Do clear braces cause cavities? A guide to looking after your clear brace from Harley Street

You may have heard of the famous invisible brace Invisalign. You may have heard of the Inman aligner. But have you ever heard of a clear brace?


Adult orthodontics is becoming more commonplace in dental surgeries and as such, more brands are becoming available. And as you would imagine, each brand of adult brace is designed to do a slightly different thing or handle a different type of issue.

If you need a significant amount of dental realignment performed that is too much for Invisalign to handle, then our team in Harley Street may suggest a clear brace as an alternative.

Practically invisible like Invisalign, these clear braces Harley Street are attached using clear or tooth coloured brackets, making them almost invisible. Used by celebrities such as Emma Watson and Drew Barrymore, you will achieve a smile fit for the red carpet when you wear these discreet braces. Perfect!

But, as it is usually a fitted brace and it is attached to the front of your teeth, how do you ensure that your teeth will stay in good condition while wearing it?

Use an electric toothbrush

If you don’t already use one, our team at Harley Street Dental Clinic advises purchasing an electric toothbrush when you begin treatment with clear braces Harley Street.

This will help you to remove microscopic debris from around the brackets, keeping your teeth healthy and cavity-free.

Attend check-ups

As with any brace, when you wear clear braces Harley Street, you will need to attend check-ups with our team.

It is important to not skip these appointments, as doing so could allow plaque to go undetected, which can create decay and gum disease. And of course, our team will need to check the progress that this brace is making regularly, so please keep all appointments with our team.

Attend hygienist appointments

As most clear aligners are fitted, you must attend hygienist appointments alongside regular dental check-ups.

Our hygienist in Harley Street will aim to keep your teeth free from plaque, and will also make sure that the earliest signs of decay or gum disease are spotted before they develop, allowing preventive measures to take place.

Avoid hard and sticky foods

Just like traditional metal braces, when you wear a clear brace, you will need to avoid eating certain foods.

We suggest cutting down on sticky foods and hard foods, which can cause the brackets of the brace to come loose. Sticky foods can also be harder to remove from the braces successfully and can create a sugary plaque which will lead to decay.

Cut down on sugary drinks

Sugary drinks are everywhere these days and while they are good for an energy boost, they are not so good for people who are wearing fitted braces.

To keep your teeth in good shape while you wear a clear brace, cut down or avoid all sugary, carbonated drinks. This will prevent plaque from accumulating on your teeth and gums and will prevent cavities and periodontal diseases from forming.