Invisible braces with Invisalign W1

How about discreetly straightening your teeth with one of the treatments that we have available these days, that ensure you can enjoy a healthier looking smile without anyone knowing you’re in the middle of a teeth-straightening procedure?


Invisalign W1 is a popular option for both adults and teenagers who are looking for a convenient and relatively invisible treatment plan. This device is known for ticking most of the boxes that we find our patients have when it comes to expectations and wishes for a teeth-straightening procedure. And this is perhaps why it is fast becoming the leading choice for both dentists and patients who are looking for a solution to solve mild to moderate dental misalignments.

This treatment can be performed relatively remotely as well, with initial scans proving to be the backbone of the plan, with subsequent aligners that are used to straighten teeth over time being digitally designed in response to the misalignment that you suffer from.

We are able to support and monitor your progress, either in person or remotely, although ideally we would like to meet you every few months to really understand your progress and to speak with you about how you are feeling about the programme. It is important that you feel relaxed and comfortable to raise any concerns or questions that you might have, so that we can continue to offer you an enjoyable teeth-straightening journey from start to finish.

How long will it take from start to finish?

This all depends on the severity of your misalignment and we will happily discuss with you your personal situation and the length of time we expect you to be wearing your aligner. For most people, Invisalign W1 will take somewhere between 18 months to 2 years, although a single year for more mild treatments is generally enough.

However, it is imperative that you understand the necessary addition of a retainer that needs to be worn after the Invisalign W1 treatment itself, to preserve your smile and ensure that your commitment to the treatment was not in vain.

More importantly for adults whose bodies are more resistant to change but still critical for all aligner wearers, by wearing a retainer, you are reminding your teeth to relax into their new found position. Ligaments are likely to snap back into their previous positioning if they are not held in place and this can result in your teeth simply moving back into their original position after several months.

Retainers do not need to be worn all the time. For some people, every night is recommended and for others, maybe once or twice a week, again at night. By understanding and committing to this additional factor of treatment, you can ensure that your new smile remains with you forever and that you can enjoy the benefits that come with having that straighter, healthier smile that you have been working hard to achieve.

We would love to help you find your true smile, or if you’re ready to straighten your teeth, get in touch with us today.