Four uncommon dental conditions that require a visit to a dental clinic in W1

Tooth decay is perhaps one of the more common reasons patients may visit a dental clinic in W1, another is gum disease. Apart from common issues dealing with teeth straightening, teeth whitening, receding gums, veneers and crowns and dental fillings, there are other dental conditions that may be compromising your oral health. It is well worth scheduling an appointment to consult with a dentist for the following conditions:Dental Clinic in W1

  1. Oral cancer

Oral cancer may not be as prevalent a dental problem as missing teeth, but it still remains a cause for concern. Risk factors of oral cancers include: sun exposure (cancer of the lip), alcohol consumption and tobacco use. Typical symptoms include: mouth sores that do not heal, persistent sore throats and pain when swallowing. Early diagnosis of the condition is critical and can be detected during regular dental check-ups.

  1. Dry mouth

Insufficient saliva in the mouth can cause discomfort, result in problems such as tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. Another important role saliva plays in the mouth is to get rid of teeth-destroying bacteria. Dry mouth can be experienced as a sticky feeling in the mouth, red tongue or a burning sensation on the tongue. There are a number of reasons for dry mouth: medication (OTC and prescription), chemotherapy and health conditions such as Sjögren’s syndrome. A dentist can monitor saliva production and offer advice on a treatment solution.

  1. Burning mouth syndrome

An exasperating dental condition mainly affecting older women is Burning Mouth Syndrome. Patients with the condition may experience a tingling sensation in the mouth, pain in the mouth and sometimes, a noticeable difference in taste. Possible causes vary from hormonal changes to fungal infections. A consultation with a dentist will help in finding the exact cause and treatment.

  1. Candidiasis or Thrush

When yeast exists in large volumes in the mouth this can give rise to the fungal infection known as Thrush. Young and elderly patients are prone to this condition as are patients with compromised immune systems. Other risk factors that can cause Thrush include wearing braces as well as dry mouth. When seeking treatment for dry mouth or on check-ups for orthodontic treatments such as braces, ask the dentist for signs of this fungal infection.

A visit to a dental clinic in W1 will ensure that there is no risk to the health of teeth and gums and that should there be signs foretelling any other issues, a clinic that provides a diverse array of dental services such as our Harley street dental clinic can provide the best course of preventative treatment.

Persistent pain in the mouth or unsightly mouth sores may be underlying symptoms of a more serious dental issue. If symptoms do not go away after a week, it is advised to consult a dentist. Regular check-ups with a dentist remain the best way to gain peace of mind that all is in order with your dental health.