How can I look after my teeth?

At Harley Street Dental Clinic in London, dental hygiene is something we view as a high priority and are here to give our patients advice on keeping their pearly teeth as healthy as possible. What is dental hygiene? I hear you ask! Well, looking after the area of your mouth and teeth is what we consider to be dental hygiene. There are various ways that you can ensure your oral health is on top form, especially with all the delicious and naughty things there are to eat in London. Dental hygiene can be improved by ensuring you brush your teeth twice a day at least, especially after a high-sugar meal. Did you know that fizzy drinks contain a high level of refined sugar? If you take your oral hygiene seriously, start to read the nutritional information onprocessed food and drinks, so you know how much sugar your teeth are in contact with. Brushing for at least three minutes, reaching all the teeth front and back, is recommended.

dental-hygiene-LondonDo you go to the dentist for regular check-ups? Well you should if you want to keep your mouth in healthy order. It is always better to have a plan for prevention rather than paying the big bucks to cure the resulting problems. A check-up will allow our dentist to observe the health of your teeth, as well as look for gum disease or cavities. If this is found, we will give you the option of how to rectify this as quick as possible. Another way to improve your dental hygiene in London, is to visit an oral hygienist, so they can give you a polish and have you flashing your shining teeth again. This is a service that we also offer at our clinic, just book at the reception desk or over the phone.

How often should I visit a dentist?

In order to keep your teeth healthy, a visit to a Harley Street dentist is recommendedat least every 12 months. If we locate any problems, then we will book you in for more regular appointments until the problem is solved.