Dental implants in Harley Street for your smile back

There are many complications that come with missing teeth. Not only can you lose confidence in your smile, you can also lose your ability to eat and speak as you once did. Your remaining teeth can shift and move to compensate for your missing tooth or teeth which can leave them susceptible to damage, make them less stable and can also potentially result in the loss of these teeth as well.

dental implants harley street

If you are unable to eat all the foods you enjoy and those you really should, then your nutritional well-being is reduced as well. By not being able to consume harder foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables and having to stay on a limited diet to sustain yourself, you can be missing out on a whole host of essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

As your mouth is the window to your health, you can find that malnutrition can have a detrimental effect on your oral health as well. A nasty cycle is thus born, meaning that the less able you are to care for yourself because of the condition of your oral health, the more likely your oral health is to decline.

We can put a stop to this, immediately, with dental implants in Harley Street. This treatment is a long term and comfortable way to replace missing teeth. It is more costly than dentures, but has the added benefit of ensuring health and stability for your remaining teeth and rejuvenation to your jawbone.

Come in and speak to us about the options that are available to you in replacing your missing teeth, to determine whether dental implants in Harley Street are the best option for you.

How do they work?

We need to perform a minor surgical procedure in order to place a titanium rod at the site where your original tooth root once was. We can precisely determine the location of this using innovative digital scanners.

We then attach a realistic crown or bridge to this rod, where it will remain for a good number of years. Many people can carry on with their lives after an accident has had them losing one or several teeth without having the constant reminder of the incident using dental implants in Harley Street.

We are eager to return your smile to full functionality so that you can enjoy life and all the smiles that it brings, once again.

Are there any disadvantages of this procedure?

We do have to inform you that not everyone is suitable for this treatment. If you have an underlying health condition or your dental health is not reasonable, you will not be suitable for this treatment. We need to ensure that your body is strong enough to fight any infection that is a reasonable risk in any surgical procedure. It is important that you receive the best advice and care for your personal situation so that you are able to enjoy your smile in the best way for the longest time possible.