Do you know what your dentist can help you with?

Many people come to our practice, Harley Street Dental Clinic, multiple times a year for their general check-up, but not many of our patients know what treatments they can really benefit from until they have a chat with one of our practitioners. They can help you straighten your teeth, get rid of stains and discolouration and even help you to disguise any imperfections you may have, such as chips or missing teeth.  If you feel as if there is something that is holding your smile back from its full potential then speak to our dentist Harley Street today. They will be able to arrange a suitable time for you to come in for a consultation appointment and listen to the insecurities that you are facing when it comes to your teeth. From here they will be able to recommend which treatments will benefit you and create a personalised care plan tailored to your needs.


Design your smile the way you want it

There are so many different things that leave people feeling self-conscious about their smile. It might not be straight enough, you may dislike the gaps in your smile or you may want to try and cover up some unwanted chips or cracks that you have had for several years, but neglected to do anything about. Our dentist Harley Street has an array of treatments to help you transform your smile into the one that you dream of. There are straightening treatments that are suitable for both minor and major misalignment issues and more discreet options for adults who wish to straighten their front teeth as subtly as possible. Having straightening treatment can stop teeth from appearing crooked and close gaps as well, but sometimes gaps are too small for straightening treatment and you may benefit more from veneers instead. Veneers attach to the front surfaces of your teeth and can disguise any chips that you have, as well as hide small gaps that are between each tooth. They are made from porcelain so feel exactly like your normal teeth and give your smile an overall whiter and more even appearance too.

Keep your smile looking youthful and fresh

As teeth age it is extremely common for them to appear discoloured and stained. Decay is often present in older teeth, and this can sometimes cause them to fall out too. Both discolouration and missing teeth can cause someone to look older than they really are, but there is a way to combat these signs of premature ageing. Our dentist Harley Street offers teeth whitening to help lighten the shade of your teeth and eradicate the appearance of stains. You can choose to have this treatment carried out in our practice or your own home, making it a treatment you can mould to your lifestyle. For those people missing a tooth or all of their teeth, we offer dental implant treatment, a way to restore your teeth to look, feel and behave exactly like your original ones. Unlike dentures they are permanently fixed into your mouth and can last for longer than ten years if they are taken care of properly.