How your dentist can save infected teeth

Toothache should always prompt a visit to the dentist, because it is often an indication of either tooth decay or infection. Harley Street Dental Clinic offers the services of an emergency dentist when toothache is severe or even unbearable, but even mild toothache requires an appointment with the dentist to prevent it from becoming more serious – it will never get better on its own.

save-infected-teethTeeth can become infected more easily than people think. Dental decay can lead to infection if not treated promptly, whilst injury and damage to the teeth also frequently enable bacteria to enter the tooth, leading to infection.

You should always get even a minor crack in a tooth seen to by a dentist as a matter of urgency to minimise the risk of this happening. But if infection should arise, the important thing to do is not to panic, but to book an appointment at Harley Street Dental Clinic as soon as possible.

The need for root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is one of those procedures with a bad reputation, which can evoke fear in even the bravest of dental patients. However, with modern techniques and materials, this reputation is unwarranted. Root canal treatment is pain free at our Harley Street clinic. It is also essential to saving your tooth.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic our root canal treatment is carried out by specialist endodontist Dr Nectaria Polycarpou. An endodontist is a dentist who has undertaken additional training to specialise in endodontics – aka root canal treatment.

Dr Polycarpou is well known for her caring and gentle nature, helping even those who are scared of the dentist to enjoy successful treatment without pain or stress.

Root canal treatment involves the use of special tools to cleanse your tooth of all traces of infection. It often requires at least two appointments at Harley Street Dental Clinic to ensure that the infection has completely gone before the dentist permanently fills the tooth.

If you need more than one appointment, a temporary filling will be placed between visits. Often, after root canal treatment, it is beneficial to place a crown on your tooth for extra strength.