Is hygiene as important when wearing Invisalign braces?

When it comes to basic dental care, hygiene is important.


It works as a solid basis to promote good oral health and is often the first thing a cosmetic dentist will check before beginning any cosmetic procedure. In short, it is the basis on which all other dental care is built.

If you are one of the many adults in the UK who is beginning orthodontic treatment with an invisible aligner, you may feel that there are no additional requirements surrounding hygiene. After all, these braces are typically removable, allowing you to take them out for check-ups, eating and for your twice-daily brushing. But when it comes to invisible braces, hygiene is equally as important as it would be with a traditional orthodontic brace.

When you come to Harley Street Dental for treatment with invisible braces, our team will advise you on the best way to keep your dental hygiene at a high standard. Our team has helped thousands of our patients get the straighter smile they have always wanted using Invisalign in Harley Street, so we know how to keep your oral health in top shape throughout any orthodontic treatments.

But how can you ensure your oral health stays in good condition while undertaking Invisalign in Harley Street? Read on for our dentists top tips.

Invest in a mini toothbrush

When you wear this brand of invisible braces, you will need to invest in a mini toothbrush to carry with you to work or when you meet up with friends for a meal.

Why? Because Invisalign in Harley Street presses against your teeth, and if your teeth are not clean, it may push the bacteria and plaque against the enamel, speeding up issues like decay.

Be sure to always brush your teeth with water before putting your brace back in, to ensure good hygiene is maintained.

Clean the aligners every day

Another advantage of having a removable brace is that it is easier to clean.

With this particular aligner, you can either rinse it under a lukewarm tap or invest in a targeted cleaning solution. These will remove bacteria that can lead to decay. Never wash this brace in hot water or use mouthwash to clean them; this can cause discolouration and even warping!


When you receive your aligners from our team in Harley Street, they will come with a storage box.

To keep your aligners clean when out and about, ensure that they are always kept in the supplied storage. Not only will this prevent them from becoming damaged, but it will also protect them from bacteria in the surrounding environment.

Staining prevention

Acid is a big no-no when it comes to dental health and when you are wearing invisible aligners, it is advisable to cut back on acidic products to prevent staining and enamel erosion.

Both stains and erosion can cause further issues related to hygiene, such as plaque and cavities. Make sure you always brush your teeth after that morning cup of coffee or juice!