Finding a new dentist: why it’s never too late to save your smile

Many patients put off visiting the dentist because they are nervous or phobic. They then start to feel embarrassed or ashamed of the condition of their teeth, making them even less keen to visit a dental practice. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we believe that it is never too late to save your smile. We offer a range of treatment options for nervous and phobic patients, and urge you never to be embarrassed to come and see us.

nervous and phobic patientsAt our Harley Street clinic your dentist will never judge you if you haven’t visited a dental practice for many years. We know that this is counterproductive and could easily put you off seeking treatment in the future.

Instead, your dentist will take the time to work with you to help you overcome your fears. The whole team at Harley Street Dental Clinic wants nothing more than to help you get your smile – and the full functionality of a healthy mouth – back, then to help you maintain it for life.

If you are nervous about seeing the dentist, just let us know. Our highly experienced team will take all the time you need to talk through your fears in the relaxed surroundings of our Harley Street clinic.

Your dentist will explain any treatment required, including any analgesia required. To help you relax we offer in-chair entertainment, so you can listen to music or an audiobook, or watch a film, during treatment. We also ensure you know that by giving us a hand signal you can let your dentist know you need a break.

Patients can opt for treatment under hypnosis, which has been proven to be very effective, as well as either inhalation sedation or intravenous sedation, with the latter being provided by a consultant anaesthetist here at our Harley Street practice.