Curious if there are any benefits to dermal fillers? A guide by Harley Street

There is great beauty in the ageing process; silver hair, wisdom and an incentive to have fun can add great joy to your life.


However, many people became wary about the other signs of ageing that occur in the advanced years, such as the appearance of wrinkles and smile lines. While you could spend a small fortune on facial creams (or if you have already spent a small fortune on a facelift), you may be unhappy with the results.

Luckily, there are now more affordable options that can produce more subtle effects without the need to undertake extensive surgeries. And they can be provided by our dentist in Harley Street!

We are proud to be able to offer dermal fillers in Harley Street, which utilise hyaluronic acid to plump up your skin and reduce wrinkles. Injected into the desired area, fillers are simple, painless and fast, allowing you to walk out of our surgery with a refreshed appearance. Great!

Are there any other advantages to having dermal fillers in Harley Street? Read on to find out!

No downtime

Unlike a facelift or other cosmetic procedures, dermal fillers in Harley Street require no downtime afterwards.

In short, you can have the set of injections and then go about your day as normal, with no risky anaesthetic to worry about. Our team can apply the injections in our surgery, so there is no need to book an operation room or to take time off work.

Natural-looking results

We have all seen photos of celebrities who have gone a bit overboard with cosmetic treatments and have lost their natural beauty.

With fillers, the results look natural as our team will want to enhance your features, making sure the right parts of the face have the fillers applied. Best of all, there are no scars or extensive bruises to worry about, leaving you with a healthy glow which will take years off your face.

No scars

As mentioned earlier, fillers are applied via a set of small needles and so, no incisions are made into the skin.

Long-term, this means that there will be no scars to worry about and means no-one will know you have had any procedure performed.


Interestingly, when you have fillers from our team in Harley Street, the hyaluronic acid contained within them naturally boosts your collagen levels too, meaning you can maintain that smoother looking skin for longer.


While no one is doubting the longevity of a facelift, fillers offer a long-life span too.

While there are many factors which can impact on how long fillers last, on average, their lifespan is around 6-9 months and once their effects begin to wear off, you can come back to our team in Harley Street for a top-up.

If you smoke, massage your face or regularly use a sunbed or apply facial creams, your fillers will probably not last as long as mentioned earlier, so refrain from smoking or using tanning booths to prolong your fillers and smooth skin.