Invisalign in Harley Street: the easiest way to straight teeth

By using the popular and convenient Invisalign in Harley Street to straighten your teeth, you can benefit from a range of different treatment plans that allow you to have a beautiful smile whilst enjoying the journey you must take to get there.

invisalign harley street

You can become part of a massive, global community of individuals who are going through the same programme as you. You are able to benefit from the wide range of advice, support and information that is available and you can easily do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Invisalign in Harley Street allows you to move on with your life without the need for dozens of dental examinations to monitor the progress of your teeth straightening. We do not need to tighten any wires or make you sit through uncomfortable mould making procedures in order to obtain the trays for you to wear.

Everything can be achieved through a single digital scan. When put through advanced and precise software, we can determine the exact misalignment of your teeth and jaws and determine the fastest and most effective way with which to move your teeth into their correct positions.

This means we are able to streamline the process and make your Invisalign in Harley Street specifically designed for your needs. There are no additional bells and whistles to your treatment plan and you can simply focus on the results that you are expecting to see over time.

There are several different programmes designed for different conditions, this means we can make sure that you are getting the support and help that you need throughout the process and that you are comfortable, happy and excited about the future.

How does this treatment work?

It’s easy! You first need to make sure you are suitable for removable aligners by having a scan at our dental practice. From there, if the treatment is viable for you, we will go through all of the treatment costs, the expected time frame and even show you a digital representation of the changes your teeth and jaw will go through to come to a final result.

If you should agree to continue, we can go ahead and get the first of your aligner trays built. They will be digitally made and therefore fit perfectly. After a couple of weeks of wearing this tray, we can move you up to the next tray.

It may be slightly uncomfortable for the first few days after changing your tray each time, as your teeth need to slightly adjust to their new position. Most people find that after a couple of days the aching in their mouth will subside.

You are able to remove your aligners when you are eating or for any other reason, as long as you ensure that you are wearing them for a minimum of 20 hours each day. This kind of flexibility is favoured by many and one of the reasons why this treatment is so popular. Feel free to discuss your personal situation with your dentist and other people who have experienced this treatment, to determine whether it will be suitable for you and your lifestyle.