Convenient orthodontic treatment with Invisalign

Orthodontics is not always seen as a convenient area of dentistry, as too many people associate it with bulky traditional braces worn by young adults. And, if you remember someone who wore braces, your own ideas are very often associated with their experiences at the time.


Orthodontics doesn’t have to be that way and Invisalign W1 has pioneered the adoption of clear aligners, which are much more convenient than the traditional metal brace. Let’s talk more about why we offer them to our patients and are proud to be an Invisalign partner. Invisalign in Harley Street may seem new to you, but as we are proud deliverers of dental care, Invisalign has been provided in and around Harley Street for over 10 years.

How Invisalign is provided in our clinic

As with any dental procedure, treatment starts with a thorough check-up and exploration of the patient’s medical history. Dental aligners are a highly effective form of orthodontics but are only useful for mild and moderate misalignments involving the front four teeth, as their effectiveness is limited with molars. Our dentist does not wish to waste your time with a treatment that would be ineffective or unlikely to meet your needs. So a thorough check-up, potentially with dental X-rays, is normal as part of our pre-Invisalign screening.

Assuming you are suitable for treatment and happy with the timescale and other conditions of the treatment, a fitting will be booked and can be conducted immediately. Fitting Invisalign W1 is more akin to being fitted for a fine suit than anything else; accurate measurements need to be taken of the position of your teeth. The fastest and most convenient way to do this is an intraoral scanner.

Once scans are taken it is approximately 4 to 6 weeks before the aligners are designed, manufactured and are then shipped to our clinic. Following delivery, you will be able to collect them and begin your treatment.

One of the greatest benefits of clear aligners over the traditional brace is the capacity for you to remove them at will. This allows you to take them out whilst eating and drinking. They are far easier to keep clean, and have less impact on your food choices. Unfortunately this also creates the temptation to take pauses in your treatment; aligners are only effective if worn for 22 hours or more a day, throughout the night and whenever you are not eating. There is also the potential with removable orthodontics to lose them or otherwise damage them. Clear aligners are particularly sensitive to temperature and can become warped or damaged by tumble dryers or exposure to radiators. If your aligner does become damaged, we will be able to have a replacement rapidly shipped to the clinic in order to continue your treatment without delay.

The alterations in tooth position which are encouraged by aligners are far more gradual than those of traditional metal braces, making the overall treatment far more tolerable. This is particularly true of the brace tightening appointments that you would have with your orthodontist if using traditional braces.

If you have any further questions or would like to explore the potential in using Invisalign W1 yourself, feel free to get in contact with our clinic.