Looking for high quality cosmetic work around W1? Cosmetic surgeries we offer at Harley Street Dental Clinic

Until recently, trips to the dentist were seen as a bit of a chore. Biannual check-ups were the only reason most people visited their dentist, so many people felt ambivalent about attending their surgery for other treatments.

Dental Clinic in W1Today however, dental surgeries are becoming more popular than ever, due to the rise in cosmetic dentistry.

Although it is not a new treatment, cosmetic dentistry was once out of the price range of most people and was therefore undertaken by only the richest people in society. Today, as more private dental surgeries offer things like dental plans or monthly payments, more people are approaching their dentists to improve the aesthetics of their smiles.

At the world-famous Harley Street, our dental clinic in W1 is able to offer our patients many different types of cosmetic dentistry at an affordable price, meaning all you have to worry about is where you can show off your new smile.

Cosmetic surgeries we provide

Depending on the overall finished look you want to achieve with your cosmetic procedure, our team at our dental clinic in W1 can advise you which type of surgery will provide you with this desired effect and which cosmetic option you are suitable for.

Some of our more popular cosmetic surgery options undergone at our dental clinic in W1 include the following.

Tooth whitening

If you want to boost your confidence in a hurry, then teeth whitening is for you. At Harley Street, we offer both in surgery whitening and at home whitening options, depending on how many shades whiter you want your teeth to be at the end of treatment.

In surgery whitening involves your dentist painting liquid cleaner on to your teeth and then using a specialised light to clean off any stubborn surface stains and whiten the enamel. This process is repeated until the desired shade of white is reached.

At home whitening kits involve a customised plastic plate, that fits over your teeth and comes with a pre-mixed gel to wear overnight as you sleep. This typically takes 2 weeks for the effects to become noticeable.


Are your teeth too sensitive for bleaching?

Porcelain veneers are a fantastic way to whiten your teeth quickly and can also be used to fix aesthetic issues, such as minor gaps in your teeth, crooked teeth or to correct the size of uneven teeth.

Dental implants

Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular and are used to correct the appearance of gaps in your teeth caused by a missing tooth. Other types of dental implant prostheses include overdentures, dentures that are secured to your gums, and bridges, these can fill in the gaps caused by several missing teeth.

Smile makeovers

More personalised, a smile makeover can include all the aforementioned procedures, like whitening or veneers and more – depending on the final result you want to achieve.

Contact us today for more information about other cosmetic options we provide.