Fearful of the dentist? Five ways to calm your nerves from our team at Harley Street

It goes without saying that the most universally disliked of all medical check-ups is the dental check-up.


Many people have experienced some kind of issue while in the dental chair, which has caused them to feel exceedingly anxious when their check-up reminder comes through their letterbox. While it is human nature to avoid things we dislike, not attending these check-ups can lead to further issues with your teeth, which may become harder to ignore.

Luckily, there is a solution.

Modern dentistry can offer solutions to those who are fearful of dental check-ups and our surgery in London is no exception. Our dentist in Harley Street is proud to be able to offer the most nervous patients a range of distractions, to make their time in the dental chair more comfortable.

But what can you do, as the patient, to help yourself overcome your fear of the dentist in Harley Street? Read on to find out our top suggestions!

Recognise your feelings

This may sound easy but it can be extremely difficult to acknowledge unpleasant emotions like anxiety and fear.

If you need to book an appointment to see our dentist in Harley Street, do not push your fears to the back of your mind and try to forget them; they will inevitably come back. Explain to our receptionist staff that you are feeling anxious and our team will strive to make your dental check-up much more tolerable.

Bring along a loved one

Who doesn’t like a good day out with a friend?

While going for a dental check-up may not be at the top of the list for an exciting day out, bringing a friend or family member along to a dental check-up can really take the edge off.

They can distract you in the waiting room and hold your hand in the dental chair and afterward, they can take you out for coffee! Brilliant!


Many people who are nervous about dental check-ups find it is the sound and smells of the surgery that makes them nervous.

When you come to Harley Street Dental, feel free to bring along a headset with your favourite music, and audiobook or even earplugs if you need to; we won’t judge and fully support such distractions.


If your fear of the dental chair is quite intense, it may be worth discussing your worries with your doctor.

Although it is not a long term solution to solve anxiety, they may be able to offer you some sedative tablets or antihistamines, which will reduce your anxiety before you get to the dental surgery. These can make you feel drowsy, so you may need to bring along that friend with their coffee shop trip afterwards too!

Seek psychological help

If you cannot walk past a dental surgery without breaking into a cold sweat, it is time to seek professional help.

Many psychologists and psychiatrists across the UK can offer you therapy to help desensitise you to the dental chair and can provide you with more targeted relaxation techniques. Good luck!