Does teeth whitening in Harley Street actually work?

Because a lot of people talk about having their teeth whitened and perhaps purchase kits online for reduced prices, the belief that teeth whitening in Harley Street really is as effective as it should be seems to have diminished over the years.


The truth is that kits bought online are unable to achieve the results that professional packages are able to, especially when performed by a dentist who has the skills and experience in understanding the cause of the teeth staining. As such, when a bespoke treatment plan has been established to whiten teeth, you can be assured of its effectiveness far more than when you opt for a lower priced and lower quality treatment plan purchased off the internet.

What is the difference between these products?

To start with, Dentists are able to use a stronger potency of bleaching chemicals than the kind that is only available online. We do offer take home kits that you can use in the comfort of your own home which have been diluted, however we will direct you on how to use this properly which is usually overnight.

For treatments in practice, they are usually extremely short because of the potency of the stain removal product and as such, are much more effective.

Your teeth whitening in Harley Street experience will begin with a thorough investigation into why your teeth are stained or discoloured. Unfortunately, some of you will find that regardless of your attempts to whiten your teeth, you might just be unable to make any impact.

This is because some discolouration is due to medication or past dental procedures which bleaching will unfortunately have no impact on. If you are one of these people, we can offer alternative treatments, such as veneers, to protect and whiten your teeth instantly.

However, many of the issues with the appearance of your teeth do just come down to years of staining, something that teeth whitening in Harley Street can solve. By talking with you about your lifestyle choice, such as whether you drink tea, coffee, red wine or smoke, we are able to determine the likely cause of the staining and talk to you about potential expected results should you go through with the treatment.

Aside from this level of care and attention, we create bespoke trays that fit perfectly to your teeth enabling maximum coverage of the whitening gel onto your teeth. We offer this whether you are using a take home treatment or for one in our practice.

How quickly are results seen and how long do they last?

Whitening results are immediate and many of our patients enjoy a lunchtime whitening procedure that prepares them for a confident night out. You do need to be aware of what you eat and drink during those first few days after a treatment if you are wanting to experience maximum results. Your teeth are susceptible to staining immediately after the treatment. If you commit to lifestyle changes and care for your teeth correctly, brushing frequently with whitening toothpaste and avoiding staining food and drink, then you can enjoy the effects of your whitening treatment for life.