choose the best option for your situation with the help of our experienced orthodontic team.


Invisalign is an advanced alternative to traditional braces. Unlike regular metal braces that are attached to the teeth and can cause daily discomfort, Invisalign aligners can be taken out, allowing patients to enjoy everyday activities such as eating and brushing their teeth without anxiety.

Treatment with Invisalign begins with a consultation that will help you find out if you are a good candidate. After the approval of your dentist, you will begin your Invisalign journey by wearing a set of custom-made, 3D, removable aligners made just for you. These aligners will gradually move your teeth into their correct position day after day.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are fixed braces which are completely invisible because they are attached to the back of your teeth – opposite your tongue (that’s why they are called lingual). Lingual braces are customised to complement the shape and curve of your teeth and function just like metal braces.

Clear braces

Unlike traditional braces, clear (or tooth-coloured) braces are not obtrusive, because they are designed to blend with the rest of your natural teeth. These braces function just like metal braces, but are much less visible.

Teeth straightening is not only about aesthetics

Orthodontics in Harley Street is much more than a beautiful smile. Cosmetic orthodontics may be less powerful than orthodontic braces, but they are still very beneficial to your oral health. Crooked teeth can create all sorts of problems and treating them with orthodontics – whether cosmetic or conventional – is the best way to prevent this from happening.

All you need to know about choosing an orthodontist in Harley Street

With many orthodontists available in London and other major cities, choosing the right one can be quite tricky, especially if you are new to orthodontics. Making an informed decision is important not only for your smile, but also for your oral health.

Orthodontist in Harley StreetAt Harley Street Dental Clinic, we offer a wide range of orthodontic services to patients of all ages and backgrounds. Finding the right orthodontist in Harley Street shouldn’t be difficult, since all of our orthodontists are highly-trained, skilled, experienced and compassionate.

Here are a few questions you can ask your orthodontist in Harley Street before you embark on your next orthodontic treatment:

Do you specialise in the treatment I’m interested in?

Generally speaking, orthodontists have spent extra years at university to achieve a specialisation in orthodontics and they have a deep knowledge of most teeth-straightening processes. However, experience is key and some orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign need additional training. The first thing to do when choosing an orthodontist in Harley Street is to ask them if they have training and experience in a specific treatment.

Do you provide a thorough consultation?

Before you decide whether you are going to have your teeth straightened, it’s really important to have your mouth examined by an orthodontist. Some orthodontic problems require minor intervention, whereas others are more serious and need braces or other orthodontic treatments. Your orthodontist in Harley Street will examine your teeth thoroughly, give you a professional opinion and suggest treatments that can benefit your smile.

Do you treat adult patients?

Orthodontics have traditionally been connected to children but that’s not the case anymore. In recent years, adult orthodontic treatments have appeared in the market and some orthodontists are specialised specifically in them. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, while be provide orthodontics of all ages, we offer special treatments for adults who wish to straighten their teeth discreetly. To learn more about our orthodontists specialised in these treatments, book a consultation appointment today.

Your reliable orthodontist in Harley Street

If you are looking for orthodontic treatment, it’s important to find an orthodontist who is right for you and we can help.

Why are you avoiding correcting your teeth?

Are your teeth uneven, crooked, overcrowded, gapped? Have you considered braces for years, but feel like you missed the opportunity for braces in your teenage years? Many people are deeply insecure about their teeth, but feel that braces would be even more embarrassing in the work place or social life at their age. They know investing in orthodontics in Harley Street could drastically reshape their life and how they view themselves. But between the thought of the pain, cost, and embarrassment of being a brace face they don’t go in for their consultation. Are you one of these people?

Orthodontics in Harley StreetNo more brace face

Luckily, you do not have to remain in this thought process about traditional orthodontics in Harley Street. Traditional braces, which involved gluing metal brackets to your teeth and pulling a wire through the brackets to slowly move the teeth into a new position, were expensive, a long process resulting in thousands of pounds, and for many people incredibly painful. But thanks to many new technologies in orthodontics in Harley Street, more and more people are able to realign their teeth without a mouth full of metal for months on end.

