Entering a dental clinic in W1 for the first time

This dental clinic in W1 is a space where our patients are at the center of all that we do. Your health and well-being is foremost in the decisions and actions that we make as a practice, and we seek to provide you with the best possible care. The outcome is to give you a healthy and beautiful smile in an affordable and efficient way.


The first way that we can provide you with a great experience when you come to our dental clinic in W1 is by creating a warm and inviting reception when you first walk in. Dental fear is not uncommon, so by setting a relaxing and professional scene, you can feel more comfortable upon entering our space.

You should also feel comforted by our professional manner, we constantly seek new developments in technology to make sure that you have access to the most effective tools and services that are on the market.

So although it may be quite a daunting experience to visit your new dental clinic in W1 for the first time, you can trust that we are doing all that we can to put your mind at ease and to welcome you to our family. If you do experience any fear or anxiety when coming to the dentist, let us know when you book your appointment and we will do our best to allay your fears.

We are understanding and non-judgemental people, who simply want to ensure that your consultation is as calm and down to earth as possible. Upon entering our practice, you may expect to be warmly greeted by one of our approachable and friendly receptionists. They may ask a few questions, or ask you to fill out a questionnaire, in order to gain some essential information regarding your contact details, dental history, and health.

If you need to have a procedure done to restore the health of your smile, we can offer you a sedation option so that you are more relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment.

Who do we welcome?

Every patient is welcome here, whether they have milk teeth, no front teeth, all their teeth, or no teeth at all. There is something that we can do to ensure that your smile is as healthy as can be.

We all deserve to have exceptional quality dental care in a modern space that hosts innovative, modern, and up-to-date technology and machinery. Our experienced staff are able to work with any dental complications that you may have.

We are always here to help, to alleviate anxiety, and to guide you through your dental journey in a seamless and relaxed way so that you can enjoy a healthier smile.