Get the platinum service with silver to white fillings on Harley Street

The dental epicentre


Here at Harley Street Dental Clinic, we are proud to be providing the city of London with a standard of dentistry which is befitting of the historic street from which we operate. Harley Street is an area which has been forever synonymous with the highest standards of care and quality, and throughout our years of service we’ve striven to live up to this reputation and – through the testimonies of our numerous happy patients – we like to feel that we have managed exactly that. Over the past few years we’ve witnessed a definite change in the perception of and demand for certain dental treatments. More than ever before, a new wave of patients across the London area and beyond are turning to us for all manner of cosmetic dentistry such as silver to white fillings on Harley Street to transform their smiles and unveil their true potential.

Metal mouth

Dental fillings are a common procedure which most adults will have to endure at least once in their lifetime. They are installed in cases when the patient’s tooth has become mildly decayed or infected and it requires to be cleaned out and refilled with a specialist dental filler. The most commonly found fillings are known as silver fillings or amalgam fillings. These are constructed from a mix of mercury, silver, tin, copper and zinc. Whilst these are effective, perform their duties successfully, typically outlast composite (white) fillings and endure around 10-15 years, they are usually easily detectable within the mouth of a patient. This negative impact on people’s outward appearance has been the persuasive factor in many people seeking to change silver to white fillings on Harley Street. Another disadvantage to amalgam fillings is that they can often cause the affected tooth to become discoloured or cause a greyish hue to the surrounding teeth. This is particularly evident and detectable if the filling is on the bottom set of teeth within the mouth.

Filling in the gaps

Those who seek silver to white fillings on Harley Street generally replace amalgam fillings with white fillings which are known as composite fillings. As you may imagine, white fillings are constructed to be more subtle. As such, they blend in within your surrounding teeth to the point that they become practically invisible. This is due to the fact that they are specifically colour matched to the patient’s surrounding teeth. Another benefit to composite fillings over metal ones is that, unlike amalgam fillings, composite ones are actually chemically bonded to the patient’s tooth, and as such add extra support. In addition to this, composite fillings also generally require less of the patient’s tooth to be removed when cleaning out the decay, thus preserving the integrity of the patient’s tooth. The process of replacing silver amalgam fillings with white ones would be carried out from within our practice on Harley Street whilst the patient is anaesthetised with local anaesthetic. Those who opt to replace metal fillings with white ones generally find it to have a massively positive impact on their self-esteem and confidence, as they can smile freely and confidently without having to be concerned about exposing large metal fillings.