How can I stop my dental pain? 5 general dental FAQs answered by our dentist in Harley Street

When it comes to dental care, most people have more than a couple of questions to ask their dental practitioner!


As the fear of dentistry reduces due to the improvement in pain-free procedures and the allure of cosmetic options, there has been an overall increase in the numbers of people attending dental surgeries for general dental procedures. And while there is still some way to go until everyone becomes comfortable in the dental chair, dental teams are being asked more questions about general dental care than ever before.

At Harley Street Dental, we aim to be as informative as possible to all of our patients, explaining procedures and techniques in jargon-free language. Our dentist in Harley Street and their team will always aim to provide all of our patients with top rate dental care, while also being compassionate and understanding to those who are anxious about dentistry. Perfect!

So, what are some of the most commonly asked questions that our dentist in Harley Street receives? Read on to find out!

How can I practice good oral hygiene at home?

The key to good oral hygiene is routine; make sure you brush, floss and rinse twice a day and be sure to routinely attend check-ups with our dentist in Harley Street.

Avoid overconsumption of sugary foods and drinks, try to avoid smoking cigarettes (we can help with smoking cessation if requested) and, as tempting as it is on a hot summer’s day, do not chew on ice cubes!

How can I stop dental pain?

Any intense dental pain should be followed up with a visit to our team in Harley Street.

In the interim, aim to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen, and gently rinse the area with saltwater.

How do I get my kids interested in brushing their teeth?

Children very rarely enjoy brushing their teeth and so, it is important to make it as fun as possible.

Brush your teeth with them, create a song, use star charts to reward when they have brushed, and invest in an interactive toothbrush. Make it a game if you have multiple children- if they brush their teeth twice a day for a week, they will receive a treat. And if we give them the thumbs up at their check-up, they will get a bigger treat.

Does tooth whitener from the pharmacy actually work?

In cases of minor staining, purchasing a whitening toothpaste from a chemist can work.

But as more people have deeper set stains, it is unlikely that you will achieve the level of whiteness you want. If you want whiter teeth, contact our team and we will be able to offer you dental whitening which can lighten your teeth up to 18 shades! Brilliant!

Can I get straighter teeth as an adult?

Of course!

The brace or aligner which we choose will depend on the severity of the issue being treated, but if it is minor or moderate, we will try to use a more visually discreet brace like Invisalign.