Cosmetic Dentistry: How Cutting-Edge Treatments Design Perfect Smiles

The perfect smile is something that everybody wants to achieve; it is the forefront of our face, what defines our look and describes us wordlessly how we take care of ourselves. You can tell a lot about a person by just their teeth, but it is not just the sheer whiteness of the teeth that is the basis of a perfect smile.

Harley Street Dental ClinicOn the contrary, there are a lot of different factors that actually ‘define’ a perfect smile, and more often than not, simple brushing and gargling are not usually enough to achieve this. Fortunately, it is now possible to design the perfect smile with the latest dental treatments.

Damaged Teeth

Shiny white teeth may look great, but if they are damaged or even slightly chipped, it pretty much ruins the whole look. How it appears is not the only thing that you should be worrying though; damaged teeth inhibit the overall function of your mouth, and you may find it difficult eating or even talking properly if one or several of your teeth are damaged.

Dental veneers are the best way to fix damaged teeth without having to extract it. These strong laminates, usually made of porcelain, and are thin enough to be bonded right on the tooth without being noticeable. Aside from covering the teeth’s deformation and enhancing its look, it also protects it from further damage.

Attractive Gums

The appearance of your teeth is not the only thing that defines how attractive your smile is. The contrast between the pink of your gums and the whiteness of your teeth gives a distinct feature and look to your smile, and it looks best if there is symmetry between them. As with teeth, your gum line may not exactly be perfectly symmetrical. A long time ago, correcting this was impossible and people just had to live with it.

Nowadays, it is possible to reshape and improve the gum line through gum reshaping treatments. This involves using a laser to painlessly lengthen or shorten the gum line to better fit your teeth’s overall structure. Another benefit of reshaping the gum line, aside from improving your smile, is that it actually helps make the gums healthier in the long run and that means your new smile will certainly last a long time.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we are committed to offering each of our patients beautiful and healthy smile through the latest dental cosmetic procedures and cutting-edge technology. Arrange a consultation with us today and we will help you design the perfect smile.