Dental implants in Harley Street: the basics

If you are looking at gaps in your mouth and wondering how to get them fixed, then you need to know about dental implants in Harley Street.

Dental Implants in Harley StreetHere at Harley Street Dental Clinic, we have fitted thousands of dental implants and will guide you through the various stages we know so well. We know that when you understand why dental implants in Harley Street take time, you’ll be thrilled with the end result. We treat each patient with the utmost care and patience, and the time invested is absolutely worth it.


The first step is an in-depth consultation. We will answer any questions you have about the process and will be happy to allay any fears you have about it. We will take a detailed look at your teeth, gums and jawbone, using x-rays and scans. These are needed to plan the treatment, and to know where to put the implants. They are also needed to make sure that your jawbone is healthy enough for the implant surgery and will sustain the implants when you start using them in the same way as you would your natural teeth.

Preparatory work

If your jawbone looks like it needs some help, we may suggest you have a bone graft or a sinus lift. This means adding in new bone material that then requires some weeks to integrate with your jawbone.

Implant surgery

The surgery itself doesn’t take all that long. It is carried out under local anaesthetic and you can also have sedation if you are feeling nervous.

Healing time

You will need to allow 2-6 months for your dental implants to integrate with your jawbone. During this time, the bone will grow new tissue, fusing with the implants. This is what holds them in place so that you can chew properly again. How long it takes depends on your age and state of health. During this time, you need to stick to soft foods.

After that, you can eat whatever you want again, and no one will know these are not your real teeth.

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