Facts about Invisalign

There are now several orthodontic treatments available that you might have trouble making a decision. Or, on the contrary, you might be on the fence about having braces fitted because of how they might look, feel and affect your lifestyle.


Invisalign in Harley Street is the ideal straightening solution for professional adults and self-conscious teens who don’t want to wear an orthodontic device that draws attention, feels uncomfortable or places restrictions on their quality of life.

At Harley Street Dental, we provide these and other inconspicuous straightening aids that you won’t mind wearing! Take a look at some of the surprising facts about Invisalign!

The Invisalign inventor wore standard braces

You read correctly, a man called Zia Chishti experienced the highs and lows of wearing braces. He came up with the concept of Invisalign while wearing his post-treatment retainers. His thinking was along the lines of “if clear aligners should prevent shifting, surely they could also function like braces to straighten teeth?”

It turns out, he was right, and in 1997, his company introduced Invisalign to the world of orthodontics.

Invisalign in Harley Street has been designed to fit the unique shape of your mouth

Using advanced technology, i.e. a 3D imaging scanner called iTero, aligners are personalised to your unique mouth.

We can provide you with accurate predictions

Using the above mentioned cutting-edge equipment, we can show you how your smile is likely to look after you’ve finished treatment, providing you with realistic potential results.

During treatment, we use the same device to monitor your treatment to determine whether everything’s on track and show you the progress that’s made.

You can sometimes remove the device

But not all the time – Invisalign in Harley Street should only be taken out to eat, brush your teeth, and play sports. Not wearing the device regularly can delay your treatment, or worse, stop it from working altogether.

Straighter teeth and improved oral health guaranteed

Straight teeth and a correctly aligned bite might make your smile more appealing, but they also improve the general state of your oral health.  With zero gaps and fewer areas for plaque to accumulate, you’ll have little difficulty in maintaining your dental hygiene, and in turn, fending off nasty infections originating from ineffective cleaning of the teeth and gums.

A more comfortable user experience overall

Metal braces are effective in straightening teeth; there’s no doubt about that. But this comes at a cost. The user experience isn’t flawless. You will feel discomfort and pain when your braces are initially fitted, tightened, and when metal rubs against the skin, resulting in abrasions, cuts and sores. If the metal snaps or breaks, having them repaired can also hurt.

Invisible braces are more comfortable to wear. The discomfort you might feel as your mouth adjusts to the aligners will fade. Furthermore, because of their removable nature, you bear zero risks in damaging the aligners when you eat, brush your teeth or play contact games.

Worn by well-known people

Are you worried about what people might think about your straightening aid? If Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams, women who are forever in the limelight, were happy wearing invisible braces in public, so should you. The device is practically invisible, so your boss, colleagues, and friends won’t notice your aligners.