Feeling at ease with your dentist Harley Street

Knowing the team supporting you


When looking for a dental practice very rarely do people consider how well they may or may not get on with the dental team. Whilst at no point does anyone expect to become best friends with their dentist Harley Street, getting along amicably and having confidence in the person helping you with your oral hygiene is essential. After all, together you form a team to ensure your oral health receives the very best care.

When looking online at dental practices, the dental surgery team concerned is often put up on the website in a photograph along with their qualifications. Whilst these two things are of course important to take a look at, what is more important is to look into the reviews of the practice and the individuals within the practice.

Are the team friendly? Are they welcoming? Will they go the extra mile for nervous patients?

Whether nervous, new to the practice or a regular attendee, our dental team, from receptionist through to dentist Harley Street, understands how important rapport is,  which is why we work with you and get to know you from the very beginning. In order to work together successfully we have to have an understanding that works both ways. This is something we always strive for at our Harley Street Dental Clinic.

Keeping on top form

Whilst qualifications are always essential within the dentistry world, once gained it is important to continue developing skills in terms of knowledge and practice. With updates and alterations constantly improving methods, it is important to find a dental team that adheres to this process as well as keeping on top of any standards needed for the profession. This is why all members of our dental team are encouraged to continue personal development, whilst abiding by the General Dental Council which offers strict guidance to dental professionals. Having qualifications from years ago is a given, but keeping up-to-date with all the new knowledge and methods in dentistry is essential. We ensure our dental team is continuing to be on top form.

Covering all treatment styles

Traditional treatments, innovative treatments, cosmetic treatments, no matter what you are looking for, finding a dental practice that has you covered is important. For some practices having the ability to out-source patients is more suitable and enables the patient to return for their regular dental care. For other, larger practices, such as our clinic, offering a wide range of dental services has never been simpler. From dental check-ups, to cosmetic tooth realignment processes to facial aesthetics. No matter the requirement, we can help keep you at ease whilst providing you with the services you may need or want.

Becoming one of the family

Whilst we know that we are available for your oral health needs, for us as a dentist Harley Street it is more than that. When you come on board we become a team, a family, working towards improving and maintaining your oral wellbeing. Together we can ensure that your smile stays in place and continues to shine.