Do you wish you knew more about your wisdom teeth?

Unlike the rest of your adult teeth, these molars will not come through until you are around twenty years old. It is important that you visit your dental practitioner so they can check on the condition of your mouth, and at Harley Street Dental Clinic we can provide professional treatment and guidance when it comes to wisdom teeth in Harley Street.


What are they?

When you are finding out more about wisdom teeth in Harley Street it is a good idea to start at the beginning and find out what they are. They are similar to the molars that you already have in the back of your mouth, but they will not necessarily come through for everybody. Some people will go their whole lives without having the teeth protrude above the gumline, whilst others will have their teeth grow without a problem. Sometimes the teeth will need to be removed if they grow through at an odd angle or disrupt your other teeth, but this is something that your dental practitioner can monitor through X-rays and regular check-ups.

When to seek advice about having them removed

If you are having problems with your wisdom teeth in Harley Street then it is recommended you make a dental appointment as soon as possible, so that one of our practitioners can assess your mouth. If you are experiencing any pain or your gums have become swollen it may be possible your tooth could have become infected, and it is important to get treatment for this as soon as possible to prevent further damage from being done to your teeth. Where your tooth has pushed through the gum it is more susceptible to infection, and infection can easily spread to your other teeth.

If your tooth is coming through at an angle then it may not have enough room to grow properly or it may be putting unnecessary pressure on your other teeth, causing them to move and become crooked. This can cause additional problems and discomfort, so your dental practitioner may advise that you have your tooth removed to recreate room for your other teeth.

Removing a tooth depends on what condition it is in. Your tooth may have worked its way all the way out but needs to be removed due to infection or being at an angle, or it may only be protruding slightly from your gum, in which case a slightly different extraction procedure will be used.

After you have had a tooth removed you must ensure you take proper care of your mouth. Your dental practitioner will advise you on how to do so after your treatment, but generally you should not brush your teeth for twenty-four hours and you should gargle with warm salt water frequently throughout the day for a few weeks after tooth removal. You may experience some swelling and redness, but this should go down after a few days and should not cause you any additional discomfort. A little bleeding is normal after your tooth has first been removed, but if you experience continuous bleeding it is recommended that you return to our practice so one of our dental practitioners can make sure that everything in your mouth is healthy.