At our clinic, Harley Street Dental Clinic, our team can help our patients with several up to date ways to straighten their teeth. We offer lingual braces, which are traditional braces but they are placed on the back of the teeth so others will not even notice them. We also offer invisible braces, which are clear trays, that patients wear at almost all times, except for eating and brushing, that move the teeth into their new positions.

The health benefits

Investing in orthodontics in Harley Street will drastically change the way you look at yourself, but it will also help you maintain your oral health. Uneven teeth can cause a whole lot of dental issues such as gapped teeth where the pockets leave room for bacteria to thrive or overcrowded teeth where it is impossible to properly clean resulting in plaque build-up and decay to start.

Every treatment plan for each patient is completely customized to their teeth, their dream smile, and their budget. We want all of our patients to love the way they look.

Better positions

If you’re concerned about the positioning of your teeth, you’d benefit from the attention of an orthodontist in Harley Street. There are several reasons people seek our services. Our innovative techniques and years of experience mean that we can straighten crooked smiles, correct misaligned bites, and improve your dental hygiene. We use contemporary appliances like hidden braces and invisible aligners that have almost no impact on your appearance. You’ll be able to continue working and socialising without suffering the unwanted attention that’s often associated with traditional, highly visible braces and aligners.

Orthodontist in Harley StreetImportant work

As a long-standing Harley Street orthodontist, we can treat all kinds of irregularities in your dental alignment. We know that aesthetic concerns are not always the biggest problem. Sometimes, badly positioned teeth can cause difficulties with biting into and chewing your food. Jaw strain may result from misaligned bites. Bacteria can build up in awkward spaces between teeth, increasing the chances you’ll develop tooth decay or gum disease.

Positive changes

At your first consultation with the orthodontist in Harley Street, we’ll talk to you about what you want your dental realignment to achieve. Then we’ll measure your mouth in detail so that we can meticulously plan your treatment. We use contemporary appliances and techniques that are comfortable, discreet and efficient. While plenty of time is needed for the work to take effect, you may still be surprised by the speed at which we can bring about your desired changes.

Whatever type of brace or aligner you decide on, your treatment will be customised to meet your personal needs. Visiting the orthodontist in Harley Street for regular monitoring will ensure your appliances are optimised for great results. Afterwards, you might be required to wear a retainer while you sleep. This finalises your realignment work, making sure your teeth settle firmly into their new positions.

Looking up

Everyone who visits the Harley Street orthodontist will have slightly different reasons for doing so. Our professional team provides a welcoming and discreet service to put you at ease throughout your treatment. Once everything’s complete, you’ll have many years in which to enjoy the range of benefits provided by the Harley Street orthodontist.

Moving on

Having orthodontics in Harley Street will improve your teeth in several ways. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the increase in aesthetic appeal that occurs when teeth are straightened. A more visually harmonious smile is more pleasant to look at and may help you to feel better about your overall appearance. Then there’s the improvement in oral hygiene that Harley Street orthodontics can bring about. Your toothbrush will have an easier time scrubbing your dental surfaces when they’re in a more orderly formation. Plus, you’ll be at less risk of jaw strain once your bite is properly aligned. You may find that chewing your food is much easier.

Orthodontics in Harley StreetModern treatments

Harley Street orthodontics offer a discreet and comfortable experience of modern dental realignment. The appliances we use to reposition your teeth are designed with precision and constructed from low-visibility materials. We won’t insist that you wear highly visible metal braces attached to your teeth. Our low-hassle solutions help you to avoid the unwanted extra attention that people still imagine is a necessary part of dental realignment. Contemporary Harley Street orthodontics are kind and efficient.

Your Harley Street orthodontics journey

The first thing to do is to come and speak to us in our friendly dental practice. We’ll have a good look at your teeth and you can tell us how you’d like to improve them. Then we can discuss the most appropriate ways of achieving your desired outcome. You might want to focus on your front teeth, the ones that are most visible when you smile. Alternatively, you might want to adjust all of your teeth. Our range of treatment options includes clear aligners and invisible braces, and they’re all delivered according to a customised treatment plan.

Typical treatment times range from 12-18 months, but this timeframe could be shorter or longer depending on the amount of repositioning you need to achieve.


You’ll continue to enjoy the benefits of Harley Street orthodontics for many years after your treatment is completed. This important work will change your dental outlook for the better. Contact us today and we can get you started on your journey towards a better-looking smile.